Bethlehem's Child
Year: 2002
Format: Tv movie 1x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide, Mediatrade
Damiano, a news cameraman, is involuntarily barricaded inside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem during the siege of April 2002. In addition to the other journalists, priests, nuns and refugees in the church, there is also a heavily pregnant Palestinian woman.
The Palestinian woman's child is born at the same time as the negotiations which lead to the freeing of the journalists commence. As a result of the negotiations, Damiano leaves the church and returns to his hotel.
Once in safety, Damiano he feels he must do something to save the newborn child. Thus he returns to the church. Hiding the newborn child in his camera case, he overcomes the diffidence of the Palestinians and gets the child out of the church with the help of the Franciscans friars. However outside the church, an Israeli check point is waiting for him. The Israeli soldiers starts their search...
Damiano: Enrico Brignano
Favella: Antonello Fassari
Amati: Carlo Caprioli
Carboni: Claudio Botosso
Father Otman: Mohammad Bakri
Sister Vincenzina: Nunzia Schiano
Francois: J. P. Parrizi
Sister Consolata: Paola Giannetti
Valentina: Sonia Aquino
Mazzetti: Raffaele Vitalone
Capitano israeliano: Younes Megri
Sister: Antonella Bouchraa Ijork
Father Reies: Nico Fazzini
Lucrezia: Margot Aubrey
Directed by: Umberto Marino
Subject and screenplay: Umberto Marino, Elisabetta Zincone
Story editor: Sara Melodia
Dir. of Photography: Alessio Geslini
Production designer: Paolo Biagetti, Lorenzo D'Ambrosio
Costumes designer: Paola Marchesin
Editor: Roberto Siciliano
Music: Marco Frisina
Casting Italy: Chiara Meloni