Don Matteo 6
Year: 2008
Format: 24x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 6

The sixth season of Don Matteo has finally been released.  And after 2 years in Brazil, is Don Matteo still the same man we know?  Marshall Cecchini doesn't seem to think so.  He seems different, reluctant to take part in the investigations.  What has happened?  Actually, Don Matteo is looking for Beatriz, a Brazilian girl that had been able to get off the streets by finding her a job in Gubbio, but the girl seems to have disappeared...

There are obviously many different cases Don Matteo has to face, some which directly involve the characters in the series. New, enthralling episodes where our priest will always have the friendly Marshall Cecchini at his side, busy trying to finally beat him at a game of chess, and the faithful Natalina and Pippo.



1) Welcome Back Don Matteo
Much to everyone’s joy and amazement, Don Matteo is back in Gubbio! But when the body of a well known agronomist is uncovered, a shadow is cast over the town. This time it seems as if our priest wants nothing to do with the investigation… Cecchini is on cloud nine about Matteo’s return. Will he be able to get him involved in the case?  
2) The Aroma of Coffee
The managing director of a famous coffee factory is found almost dead. Beatriz, a beautiful young Brazilian woman, is found right next to him grasping onto the murder weapon.
Don Matteo feels personally involved. He’s the one who found Beatriz a job working at the victim’s house. Meanwhile, Cecchini, desperately tries to find Captain Tommasi an apartment...

3) Chocolate
A young foreigner working as a pastry chef is found dead. The investigating officers suppose the man, while pursuing his dreams, fell victim of organized criminal activities. Meanwhile, both Cecchini and Tommasi are convinced that one of them have won the lottery and start spending money left and right in hopes the winner will pick up the bill.

4) An Angel’s Room
Baby Marco Arcuati, the nephew of a prominent local industrialist, is kidnapped from his crib. The Arcuati family is at the mercy of the kidnappers and asks Don Matteo for help. Tommasi prepares for his parents’ arrival at the station and tries to make the best of his “military general” father’s meddling.

5) Underage Dancers
A young man is run over by a hit-and-run driver on a motorcycle as he walks out of a night club. Don Matteo investigates the accident and discovers that some underage girls are working as dancers in the clubs. Natalina wants to participate in a beauty contest and Pippo offers to help her carry out her dream...

6) Death of a Storyteller
An ex convict, just recently hired as a storyteller, is killed inside a shopping mall. Much to everyone’s surprise, the man didn’t just work at the mall, he lived there too! As the investigation proceeds, Cecchini receives a love letter. From that point on, he’s not only determined to find the killer, but his mysterious beau as well...

7) The Rhythm of Pedals
While traveling through the region of Umbria, the trainer of a team of young cyclists dies in a road accident.
While the investigation is carried out, Tommasi’s father forces all the Carabinieri to participate in a competition against the police department of Perugia. The captain is forced to put his pride aside and ask Don Matteo for help in preparing for the competition...

8) The Strange Case of the Dog Who Disappeared at Noon
A well known truffle searcher is found dead in his home and his murder may be linked to the disappearance of a very valuable truffle. Natalina finds a new four-legged friend while Tommasi, with Cecchini’s help, organizes a romantic tète- a- tète with his girlfriend...
9) A Touch of Rouge
Gubbio becomes the set of a photo session for one of the most important fashion magazines in the world. In the midst of all the lights and gorgeous women, one woman dies, crushed under a spotlight. A fatal tragedy or a case of homicide? While the officers investigate, Natalina becomes a model for one day...

10) Well-being Treatments
The opening of an alternative medical center brings the population of Gubbio in on a health wave. One of the doctors from the clinic, however, is suddenly found dead. The new age philosophy is contagious and Natalina is hooked. Pippo helps her give the rectory a total make-over.

11) A Restless Spirit
During a seance held at the Peretti building, the marchioness of Roccascura falls ill and dies. Is it just a coincidence? While the Carabinieri investigate into the world of esotericism, Tommasi’s private life is suddenly turned upside down by his mother and his girlfriend Amanda, who both show up at the exact same time....

12) Unexpected Secrets
Pamela, a young horse rider, dies after a horse competition. The autopsy reveals she was poisoned. Who could have possibly wanted to kill her?
During the investigations, Tommasi trains with Cecchini to win a canoe race. Amanda’s sudden arrival, however, might just upset the captain’s plans....

13) Francesca and the Wolf
A famous ethologist called to Gubbio to study the behavior of a wolf is killed in mysterious circumstances. The primary suspect is the man’s assistant, a woman who was once a guest at the Sister Mary Institute. The woman asks Don Matteo for help.

