Back in time
Year: 2003
Format: Docufiction 6x30'
Genre: Educational
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide
Back in time
Back in time, a story with a wealth of historically acurate detail and information typical of a documentary, is a leap back in time to depict day-to-day life in Rome under the Emperor Augustus through the eyes of two children, Antonia and Filippo, who have slipped from the present into the past through a secret passage.
Each of the six episodes of the “docufiction” illustrates a specific aspect of ancient Rome to the kids, for whom a whole new world has opened up to be explored.
In the first episode, we walk through a street market in ancient Rome and see what there is to buy. In the second, we learn about the ancient Romans' tastes in architecture and decoration, not to mention the way they dressed. The third episode takes us down the streets of Imperial Rome. In the fourth, we watch the maneuvers of a real Roman legion. In the fifth episode, we take a peek inside the Senate of Rome and explore a Roman ship. In the last episode, we admire a few of the famous buildings around the Forum in their original splendor.
Briano Castelli
Arianna Giannini
Giampiero Judica
Directed by: Fernando Muraca