Year: 1997
Format: Miniseries 2x90' and TV movie 1x90'
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Co-production: Lux Vide for Lube, Rai and Turner Network
David is a man in the very real sense of the word: making high praises to God, he is also able to play havoc with the Divine Law…
A very gifted man, but also an unscrupulous and  a calculating person, exuberant both in his sins and in his sincere love for God, that he considers to be the real and only king of Israel. As a young shepherd from Bethlehem, he gets in the king of Israel, Seul's favour, becoming one of his greatest warriors; he defeats the invincibile Goliath, marries Mical, but he is overwhelmed by an adulterous passion for the beautiful Betsabea, he has to face his sons' troubles, up to God's will discernment, choosing his son Solomon as his successor to the Israel throne.
Saul: Jonathan Pryce
Davide: Nathaniel Parker
Betsabea: Sheryl Lee
Natan: Franco Nero
Gionata: Ben Daniels
Abner: Richard Ashcroft
Joab: Maurice Roeves
Assalonne: Dominic Rowan
Amnon: Edward Hall
Mikal: Gina Bellman
Abigail: Lina Sastri
Uria: Marco Leonardi
Achimelech: Angelo Infanti
Davide giovane: Gideon Turner
Nabal: Peter Woodthorpe
Golia: Giorgio Palombi
Samuele: Leonard Nimoy
Directed by: Robert Markowitz
Screenplay: Larry Gross
Produced by: Lorenzo Minoli
Executive Producer: Gerald Rafshoon
Line producer: Paolo Lucidi
Associated producer: Paolo Piria
Producer Lux Vide: Luca Bernabei
Assoc. producer USA: Susu Erca
Costumes designer: Enrico Sabbatini
Production designer: Paolo Biagetti
Music: Carlo Siliotto
Set decorator: Titus Vossberg
Casting: Jeremy Zimmermann
Dir. of Photography: Raffaele Mertes
Rai producer: Eleonora Andreatta
Betafilm producer: Heinrich Krauss