14) The Carousel
A man is found dead on the historic carousel in Gubbio. The owner of the carousel is found near the body, unconscious and holding onto a gun. Tommasi is convinced the facts speak for themselves, but truth is not a presumption for Don Matteo. With Natalina’s help, Cecchini decides to participate in a popular TV cooking show between “dueling chefs”.

15) I’ll Save You
A young female entrepreneur from Umbria is abducted. A child from the Sister Mary Children’s Home is found dying at the bottom of a well.  Could there be any connection between the two events? The officers dig into the past while Cecchini and Amanda try to organize a trip to Moscow to celebrate Tommasi’s birthday. 

16) A Valentine for Natalina AKA Tell Me About You
It’s almost St. Valentine’s day and Alfio Miceli, a journalist from Gubbio, is found dead. The prime suspect is Riccardo, who was seen fighting with the victim that same night inside a new speed dating club. It’s a comical coincidence when Natalina finds a love letter and is convinced that it’s Tommasi’s way of making a declaration...

17) A Stolen Dream AKA Golden Bridges 
A young black prostitute dies in mysterious circumstances. Her “maman”, a fellow countryman who manages a prostitution ring reducing the girls to slaves, is the prime suspect. By a stroke of luck, Pippo and Natalina find a purse full of money that they want to spend, making their dreams come true. Meanwhile, the sergeant is convinced Tommasi has been jinxed.  

18) Frequent Encounters
After an astronomy lesson, professor Albani is found dead at the bottom of the “Gola del Bottaccione” gorge. The strange series of lights witnessed the night before his death lead Pippo and Natalina to believe aliens in UFOs maybe responsible for the professor’s death...

19) Natalina’s Brother AKA Blood Ties
Natalina’s brother, Raniero, suddenly pays a visit and shakes things up in the rectory. In fact, he has brought his new-born daughter with him and Natalina immediately takes on the role of the ever attentive and caring auntie. Meanwhile, a seriously wounded woman is abandoned at the hospital. While the investigation proceeds, a journalist arrives at the station with the intent of writing an article on the efficiency of weapons, putting sergeant Cecchini in a difficult position.  

20) Sentimental Crisis AKA A Thin Line
A young woman recently fired from a textile company where she worked as a temp is found dead. Her ex-boyfriend, who she had broken up with right after she was fired, becomes the prime suspect. Captain Tommasi is dumped by Amanda and Cecchini, with the help of his family, decides to do everything he can to get his spirits back up...

21) A Good Year AKA A Bad Year
A wine steward from the “Il Sole” agricultural estate is found dead on the stairs that lead to the wine cellar. Ambrogio, the owner of the company who suspected his younger wife of twenty years was having an affair with the victim, is the prime murder suspect. Tommasi breaks his leg and is forced to move in with Cecchini, so the sergeant can help take care of him. During a charity auction, Natalina breaks a bottle of expensive wine and, despite herself, is forced to ask Sister Mary for help...

22) The Treasure of Orpheus
While a famous guitarist from Gubbio, Gloria Porrini, promotes her tour in Gubbio, a well know luthier is found dead. Immediately after the luthier is discovered to be Porrini’s father. The young artist is unexpectedly accused of the crime. Tommasi runs into a woman who was an old friend from his childhood and is now in Gubbio as a medical examiner.... Cecchini is convinced she’s just the woman for the captain.

23) The Good Boys
During a university party, a girl flies from a window risking death. Cecchini’s daughter Patrizia is at the party too and seems to be involved in the accident. Disappointed about having fought with her father, the girl moves in with captain Tommasi while Pippo, instead, unexpectedly receives an inheritance and a noble title...

 24) A Challenge for Don Matteo AKA Beyond the Wall
Giorgio, a promising screenwriter, is found dead. Suicide is suspected. The boy’s father blames Don Matteo, saying he made the boy dissociate himself from his family. At the station, instead, the Carabinieri are getting ready to receive their awards and Tommasi must juggle both his mother and Amanda, who have both come to make sure the ceremony is organized to perfection.



Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Maresciallo Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Capitano Tommasi: Simone Montedoro
Suor Maria: Astra Lanz
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Pippo: Francesco Scali
Appuntato Ghisoni: Pietro Pulcini
Jamila: Shukri Said
Caterina Cecchini: Caterina Sylos Labini
Amanda: Ilaria Spada
Generale Ludovico Tommasi: Toni Garrani
Patrizia Cecchini: Pamela Saino
Assuntina Cecchini: Giada Arena
Ciccio: Paolino Gabriele
Clara Tommasi: Simona Marchini
Directed by: Giulio Base, Fabrizio Costa, Elisabetta Marchetti