Back to the Island
Year: 2017
Format: TV Series 12x40' - 8x80'
Genre: Drama - Crime
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and RTI
Back to the Island

Carloforte, a small island overlooking Sardinian Sea, someday shocked by an accident… a tuna factory explodes, killing some young, having there a party.
The day after the accident a police officer, Elena, 30 years, arrives to the island she left when she was just fifteen and now she unexpectedly decides to stay. She will have to find out the responsible for the explosion, working with Alessandro, her first love she had to abandon because of an unmentionable secret.
Fifteen years ago Elena has been raped, and got pregnant. She decided to entrust her daughter to a friend of her parents, and to leave the town forever.
That baby girl grew up just there, in Carloforte. Her name is Caterina. She was at the party in the tuna factory and she seems to hide a secret about that very night…
Caterina and Elena, however, aren't the only ones hiding secrets. The investigations reveal disturbing truths about the entire community. Unspeakable secrets, stories of violence and revenge.
Detection and mystery will blend with a drama full of emotions. A woman facing her past and finding a family she thought she had lost.

Elena Sereni: Chiara Baschetti
Pietro Sereni: Gianni Morandi
Caterina: Alma Noce
Alessandro Ferras: Michele Rosiello

Directed by: Umberto Carteni
Dir. of Photography: Fabrizio Lucci
Screenplay: Salvatore De Mola, Umberto Gnoli, Laura Ippoliti, Sofia Assirelli
Original Music by: Emanuele Bossi