Don Matteo 4
Year: 2004
Format: 24x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 4

Don Matteo Bondini is a detective priest: he is not an ordinary priest, but a former missionary with a special talent. 24 new crimes to be solved by the friendly Captain Anceschi and Warant Cecchini, both from Gubbio; once again, fortunately or against their wills, they will be able to benefit from the help of our sharp priest with blue eyes, Don Matteo. In this series, stories will be even more lively  thanks to Laura, a very beautiful Mayor, and Camilla, a young girl who arrives in Gubbio and pretends to be Don Matteo's daughter…fortunately, the priest will be able to rely on Natalina's and Pippo's “help”.



1. Election campaign: Election campaign in Gubbio. A young Jewish journalist, a candidate for the position of mayor of Gubbio, is assassinated during the election campaign, perhaps because of his environmentalist plans. Soon however fragments of a dangerous investigation the young man had been working on begin to emerge. The intelligent and beautiful Laura Respighi arrives from abroad to replace him.

2. Murder in the library: The Vatican. Father Matteo’s bishop friend, who has become a cardinal, summons the priest to the Vatican to discover what is behind the murder of an elderly scholar and the theft of ancient illuminated manuscripts. Father Matteo is helped by Anceschi and Cecchini, on this occasion dressed up as priests.

3. My father has been in jail: Nerino and his father. Nerino’s father, released from jail, tries to re-establish relations with his son, taking him to live with him. Nerino however suspects that his father is still involved with unsuitable people. The man in fact is working with Anceschi who has asked him to infiltrate a gang run by a dangerous and well-known criminal.

4. A debt for life: Anceschi’s convalescence in the parsonage Anceschi is seriously wounded while attempting to prevent a robbery in a supermarket. He survives thanks to blood donation from a girl; she is found dead a few days later. From his convalescence in the parsonage Anceschi starts to investigate his benefactors’ murder.

5. Dancing competition: A dance hall. A well-known tango dancer dies suddenly during a performance in the middle of a dance competition organised by the municipality. Suspicions fall on an irreproachable pharmacist, even accused by his own daughter, the victim’s dancing and life partner.

6. Death at dawn: Hospital. During the night a doctor falls from a fourth floor window in the Gubbio hospital. To discover what has really happened Anceschi decides to infiltrate Cecchini in the ward as a nurse.

7. Comma 23: Warrant officer Cecchini finds himself involved in a family drama: his daughter Patrizia in fact urgently needs an eye operation because of an accident, and risks losing her sight. Instead of asking his friends for help he borrows the money from a loan company, but they make him sign a binding contract.

8. The poisoned chalice: Church Father Mateo discovers a dying tramp in the church. He has drunk the wine for Mass kept in the sacristy. Who poisoned the wine? And above all, who wanted to kill Father Matteo?

9. The suitcase: Due to a mistaken exchange of suitcases Natalina becomes involved in international intrigue; the suitcase found by the priest’s housekeeper belongs in fact to a glamorous model, a former TV starlet who recently returned to Gubbio and has been found dead.

10. Stolen love: Village wine and food fair. Emilia, a young high school student who has just returned to Gubbio is raped during a school outing to the village wine and food fair. 

11. The hearts summersaults: Ice rink. A pair of ice-skaters incur in an accident while training, the girl is seriously injured.

12. Live Murder: The world of pop music. Paco, a young DJ who works for a small private radio station, is assassinated while the show is live. Investigations reveal that Paco was not after all, the “decent person” everyone believed; the man managed the Crysis, a new pop group, and cashed in most of their earnings.

13. Private investigations: Captain Anceschi is accused of having killed a bandit, recently released from jail for cooperating with the judges. There is a great deal of evidence against Anceschi, who had sworn he would take revenge on the man who was responsible for his father’s death.

14. The Stranger: Kidnapped children. A few days before an important trial in which state witness Gianni Matteucci is to speak, his daughter is kidnapped together with Cecchini’s daughter, Assuntina. The Matteucci and Cecchini families are united in a dramatic dilemma: do their duty to the bitter end in the name of justice or simply worry about their daughters’ safety?

