Divine Comedy
Year: 2008
Format: 1x95'
Genre: Musical
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Nova Ars, Lux Vide
Divine Comedy
“The Dantesque poem is a man trip into his own inner hell to reach, through a hard
fought purification, the gleeful conquest of the Light and the True Love, being God, to whom Beatrice leads Dante.
The two acts willdescribeDante's trip in search of Love, that Love which moves the Universe and Man's heart. That same Love which, betrayed or misunderstood, gives rise to the pain of Hell's, characters, that consumes the hearts of the souls in Purgatory wanting to reach the Sky, that delights the blessed souls of Heaven.
This reading of the Poem wants to underline the skill of Dante's poetry to talk to men, belonging to present and past, about the sense of human life and about all spiritual agonies that mark it out. Each character met by Dante during his journey, represents the man with his several natures showing the fragility of human condition and, at the same time, its greatness.
Dante lives his dramatic descent into the gulf of pain to go up, later, till the glory again and reach the so much seeked Love whose symbol and herald is Beatrice. Her appearaqnce at the end of the Purgatory, appears to Dante like the landing of his pursuit but Beatrice, by taking his hands, leads him higher, till he source of Love itself”.
Project and music: Marco Frisina
Lyrics: Marco Frisina and Gianmario Pagano
Theatrical direction: Elisabetta Marchetti and Daniele Falleri
Projection designer: Paolo Micciché
Choreographies: Anna Cuocolo
Scenic equipment - full HD images: Antonio Mastromattei
Fanciful creatures by: Carlo Rambaldi