Back to the Island 2
Year: 2018
Format: 12x50'
Genre: Drama - Crime
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, RTI
Back to the Island 2

Pietro Sereni has finally been re-united with his family- his daughter Elena and Alessandro, who both work at the town police station, and their sixteen year old daughter Caterina. Their moment of happiness is cut short, however, when Alessandro chases down a murder suspect in his car with Caterina and the car swerves off the road. It is a terrible accident that costs his daughter Caterina her eyesight. Caterina and Elena are unable to forgive him, even though Elena is forced to keep working with him. The police are investigating into the murder of Giulia Canale, an ex-model who was dating entrepreneur Ignazio Silas. The suspect Alessandro was chasing is Diego Marra, a young man with a troubled past. His parents, Mr. And Mrs. Lai, died in a murder-suicide case 17 years earlier. Pietro saved the boy’s life at birth and, thus, feels responsible for Diego. He takes him in, even though Diego hangs out with a circle of drug dealers on the island. It is the same circle Alessandro is investigating into, convinced that Silas is behind the illegal dealings. Caterina has a hard time accepting her new condition and her blindness weighs on her relationship with Fabrizio. She becomes closer to Diego. The two have great chemistry and grow closer and closer.

Pietro is not only taking care of Diego, but also Tobia (7 years old), the son of Sergio Carta, a drug addict that Diego was supposed to collect payment from. The child was admitted to the hospital after accidentally ingesting some of the father’s drugs and is subjected to a series of treatments and even an operation. Tobia will eventually help Diego change his life and give up drug dealing.

Meanwhile, Vanessa, Silas’ beautiful and popular daughter as well as Matteo’s ex-girlfriend, disappears.  She is found dead in a cave on the island coast and it is discovered that she was infected with HIV, and so is Matteo. Matteo is questioned while his mother Isabella and is grandfather Corrado Sulci, the former Carloforte police chief, are deeply concerned. After a few false leads – that even point to Rudy, Matteo’s uncle and the school janitor –Vanessa’s death is connected both to Giulia’s and to the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Lai, who were victims of double murder. Now on the killer’s trail, Alessandro is attacked and falls into a coma. Under these circumstances, Caterina forgives her father and hopes she will be able to cross the Carloforte channel with him, just like he promised. Even Elena forgives him. She is pregnant with his child and, despite everything, she has never stopped loving him.

It is discovered that Fabiola Lai, Diego’s mother, cheated on her husband with Saverio Sulci, the father of Matteo…and Diego. The two young men find out they are brothers. Rudy was Fabiola’s psychologist and had fallen in love with her. In a fit of jealously, he struck her and left her dying. To protect his son, Corrado killed both Mr. and Mrs. Lai so that it would look like a case of murder-suicide and buried all evidence that could link Rudy to the murder. Seventeen years later, Corrado kills again. First Giulia, who had found out the truth about him, and then Vanessa, who had involuntarily witnessed Giulia’s murder.

Once the case has been resolved, harmony returns to the Sereni family. Caterina courageously chooses not to let her handicap slow her down and embarks on the undertaking of crossing the Carloforte Channel as her loved ones happily and lovingly watch her.


Pietro Sereni’s family has finally been reunited. His daughter Elena works at the town police station and has established a relationship with Alessandro, the father of her sixteen-year old daughter Caterina. Yet their happiness is destined to end. Alessandro chases down the man suspected for the murder of Giulia Canale while Caterina is in the car with him and gets into a terrible accident. Giulia Canale was the girlfriend of the famous, local entrepreneur Ignazio Silas. The prime suspect is Diego Marra, a seventeen year old boy with a mysterious past, who Pietro welcomes into his house without explaining anything to anyone.


Caterina loses her eyesight in the accident. She and her mother Elena cannot forgive Alessandro. The first person questioned by the police is Vanessa, Silas’ beautiful and spoiled daughter who is also the ex-girlfriend of Matteo, who seems to be keeping a secret, and Walter Sasso, a drug dealer whose past is linked to Giulia’s. Diego is working for Sasso when young Tobia, the son of a man who has some unfinished business to settle with the drug traffickers, enters his life. Meanwhile, Elena discovers that Alessandro is hiding something about his relationship with Giulia. 


The police have a new lead when Tobia is admitted to the hospital for an accidental drug overdose. Giulia could be linked to a heroin-trafficking case that Alessandro was secretly investigating into for some time with Silas as the suspect.  Sasso is accused with drug-trafficking and Giulia’s murder. Meanwhile, Diego is becoming more attached to Caterina, who is on the verge of breaking up with Fabrizio. Matteo makes Vanessa jealous when he kisses her friend Silvia… and then, one night, at a party on a beach, the lives of some of these kids are changed forever.


