Don Matteo 2
Year: 2001
Format: 16x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 2

Father Matteo: a unique priest and an extraordinary detective. A “special” investigator whose profound knowledge of the human soul guides him through the crooked meanders of crime. With a sharp eye and a disarming smile, Father Matteo brings the truth to light, never forgetting to leave a message of hope and optimism. He is flanked in his investigations by an exhilarating pair of Carabinieri, and at the parish by a fun group of friends.


1. The poisoned apple: Farm owned by the Di Giacomo "organic farmers” Many of the villagers, among them Nerino, have suffered from food poisoning. It was caused by the apples produced by the Di Giacomo family, organic farmers. Di Giacomo declares it is sabotage.

2. Branded skin: The world of drug addicts. A badly cut batch of drugs leads to the death of a number of addicts. Doses apparently part of the same batch are discovered in a tattoo parlour managed by a girl who had in the past used drugs.

3. Heart of ice: Villa Chimenti. Giulia Chimenti gives a party for her former school friends (one of the guests is Anceschi); during the evening her husband is murdered and all the clues point to Nico Caronna, a former employee, recently sacked. Anceschi cannot investigate this crime because he was one of the guests, and according to a number of people he was also courting Giulia Chimenti

4. Everything and now (The Wizard): Third-rate magic. Monica Tini discovers that she is suffering from leukaemia and it at the lab where she collects her blood tests that she meets the ‘healer’ Kaspar, a well-known conman. However it is after a session with him that Monica discovers she is not ill.

5. Five lobsters: The catering world. The famous gourmet Temistocle Rebecchini has been killed. Gerolamo, a retarded homeless person, says he has witnesses the murder and that the assassin is Tiziana Mordelli, named in a successful gastronomy magazine.

6. Revenge: Drug trafficking Cecchini is accused of being the inside man for local drug trafficking who for some time has been double-crossing. It is in fact a terrible trap.

7. The coach: A coach expedition for the elderly. During a coach expedition for the elderly, Father Matteo witnesses a crime: someone pushes down an escarpment a lady in their group, Annarita Cepponi. The priest however was too far away to identify the murderer.

8. Heavy weight: Boxing gymnasium. A young amateur boxer dies on the ring during a training session. His trainer Luciano Vitri, instantly accused, asks Father Matteo to replace him with another pupil. 

9. A gamble: The "Allday" company owed by Antonio Maffei.  A local business man called Maffei is kidnapped; his son Claudio, who Father Matteo knows very well because he is actively involved in volunteer work, is obliged by the circumstances to manage his father’s business.

10. Marry in haste…: Moroccan immigration. Mohammed, the son of a traditionalist Moroccan merchant, does not wish to marry the Moroccan girl his father has chosen for him; so he takes the blame for a theft in the family’s shop, and cancels the wedding. In the meantime there are episodes of racial intolerance, and Mohammed’s brother Abdul is beaten up.

11. The band: Gubbio musical band. Sergio, engaged to Angela, is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Thanks to Father Matteo, Angela slowly recovers and joins the town’s local band. She is however threatened by someone who seems to want her to leave town.

12. Snakebite: Town procession. During a town procession Benito Lippi, one of the men carrying the statue of the patron saint, is bitten by a snake and falls into a coma. The snake belongs to a dangerous Asiatic species and the man will die if the antidote is not quickly found. 

13. It takes guts: The woods around Gubbio. Nerino accidentally falls into what will be discovered to be an Etruscan tomb. By the time the authorities have been notified the treasure in the tomb has already vanished…

14. Playing with fire: The woods surrounding the village. A fire has broken out in the woods surrounding the village. It is said that it was started by young Fabio Savini, who immediately ends up in the spotlight as a “baby fire-bug”.

15. Off side: Gymnasium. Luigi Varoli, president and trainer of the local girls’ volleyball team, is found dead; it is said that he died of a heart attack but he wasn’t alone and someone smothered him instead of helping him. The first suspect is Viviana, a young former team member who is in a wheelchair because of a car crash in which the mini-bus driven by Varoli himself was involved.

16. The confession: Community problems. A few weeks before her marriage to Alessio Leoni, Paola Raggi is found assassinated in her home. The Carabinieri believe they have identified the assassin as Giovanni Antonelli, a murderer on probation who proclaims his innocence but admits he had an affair with the victim. The entire population however thinks he is guilty.


Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Maresciallo Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Capitano Anceschi: Flavio Insinna
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Pippo: Francesco Scali