Don Matteo
Year: 2000
Format: 16x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo

Father Matteo: a unique priest and an extraordinary detective. A “special” investigator whose profound knowledge of the human soul guides him through the crooked meanders of crime. With a sharp eye and a disarming smile, Father Matteo brings the truth to light, never forgetting to leave a message of hope and optimism. He is flanked in his investigations by an exhilarating pair of Carabinieri, and at the parish by a fun group of friends.


1. The foreigner: The Galimberti cement factory. A Croatian labourer, Slavko, is found dead in the factory where he is employed. Initially its looks like suicide. Father Matteo, who is appointed by the young widow to investigate matters, is to discover that instead it was murder.

2. An ordinary operation: In a hospital. Doctor Giuliani operates a little girl with appendicitis; she goes into a coma because of the operation. The little girl’s father, Mario Ricci, threatens him and a little later Giuliani is found dead.

3. The courage to speak out: The Rizzato’s ceramic’s shop. Father Matteo is trying to help Lenka Rizzato, who is threatened by loan sharks trying to intimidate her and her husband with violence, to the extent of threatening to kidnap their child. Father Matteo’s interest is misunderstood and there is gossip in village regards to an affair he is said to be having with the woman.

4. Anna: Casale Bernardi / Albanian refugee camp Anna, a young Albanian is accused by her employers of having stolen money and silver. Father Matteo discovers that the girl is being blackmailed by some Albanians who want to put her back on the streets. 

5. The scorpion’s strategy: A prison. While Father Matteo is working in the prison replacing the chaplain, the body of an inmate called Gaetano Serravalle is discovered. Another inmate, Pascetti, the lover of Serravalle’s previous partner is suspected. Nerino’s father who is also an inmate will provide essential help in solving the mystery.

6. A question of intuition: Woods around Gubbio. On the eve of the season’s opening date there is widespread death of truffle-dogs due to poisoning. The main suspect is Salvatore Folena, the only man not to have lost his dog, and who confesses to Father Matteo that he had started hunting for truffles a day early.

7. The antique rose: Antique rose nursery Annalisa Cotroneo confesses her extra-marital relationship to Father Matteo, who discovers that her husband is having her followed. A little later the woman is found dead, with an antique rose on her breast. Her husband, who grows ancient roses is the main suspect, Father Matteo however is convinced of his innocence.

8. The small angel: Hospital. After a fight, Cristina, a single parent who has just had a baby, is discovered in a coma and her baby has vanished. Young Rinaldi, the child’s father, is immediately investigated although declaring he knows nothing about Cristina’s accident or about the disappearance of the baby, and there is no trace of the baby’s birth in the registers.

9. Waiting for sentencing: Prison and the courts. Father Matteo walks into the offices belonging to the lawyer Cardarelli, who is working on the case of Grandmother Elide’s husband’s death. At that very moment a shot is fired and after a violent fight with the lawyer’s assassin Father Matteo finds himself alone in the room holding the pistol.

10. Blackmail: Cingolani country home / courthouse   The entrepreneur Carlo De Francesco, whose company unloads toxic waste in the fields belonging to a farmer called Augusto Cingolani, is blackmailed with compromising photographs. The blackmailer threatens to inform his wife that he is betraying her if he doesn’t close down the drainage system.

11. The actor: A movie set prepared in the church square. Father Matteo forbids filming inside the church considering the quality of the story bad. During filming the star, Manuel Fatherato, is killed.

12. Drunk: A pilgrimage by bus. Father Matteo organises a pilgrimage to a sanctuary. Two busses from the Passeri company are used as well as two from Tenassi: the two owners, once business partners are not on good terms. On the way back, the bus driven by Mancini, employed by Tenassi, is involved in an accident.

13. An academic crime: University. Father Matteo, who has been requested by a parishioner to present a donation to the university research centre, discovers that a researcher called Stefano Verra has just been assassinated in that very centre. 

14. Ageless love: Old people’s Home The rich Countess Compelli Rastrander asks Father Matteo to celebrate the funeral service for Libero Ferrini, an elderly guest in the old people’s home. Father Matteo discovers that Ferretti has been murdered.

15. The fire of passion: Charity auction in the parish church hall. Father Matteo organises a charity auction. Wealthy Mrs. Morabito gives him a piece of furniture, ignoring however that her husband has hidden in it a very precious and expensive jewel called “the fire of passion”, a gift for his lover.

16. The bad apple: City streets (drug selling setting) and police station. Father Matteo helps a motorbike rider who has been beaten up; the man in fact is a Carabiniere police officer, Brigadier Maliore, an undercover agent in a drug gang betrayed by some "mole". It is then discovered that the cocaine used by the attacked Carabiniere to infiltrate the gang had been replaced with a bag of bicarbonate.



Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Maresciallo Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Capitano Anceschi: Flavio Insinna
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Pippo: Francesco Scali