Don Matteo 3
Year: 2002
Format: 16x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 3

Father Matteo: a unique priest and an extraordinary detective. A “special” investigator whose profound knowledge of the human soul guides him through the crooked meanders of crime. With a sharp eye and a disarming smile, Father Matteo brings the truth to light, never forgetting to leave a message of hope and optimism. He is flanked in his investigations by an exhilarating pair of Carabinieri, and at the parish by a fun group of friends.


1. The secrets of the heart: Cement factory. A workman is found dead in the cement factory where he is employed. Father Matteo and the Carabinieri discover that this apparent murder hides a suicide in which the boss’s wife, the workman’s lover, is involved; she intended to die with him like a modern day Juliet.

2. In love it’s never too late: Stud farm. There is an intentionally started fire in a stud farm. The elderly groom is the first to be accused due to his well-known grudges against his boss; later it is his boss instead who is accused; it appears he started the fire to cash in on the insurance money.

3. Scandal in the city: The red-light holiday farm Holiday farm manager Antonio Belli is found dead. After inspecting the place the Carabinieri discover that the victim had been blackmailing - with secretly filmed videos - some of his wealthy clients, who used the holiday farm as an intimate refuge for their secret encounters.

4. Kidnapped: The solicitor Alessio Zama dies struck down by the hairdryer that has fallen into his bathtub. His former lover Petra Novelli, unfairly accused of this crime, feels hounded and escapes taking Father Matteo as her hostage.

5. The past returns: An adulterous husband called Osvaldo Bellini is murdered in his apartment apparently because of jealousy, and his wife is unfairly accused of the crime. The woman’s mother, a friend of Father Matteo, accuses herself of the crime to clear her daughter.

6. Fear on the stage: The world of theatre. A theatrical company arrives in town for an important first night performance. The fatal accident during dress-rehearsals that kills the lighting technician risks cancelling the whole performance because the whole company and in particular the leading actress, Gisella, refuse to act, overcome by fear and superstition.

7. Beauty Farm: Lovely beauty farm near Gubbio. A famous American actress called Corinna Campbell is found dead in the clinic, it appears she has been murdered. The Carabinieri immediately suspect her young daughter Barbara, with whom the victim had a conflictual relationship.

8. The job: The Palio. Giannocca, an elderly librarian who is tired of living has anonymously hired a killer to put an end to his life. Father Matteo prevents the crime from taking place, providing hope both for the killer and the victim.

9. The Beauty: The world of fashion A young Yugoslav model called Liviana is murdered. The crime was witnesses by a young gypsy girl who is now in serious danger and is entrusted to Father Matteo.

10. The convent’s mystery: Ancient abbey. In this serene scenario the alleged suicide of a guest, an entrepreneur investigated because accused of extortion, upsets the whole community. Father Matteo is called upon directly by the Bishop to provide his help in solving this case.

11. The witness: The parsonage as a secret refuge. Dario, a thirteen year old boy, by chance witnesses the murder of a man, who before dying tells him a dangerous secret. It had been a score-settling issue and therefore the little witness is now in serious danger. The Carabinieri allow Father Matteo’s parsonage to be used as a secret refuge for Dario.

12. Natalina in love: Natalina is in love! The “lucky man” however is a strange bloke and soon Father Matteo is obliged to suspect him.

13. Three marriages and one "Father Xmas": Rooftops in Gubbio. Father Matteo is about to celebrate a marriage when the Carabinieri burst into the church and arrest the groom, Michele Frantoi. The man, who already has a criminal record, is accused of murder and robbery; the technique used for the robbery and the presence of objective evidence all lead to him although he appears to now be leading an honest life.

14. The king of chess: Piazza Grande (“living” chess match). In Piazza Grande the “living” chess match event is being held”. An event however saddened by a series of attacks wounding a number of elderly citizens. A mysterious “King of chess” claims responsibility for the attacks.

15. Anonymous letter: In a family. Libellous letters cause chaos in the town and lead to one man’s attempted suicide

16. The fall: In the hand-gliding community. The current champion crashes during his flight with serious consequences. Was it an accident? The Carabinieri discover it was sabotage.



Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Maresciallo Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Capitano Anceschi: Flavio Insinna
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Pippo: Francesco Scali