Big Deal
Year: 1998
Format: Tv movie 1x95'
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: GMT Productions, Le Studio Canal+, Lux Vide, Rai Fiction and TF1
Paris. Richard, and Italian doctor who has been living in France since a very young age, meets and marries Nicole, a beautiful woman belonging to a very good family, who works for the diplomatic corps.
The newly-weds have just finished to  furnish their house when Nicole is told she has to move to the Frech Ambassy in Rome,  where Richard was born. Not far from Farnese Square, where the Ambassy is located, an old but lively married couple live in a big and ancient Patrician building.
The two old people, thanks to the doorkeeper and her husband's aid will sell Richard and Nicole their house, pretending to be seriously ill. Therefore, Nicole e Richard  will buy a building that they will own only when the two old owners die.
Domenico: Lino Banfi
Costanza: Annie Girardot
Riccardo: Alessandro Gassman
Nicole: Charlotte Kady
Alicia: Nathalie Guetta
Vinicio: Dario Vergassola
Giovanna: Paola Tiziana Cruciani
Valerio: Andrea Garinei
Ascanio: Marco Cavicchioli
Costanza as a child: Virginia Leoni
Jessica: Marta Meloni
Directed by: Enrico Oldoini
Executive Producer: Alessandro Jacchia
Rai producer: Roberto Pace
Dir. of Photography: Fabrizio Lucci
Subject and Screenplay: Enrico Oldoini
 Paola Pascolini
Music: Manuel De Sica
Line producer: Salvatore Morello
Production manager: Patrick Carrarin
Production designer: Eleonora Ponzoni
Costumes designer: Katyna Mercenari
Make up: Giulio Natalucci
Sound engeneer: Umberto Montesanti
Assistant director: Olivier Gerard
Casting: Chiara Meloni
Post-production: Franco Casellato
Editor: Raimondo Crociani
Stills photographer: Luisa Cosentino