Atelier Fontana
Year: 2011
Format: Miniseries 2x100' and TV Movie 1x120'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Rai Trade
Atelier Fontana
Atelier Fontana
The three sisters who exported Italian fashion to the world.

Only armed with talent and courage, three sisters go from being exploited seamstresses to conquering the roman Dolce Vita and finally to dressing worldwide jet set. Anita Ekberg, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly: the Hollywood stars come to Italy to get the dress of their dreams.
In he forties, Micol Fontana is only a small-town dressmaker when, with a little money in her pocket, she boards a train headed for Rome along with her sisters Zoe and Giovanna, embarking on an adventure that will make her become one of the most renown names in Italian fashion.
Yet her life is also a love story, a life of enduring torments and encounters that upset her very existence, even bringing her to doubt her own talent when she looses her only child...But while facing the most painful moment of her life, there is a young doctor beside her who may have what it takes to re-kindle the faith in Micol's heart, both in love and in life itself...
Micol's story is a fairy tale made of ambition, success and failure, smiles and tears, ribbons and lace, the romantic tones of princess gowns created from the inspiration of a woman who, through her creations, sought the expression of her own feminity.

Micol Fontana and her sisters' fashion has become the symbol of Italian style and elegance throughout the world, building a dream which is still alive today.
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Alessandra Mastronardi, Anna Valle and Federica de Cola.
Also starring: Anna Bonaiuto, Marco Bocci, Marco Foschi, Gianni Cavina, Piera Degli Esposti.
Directed by: Riccardo Milani
Editing: Alessandro Corradi
Screenplay: Lucia Zei