Don Matteo 10
Year: 2016
Format: 26x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 10

“Don Matteo” is a family, a really large family actually.
The number of seasons of this TV series is rising in number as are the members of this TV family. There’s  Don Matteo, police officers Cecchini, Tommasi and Severino, Natalina and Pippo in the rectory and now Laura, a young single mother, Ester, Laura’s little girl, young Tomas and many others.
As in every large family, joy and satisfaction are accompanied by problems, conflict and pain to confront and resolve. Yet most of all, there are unexpected situations…
Don Matteo knows this very well and is everyone’s point of reference.
He knows this because…
… the new “Don Matteo” series is full of unexpected and new situations, which all come with names: Alberto, Daniele, Sabrina, Margherita, Gualtiero
But let’s go in order.
By now the rectory has a soundtrack that plays over and over again- the constant bickering between Laura and Tomas. Each of them say they cannot stand the other, but it is obvious they really like each other…a lot. Yet it is going to take time –a lot of time- before they admit it. Meanwhile, life goes on…and they meet new people...
Laura meets Alberto, a brilliant young math professor that courts her. Tomas, instead, meets Sabrina.
Sabrina is a young woman in prison. Don Matteo is the first to meet her and promises to help her. He suggests she use her day releases to work at Tomas’ airfield…
Just who is Sabrina anyway? A very young woman with a terrible inner wound. She is in prison for the attempted murder of her mother, an accusation that has marked her life and caused her family to turn away from her, maybe even forever. Sabrina has tenaciously erected a façade around her that only the patience gaze of Don Matteo can slowly begin to chisel away.
What about Tommasi? The last time we saw him he did not know whether to choose Bianca or Lia, but now his heart beats for only one girl- Lia.
When Lia returns from Rome in her police uniform, more beautiful than ever, Tommasi is star struck. The two of them waited much too long, but now they can and must realize their dream of being together… if it were not for Lia’s boyfriend Daniele, an impulsive and enthusiastic artist that is trying to persuade Lia to leave her job and move to Miami.  
Tommasi faces a new situation at work too. The new prosecutor, Gualtiero Ferri, detests him and says Tommasi is only working there because of his connections. Needless to say, the two are constantly at odds. The only good thing about this new prosecutor is his girlfriend Margherita, who Tommasi becomes very close friends with… maybe even too close…
The new and tenth season of the “Don Matteo” series unfolds in an atmosphere of crime, mystery, tears as well as laughter, romance and happiness, promising all new emotions for its affectionate fans.

Episode 1, “Guilt”

While the police officers are investigating an attack on a woman, Don Matteo meets with Celeste, Tomas’ aunt, only to discover she has something to do with the investigation. Meanwhile, Sergeant Cecchini tries to set Captain Tommasi up with Marisa, Martina’s teacher. Yet when Lia returns to Spoleto, things get complicated.
Inside the rectory, Tomas cannot get up the courage to tell Laura about his feelings for her and, in the meantime, Laura meets Alberto Torre, a young professor, at the university…

Episode 2, “Forbidden Shots”

The police officers are investigating into the death of a jujitsu instructor while Cecchini is already imagining Marisa, counselor Zazzi’s daughter, as a future relative and sticks his nose a bit too much into Tommasi’s life.
Meanwhile, Ester wants to meet her biological father. Unknown to Laura, Tomas tracks him down….

Episode 3, “No Escape”

Don Matteo and Natalina find a dead man’s body. The investigation leads to Sabrina, a young woman in prison who used her day releases to work at the man’s factory. Don Matteo takes the girl’s story to heart and decides not to leave her alone.
Meanwhile, new people are arriving in Spoleto. It is the first day at the station for Gualtiero Ferri, the new prosecutor, while Lia’s mother arrives at Cecchini’s house. The sergeant and captain do everything in their power to appease her, but she proves to be quite a tough one. Yet Tommasi must face a terrible discovery… Meanwhile, Tomas finds himself in trouble with the fiscal police and does not seem to want to accept help from anyone.

