Charles Magne
Year: 1993
Format: Miniseries 3x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: French
Co-production: Betafilm, France 2, France 3, Lux Film, Pathe Television and Rai
30 years of the sovereign's life: from his youth to his engagements as a king, to his becoming aware thet he has unified Christian Europe.
Carlo is offered Saragozza's throne, but it is his enemies' trap. However, Saracens prevent Carlo from entering the town and force him to fall back. To take revenge, his friend Orlando, set Pamplona city on fire, unleashing the anger of  Basques who, during Roncesvalles' battle kill all the Francs' rearguard led by Orlando.
The king of Francs' great merits towards christianity, leads him to be crown as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, a solemn event takes place that in S.Peter Sudare on Christmas day of 800 year.
Charlesmagne: Christian Brendel
Berta: Anny Duperey
Orlando Xavier: Philippe Deluc
Gano: Vanni Corbellini
Alcuino: Frank Finlay
Desiderio: Remo Girone
Pope Adriano: Sergio Fantoni
Pope Leone: Lino Capolicchio
Ermengarda: Simona Cavallari
Cardinal Vitale: Paolo Bonacelli
Ildegarda: Isabelle Pasco
Liutgarda: Sophie Duez
Eginardo Gilles: Gaston Dreyfus
Tassilone: Peter Sattman
Vitichindo: Helmut Griem
Irene di Bisanzio: Corinne Touzet
Oliviero: Pierre Cosso
Turpino: Pierre Anais
Directed by: Clive Donner
Executive Producer: Roberto Trionfera
Lux Vide producer: Alessandro Jacchia
Subject: Vittorio Bonicelli
Screenplay: Marcel Jullian, Jack Russel
Music Hugues: de Courson, Tomas Gubitsch
Dir. of Photography: Elemer Ragalyi
Costumes designer: Maurizio Basile
Production designer: Joszef Romvari
Line producer: Salvatore Morello
Supervision: Jocelyn Rickards
Editor: Thomas Schwalm
Dialogues: Mike Stott
Delegate producer: Janine Langlois- Glandi
Rai producer: Roberta Cadringher