Don Matteo 5
Year: 2006
Format: 24x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 5

The fifth series of Don Matteo is back! And this time it's 24 episodes after the huge success of the past series. Yet Don Matteo remains unchanged, he is still fighting against injustice  or some mislead investigation (like an innocent who's in jail for a crime he has not committed)....What are his tools? His disarming smile and the genuine intuition. Don Matteo has got rich sense of humour and he is a fine obsverver, no detail escapes his sight. This makes the series extraordinary because of its mixture of comedy and thriller.

On this new series many things are bound to happen: the officer Cecchini is going to be involved in a finantial fraud, captain Anceschi will foil a robbery and Natalina is gonna get through a case of international drug traffic! Pippo, Natalina, Anceschi and Cecchini will keep staying on Don Matteo's side, like it's always been. New entry on this 5th series is the little orphan kid Tommaso and the big new event is the engagement between captain Anceschi and the beautiful femal mayor, Laura...even though this relationship will have to overcome many obstacles through the series.


1. Reckon with the past
: Martha Green, a writer coming from England to present her last book, dies after an aggression in her beautiful house, which had been turned by her in a kind of shelter for talented writers. The number one suspect is a young author to which Martha had stolen some good ideas. In the meantime, Don Matteo meets a new friend, Tommaso, a five-year-old mulatto boy, a small pest looking for a family.

2. Bloody tarots: Double case for the carabinieri of Gubbio. While the local bank director has disappeared, bringing with him many people’s savings, a popular fortune-teller has been killed. Before her death she talked to Laura about a new love, provoking Anceschi’s jealousy.

3. Rachmaninov op.19: During the Rach.op.19 execution, a dying young lady has been found in the dressing rooms of the theatre. The number one suspect is Pietro Crodari, an internationally well-known local pianist who had a relationship, mysteriously interrupted,  with the woman in the past. In the meantime, Cecchini is training for a tv show to which he has been submitted by his daughter.

4. Thieves hunting: A precious painting has been stolen and all suspects go upon its young owner, Tancredi di Ripabianca. The latter, because of his financial problems might have tried to cheat the insurance company. In the meantime the relationship between Anceschi and Laura seems to be in a difficult moment. The mayor, in fact, isn’t really sure that Anceschi can be her twin-soul.

5. The last enigma: A famous enigma solver, heavily ill since many years, has been found dead in his own bed. The victim’s nurse is arrested with the charge of euthanasia. To make investigations even more complicated contributes the relationship between Anceschi and the alleged guilty. The nurse, in fact, turns out to be a captain’s former girlfriend, with a seven-year old child. Anceschi will suddenly find himself involved with the kid and the doubt of his fatherhood.

6. English Tourist: Double case for Don Matteo and the carabinieri of Gubbio. While in a lake an old English car has been found with a skeleton inside, the gardener of a convent  mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile Natalina has some problems too. Someone has stolen her precious Fiat 1100 during the night.

7. Self-defence: Renato Perla, the owner of a jewellery, during an attempt of robbery, accidentally kills a previous offender. Although the man invokes his self-defence, Anceschi arrests him with the charge of negligent homicide, provoking local merchants’ anger. Meanwhile Cecchini tries to turn himself into a perfect housewife in order to re-conquer his wife who seem to be willing to divorce after a thirty-year marriage.

8. The strength of a smile: Cecchini, having accidentally run over a kid, is engaged in the hospital wards, walking in Patch Adam’s footsteps. Meanwhile, one of the doctors has been found dead, thrown out of one of the hospital galleries.

9. The last prey: A famous lawyer has been found dead in the wood during a hunting session. All investigations seem to lead to the man’s secretary, who’s about to get married, and is also suspected to have a secret relationship with the victim. In the meantime, Laura stops the hunting season, causing hunters’ protest, who will finally find in Anceschi the advocate of their rights...

10. A calm Sunday: Anceschi and Natalina have been mysteriously raped in a gambling hall. What were they doing there? Who has raped them? Why? This is what Cecchini and Don Matteo will have to find out, engaged in a battle against time to save their two friend’s lives.

11. Human fault: A street-kid, a friend of Don Matteo, gets to Gubbio from the far Brasil, to work in jeans store managed by some former prison inmates, where suddenly the director is killed. In the meantime, Anceschi is training for a soccer competition to which nobody would like him to participate because of his complete incapacity. 

12. Broken dream: The managing director of a well-known pottery company has been found dead at the bottom of a slope. The number one suspect is his business associate, caught during a furious argument with the victim. Anceschi and Laura are grapple with their respective mothers in law, who brought some trouble in their sons’ lives since their arrival.