Episode 4, “Safety Distance”

A young girl who attends Don Matteo’s catechism class falls ill. Her mother accuses an Egyptian man of having given her Ebola. When the man is found dying, the investigation begins.  
Meanwhile, Cecchini is convinced teacher Marisa is pregnant with Tommasi’s child and tries to make amends while Don Matteo returns to Sabrina at the prison. He has managed to get her day releases to work outside the prison back.

Episode 5, “I Thought It Was Love”

One of Don Matteo’s parishioners takes refuge in the rectory after being beaten by her husband during yet another violent fight. The next day her husband is found dead.
Meanwhile, Cecchini’s youngest daughter, Assuntina, returns to Spoleto and tells her father she wants to quit university and begin working. Meanwhile, despite Tomas’ doubts, Don Matteo brings Sabrina to work at the airfield with him.

Episode 6, “Out of the Game”

A young man with a slot machine gambling addiction is accused of murder. While Don Matteo tries to prove his innocence, Tommasi meets Margherita, prosecutor Ferri’s girlfriend. Her arrival proves to be more challenging than imagined, however… In fact, Margherita tells a lie that ends up involving the captain and Pippo too.

Episode 7, “Don’t Blame the Stars”

One of Don Matteo’s students, sick with cancer, seems to have thrown herself off the roof of the school. Meanwhile, Cecchini and Tommasi try to impress the prosecutor and, for his birthday, give him a bottle of champagne taken from Daniele, an expert in art and gallery owner. Yet there appears to be something very different from champagne in the bottle…

Episode 8, “Medical Market”

While the police are busy investigating into the death of a doctor and the injury of a pregnant woman, Cecchini runs off with an excuse regarding his house. Margherita will be staying with him, provoking not only the jealousy of the prosecutor, but Caterina too.
In the rectory, Ester asks Tomas to help her with a science project. When Tomas is held up at work, however, Alberto helps the girl finish her project…

Episode 9, “Small Town Love”

Don Matteo and the police officers are investigating into an attack on a girl raised in Sister Maria’s foster home. Meanwhile, everyone in Spoleto is excited about an important party held in honor of Alberto, who has been named an honorary citizen, and has extended the invitation all our protagonists. In this occasion, Severino announces he has a girlfriend and shows everyone her picture. Cecchini is convinced his nephew is a pathological liar…

Episode 10, “The Shopping Cart Man”

While the police officers are investigating into the death of a foreigner in charge of the shopping carts at a supermarket, Cecchini’s elementary teacher arrives at the station. The Sergeant is ecstatic to see her, but she does not seem to remember anything about him or herself. Cecchini puts together a plan to help her get her memory back.

Episode 11, “What Are You Worth?”

While the police officers and Don Matteo are investigating into a hit-and-run case that caused a young man to lose the use of both legs, Assuntina tells Cecchini she wants to go and live with her boyfriend. Cecchini is against the idea, but as soon as he finds out her boyfriend belongs to an important family in Spoleto, he seems to change his mind.
Meanwhile, Sabrina has almost finished her work release program and is about to return to prison.

Episode 12, “Delivered From Evil”

A woman is found dead from a gunshot wound. The man who finds her is a paraplegic that Don Matteo knows very well. As the investigation gets underway, Cecchini enters Margherita’s book of fairy tales into a contest and she wins. Margherita is ecstatic, but is afraid to tell Gualtiero the truth about her real feelings. Tommasi, however, encourages her to do so.

Episode 13, “Little Stars”

Enrica is only 12 and is already a child prodigy actress. When she is suddenly hospitalized for poisoning however, investigations begin to find the offender.  Meanwhile, Margherita and Gualtiero break up. The prosecutor wants to find out who persuaded her to leave him and Tommasi and Cecchini do everything in their power to stop him from discovering the truth.
Meanwhile, Laura and Tomas organize Ester’s birthday party together.