15. Mysteries and lies: Aristocratic villa. A noblewoman aged about forty is found assassinated in her villa. Investigations initially concentrate on the gardener and then on a professional killer, linked it is said to Roman criminals dedicated to usury. Everyone is amazed: what link could there possibly be between a rich and aristocratic lady from Gubbio the Roman underworld?

16. Behind the curtain: The theatre (opera). Giulia, a now retired famous opera singer, is drugged with tranquillizers during a party in her honour held in the parsonage by Father Matteo.

17. Precious goods: International child trafficking. While the Carabinieri are investigating Mario Marchetti’s murder (perhaps assassinated by a gang of foreign criminals), the disappearance of a small boy called Bruno Arnaldi is reported. The case appears to be solved when they discover that for sometime Camilla has been hiding a little boy she has called ET in the parsonage. In fact ET is not Bruno, but another child, a foreigner whose identity is unknown.

18. The gift: Patisserie competition. During a confectioners’ competition, one of the most important entrepreneurs in the Italian confectionary industry dies suddenly, killed by a slice of cake “laced” with strychnine. Thanks to Father Matteo’s help they will discover that the real victim was supposed to one of the competing confectioners called Ignazio Cremona.

19. The suspect: Vineyard. An important wine producer, Roberto Gigli, is murdered in his cellars. The number one suspect is his childhood friend Graziano Bruni, the son of a maid who worked for the family and was unfairly sacked. But the man, who ran away after the murder, was not alone, Laura, the town’s mayor was with him.

20. The laws of chance: The Tomorrow Centre. A construction entrepreneur called Zanca is discovered dead on his building site. The Carabinieri investigate those managing the “Tomorrow Centre”, a centre for dyslexic children, who were about to be evicted by the entrepreneur and the project’s architect, Pierpaolo Cattel. However mysterious events that took place on the night of the crime and the discovery of an unidentified man’s body reopen the case.

21. Lonely hearts: Marriage agency. Ettore Rinaldi is found murdered in his own home. There is only one clue: that night the man had dined with a mysterious woman. The investigators first suspect the famous “magpie” (a woman who entices lonely men and then robs them), but then, thanks to Father Matteo investigation moves to the Lonely Hearts Agency, where the man had gone in search of “company”.

22. Good times and bad times: Municipal abattoir. An epidemic of brucellosis has broken out in Gubbio: the milk provided is poisoned. In the meantime someone steals 14 steers from an estate owned by Quinto Belli: the first to be suspected is Saverio Donini, who owns a nearby cattle-farm. Father Matteo, however understands that the two events are linked...

23. The baby- bottle crime: Villa on the lake. In the confessional a woman entrusts Father Matteo with a mysterious parcel. Inside there is... a baby - only a few months old! The parsonage’s inhabitants embark on a new life made of baby food and nappies. In the meantime, Amedeo Mirti, who owns a villa on the lake, reports his wife’s disappearance and her body is later found in that water. A few months earlier the woman had lost a baby...

24. Three shots in the dark: An elderly and combative nun returns to Gubbio after many years to fight the expropriation of a centre for old people that she herself had founded many years before. One night someone tries to kill her. The key to this case may be a chance meeting that took place the day before the murder.




Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Maresciallo Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Capitano Anceschi: Flavio Insinna
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Pippo: Francesco Scali
Laura: Milena Miconi
Camilla: Sara Santostasi
Caterina Cecchini: Caterina Sylos Labini
Linetti: Andrea Cereatti
Serie's format: Alessandro Jacchia
Based on: Enrico Oldoini
Subject: Alessandro Bencivenni, Domenico Saverni, Enrico Oldoini
With the collaboration: Alessandro Jacchia, Alessandra Caneva
Story editor: Sara melodia, Sabina Marabini, Lea Tafuri
Production designer: Gualtiero Caprara, Valentino Salvati
Costumes designer: Maurizio Basile
Dir. of photography: Fabrizio Lucci, Massimo Lupi
Editor: Antonio Siciliano, Roberto Siciliano
Music: Pino Donaggio
Executive producer: Daniele Passani
Produced by: Luca Bernabei
Directed by: Andrea Barzini, Giulio Base