13. High Society: During the preparation of the débutantes’ ball, one of the dressmakers has been killed. The number one suspect is one of the girls’ mother, caught while stealing during the rehearsals. The barracks have in the meantime been turned into a kind of ball school, where maestro Cecchini gives his special lessons.

14. Poisoned water: While all Gubbio is frightened because of a “water-bomber”, who puts arsenic in the bottles of water of the supermarkets, Cecchini decides to start a diet in order to please his wife for their marriage anniversary. Because of this diet , even marshal Cecchini will be a water-bomber victim, and unfortunately he’s not going to be the only one.....

15. Fallen from the sky: In the hall of an old building, Don Matteo finds a baby almost dead. Among the suspected, a woman from Romania unable to maintain the child.
In the meantime Cecchini, fearing the possibility of being moved far from Gubbio, tries his best to talk Anceschi out of giving him a promotion.

16. Dreams and needs: Cristina Tabacci, the charming owner of a building company, has been assaulted in her own building yard. Many are the possible suspects, as the lady has often cheated the villagers, and between them Anceschi, selling some houses without ever delivering them. Meanwhile, Natalina decides to save some money in order to spend some days in a beauty farm.

17. Lapse of memory: Captain Anceschi is found almost dead on the exposed gravelly river bed, next to the corpse of Giorgio Ghinazzi, manager of a well-known oil mill.
Beside finding out the killer’s identity, Don Matteo and Cecchini will be involved in the difficult task of helping Anceschi to “find” himself again. The Captain in fact, hit on the head, has lost his memory, thus becoming a completely different man.

18. The laundry: The marriage between two young villagers of Gubbio is unsettled by the mysterious death of Agnese, the bride’s aunt, found dead in her laundry on the wedding day. In the meantime, the rectory is in a turmoil too: Natalina lost all her savings after a wrong investment in a failing company while the parish church is invaded by the missionary friars coming from all over the world for a international meeting.

19. Arabesque: A young and talented dancer named Laura is run over while driving her motorbike. The suspicion hangs over her best friend, envious of the girl’s success.
Laura is forced to dance in a city show, following her new teacher’s advice: Natalina.

20. The winning Horse: The owner of a prestigious riding school is stabbed in a stable, where a young horse has been stolen. The carabinieri suspect of an ex-jockey who’d often claimed the ownership of the horse.
In the meantime, Cecchini and Anceschi together with Don Matteo will have to learn riding because of an important Carabinieri parade.

21. Final Judgement: A professor of Art at an Highschool of Gubbio is misteriously killed in an art gallery. The first suspicion hangs over one of the victim’s pupils’ father, who accused the professor of exerting undue influence over his daughter.
Meanwhile Cecchini helps Anceschi to refine the artistic taste of the Captain, who’s passing through a crisis with Laura.

22. Heart’s elections: During the election campaign for the new major of Gubbio, a famous and unconventional journalist is killed.
Anceschi is forced to arrest the responsible of the major’s press office, exposing Laura’s whole election campaign to a risk. Cecchini looks for a way to convince the Captain to ask for his girlfriend’s hand.

23. The stake: During a post office robbery, a night watchman gets seriously hurt. While the carabinieri tries to discover who’s given the gang the alarm system codes, Anceschi is worried about his forthcoming wedding, whose organization has set off a war between the two mothers in law.
Meanwhile, Don Matteo is upset by a Bishop’s misterious letter arrived in the rectory…

24. False start: On the train taking Don Matteo far from his beloved Gubbio, a nice “clochard” is stabbed on the back in the coach bathroom.
For Don Matteo this is the chance to make one last investigation with his “old” friends and rescue a young man accused of murder. In the meantime, Natalina has fallen for a close friend from his teenage, who’d like to marry her and take her in his journeys around the world.

Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Maresciallo Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Capitano Anceschi: Flavio Insinna
Sindaco Laura: Milena Miconi
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Pippo: Francesco Scali
Caterina Cecchini: Caterina Sylos Labini
Appuntato Ghisoni: Pietro Pulcini
Series Subject: Bencivenni - Oldoini
Series Editor: Saverio D'Ercole
Story Editor: Sara Melodia
Art Direction: Rosa - Caprara
Costume Design: Maurizio Basile
Cinematographer: Lucci - Galasso
Casting: Fabiola Banzi
Production: Manager Fabio Laureti
General Manager: Antonio Stefanucci
Supervisor: Danuele Passani
Rai Producer: Lorenza Bizzarri
Producer: Luca Bernabei
Directors: G.Base & E.Marchetti