Episode 14, “Cam Mom”

While investigations are underway on the attack on the leader of a group of young bullies, Margherita finally gets a taste of freedom, but not without creating a few problems for Cecchini and Tommasi.
Tomas, instead, begins to miss Sabrina, who is about to get out of prison. Meanwhile, Alberto returns to Spoleto after finishing a series of conferences.

Episode 15, “The Promise”

Investigations are underway on the attack on a woman whose son, put into a foster home ten years earlier, has become a talented soccer player. Meanwhile, Assuntina finds an abandoned dog and Cecchini falls in love with it, showering it with attention as if it were a person.

Episode 16, “Life Is a Film”

A nun from Sister Maria’s convent is found dead. Natalina has a small accident at home and loses her memory. She is convinced she lives with Tommasi and leaves the rectory in the hands of Sabrina, who has just gotten out of prison.

Episode 17, “Finding an Old Friend”

A friend of Don Matteo who resides in Gubbio is found dead. The investigation initially seems to lead to Tomas. While Don Matteo and Cecchini take advantage of the case to re-visit their favorite places in Gubbio, Margherita involuntarily seriously jeopardizes the health of the captain… 

Episode 18, “Two Mothers”

Investigations are underway on the death of a man who, along with his wife, had “rented” the womb of a woman in Spoleto. Meanwhile, Cecchini enacts a plan to help Margherita express her feelings and gets Ghisoni involved as well…

Episode 19 “The Movie Star”

Everyone in Spoleto is actively involved in the annual go-kart race. Suddenly the agent of a famous actress, invited to the city as the patroness of the event, is found dead. Meanwhile, Margherita tries to convince a very reluctant Tommasi to tell the truth about their relationship…

Episode 20 “Deception”

Right after the new prosecutor arrives in Spoleto, Don Matteo finds a young private investigator in fatal conditions and listens to his confession. Lia has returned to Spoleto and with all the new things going on, she feels excluded by the people she considers her family.

Episode 21 “One Last Memory”

The police officers are investigating into the case of a man suffering from memory loss and who might have killed a woman without any recollection of the crime. Meanwhile, Lia’s baby is about to be born and Cecchini wants to be prepared…

Episode 22 “Resurrection”

A man is found dead and the prime suspect seems to be a friend of his, a war veteran who returned to Spoleto after having made everyone believe he was dead. The victim was about to marry the wife of the veteran. Concetta, Nino’s sister, returns to Spoleto. A war immediately breaks out over who is the best grandparent. Meanwhile, Tomas finds out the terrible truth about Sabrina’s past…

Episode 23 “The Infection”

A beautiful 30-year-old woman is found dead in the pool of a Spoleto wellness center. Soon after it is discovered that the woman was having an affair with the prosecutor’s husband. Cecchini places an ad to sell his old car, but a terrible misunderstanding gets Assuntina involved in the ordeal…

Episode 24 “One Last Ride on the Carousel”

One of Don Matteo’s young seminary students is found dying and suspicion falls immediately on the young man’s father, a carnie who had never accepted his son’s vocation. Tommasi is tormented. He does not know which woman he is more in love with, Lia or Margherita… Meanwhile, a young woman arrives in Spoleto who seems to have Cecchini in her sights…

Episode 25 “The Escape”

Tomas receives a call from Sabrina, but before the girl is able to tell him where she is, a gunshot is heard and the line goes dead… Things are stirred up between Tomas and Laura when she decides to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, the sergeant decides to participate in a radio contest.

Episode 26 “Forever Faithful”

Alessandra, the girl Cecchini has begun developing feelings for, suddenly disappears. The sergeant is losing his mind and Don Matteo does everything he can to save his career… Strangely enough, now that Lia has understood she is in love with Giulio, she offers to help Margherita with the wedding plans…


Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Marshal Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Captain Tommasi: Simone Montedoro
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Lia: Nadir Caselli
Tomàs: Andrès Gil
Laura: Laura Glavan
Directed by: Jan Michelini, Daniela Borsese, Monica Vullo
Editing: Alessandro Lucidi
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi, Roberta Allegrini
Original Music by: Pino Donaggio