Vanessa’s disappearance jolts the island. Matteo is unexplainably furious with her and is questioned, which alarms his mother Isabella and his grandfather Corrado. Pietro and Caterina suspect that Fabrizio is involved since he and Silvia seem to be hiding something. Caterina thus tries to get closer to Diego…but he has other things on his mind when he accidentally finds out the disturbing truth about his parents.


Silas makes a confession. She received a ransom note for Vanessa and is willing to collaborate with the police in order to save her. Elena and Alessandro organize an operation to capture the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Elena draws closer to Alessandro when she finds out she is pregnant (even though she keeps the news a secret) and because there is hope that Caterina will get her sight back.


Elena has great expectations about Caterina’s visit with an eye specialist. Diego instead is devastated about the news of his parents and slides into a spiral of self-destruction that makes him do something desperate. Meanwhile, the prime suspect for Vanessa's murder is Samir, a clandestine immigrant who was found with Vanessa’s scarf. Matteo instead has shut down. Isabella is worried about him and tells Pietro that she suspects her own son. Pietro is the one who finds out what Matteo is hiding. He contracted HIV from Vanessa.


Photos of Vanessa are found on a dating site. Could the person who uploaded the photos be the same person who Vanessa contracted HIV from? Rudy is questioned, with his brother Saverio (Matteo’s father and Isabella’s ex-husband) at his defense, but an alibi emerges that clears him of any charges. Alessandro tries to restore his relationship with his daughter.  Elena instead gets close to Caterina’s doctor, Paolo Deidda. The two go out together, but Elena underestimates the consequences of a high-risk pregnancy and suffers a sudden attack.


Elena is hospitalized after falling ill and encourages the affections of Deidda. Alessandro lashes out on Elena when he finds out she is pregnant and continues trying to restore his relationship with Caterina. Caterina breaks up with Fabrizio because she is always thinking about Diego, but Diego seems to have gone back to dealing drugs. The investigation into the photos of Vanessa is unsuccessful, but allows them to find out who Vanessa contracted HIV from, a man above all suspicion. After the man’s testimony, Alessandro goes to the Lai’s villa where he is mysteriously attacked.


Pietro and Elena find Alessandro unconscious at the Lai’s villa. Elena is devastated and dives headfirst into the investigations.  It is now clear that Giulia and Vanessa’s deaths are linked. It is discovered that Giulia was killed at the Lai’s villa and that she was the one to find Diego’s parents’ dead bodies. Meanwhile, Diego’s fingerprints are found on the object that Alessandro was knocked out with.


Alessandro wakes up. Caterina has forgiven him for the accident that caused her to lose her eyesight and wants to cross the Carloforte Channel with him, like she had always dreamed of doing. She doesn’t tell Elena, however, who is extremely apprehensive. Elena discovers that the case of Mr. And Mrs. Lai was not a murder-suicide, but a double murder and that probably Giulia had discovered the identity of the killer. With the help of Corrado, the police chief who had originally followed the Lai case, they find out that Fabiola had cheated on her husband that Alberico Lai was probably not Diego’s real father. Sasso is cleared of charges for Giulia’s murder and he tells Elena, unlike the others had previously led her to believe, that there had never been anything more than a kiss between Alessandro and Giulia.  Caterina and Diego become a couple.


Alessandro and Elena spend the night together, but are at odds again when she finds out Alessandro is training Caterina to cross the channel. The police are on the trail of the father of one of Fabiola Lai’s patients, who could be Diego’s real father as well as Giulia and Vanessa’s killer. Elena suddenly understands who the killer is from a detail in a photograph of Fabiola Lai, but it could be too late.


The entire island is alarmed when Caterina is kidnapped by Rudy, the only murder suspect left. The young man hides Caterina in a cave and might be about to harm her when Corrado arrives. Corrado has not come to save her, however, but to cover up his son’s crime, like he did with the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Lai. Corrado blackmails Pietro. Caterina will not die if Pietro helps Corrado and his son escape…


Elena Sereni: Chiara Baschetti
Pietro Sereni: Gianni Morandi
Caterina: Alma Noce
Alessandro Ferras: Michele Rosiello
Directed by: Giulio Manfredonia, Luca Brignone
Photography: Alessandro Pesci, Alessandro Signori
Screenplay: Umberto Gnoli, Silvia Leuzzi, Leonardo Valenti, Francesco Cioce
Original Music by: Emanuele Bossi