Don Matteo 7
Year: 2009
Format: 24x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 7

Don Matteo, the detective priest expert of souls and crimes, is back with a new series full of surprises and 24 new mysteries to solve.

New characters will appear and will mess up the life of the town such as a lively 8 year old boy abandoned by his mother, who’ll decide to live with Don Matteo together with his crazy dog Billo…. And right when Captain Tommasi and Marshal Cecchini are getting closer by investigating together, Captain Tommasi falls in love with… Cecchini oldest daughter! In an unlikely twist Cecchini allies with Tommasi’s former girlfriend to separate his daughter from the Captain, although his friend Don Matteo tells him the two looks nice together….
In the meantime, crimes need to be solved and once again our heroes  will be able to benefit from the help of our sharp priest with blue eyes until the day in which Don Matteo himself is involved in one of those crimes….

Entirely shot in HD, this brand new series of Don Matteo provides comedy, romance  and crime stories taken from topical subjects which will offer entertainment for the whole family.


1) The Last Jump
Don Matteo and the bishop meet up at the Gubbio Aeronautics Club to go skydiving together, to remember the good ole days. After they jump from the helicopter, however, something goes wrong and Bishop Benelli disappears all together. Captain Tommasi runs into Patrizia Cecchini at the station. The sergeant’s daughter has just returned from a year studying abroad in Barcelona and is ready to pursue her new plans and dreams. Meanwhile, the rectory gets ready to welcome Agostino, their new little guest.
2) The Art of Growing
Don Matteo is the new religion teacher at the Gubbio High School. On his very first day he finds himself dealing with the boisterous boys in their senior year, and, in particular, Daniele, the prime suspect for a recent assault on an Italian teacher. Meanwhile, the long-awaited boxing tournament between the Carabinieri in Gubbio and the Carabinieri in Perugia is approaching. The champion from Gubbio is unable to compete due to an injury, but Sergeant Cecchini already has a worthy substitute in mind.

3) Bear Tracks
The body of the owner of a large cattle breeding company is found on the bottom of a precipice. The marks on the cadaver prove the victim was attacked by a bear. Only Don Matteo’s own intuition brings the Carabinieri down the right path. Meanwhile, the sergeant lends his beloved utility car to the captain so he can pick Amanda up from the airport, but a small accident happens on the way back
4) The Girl Without a Name
Don Matteo welcomes a girl that remembers nothing about her past into the rectory. The young woman is immediately loved by all, making Natalina a bit jealous. The officers investigate a homicide case and discover the victim is linked to the new guest staying at the rectory. Meanwhile, Tommasi works hard at making a good impression on an American colleague visiting Gubbio.

5) Not a Joke
A disabled boy is being bullied at school. The “leader” of the group is found unconscious the day after. It looks like a case of revenge, but Don Matteo’s intuition bring the truth to the fore. Meanwhile, Cecchini and Tommasi are busy with the unexpected arrival of Gaia, the captain’s ex-girlfriend, who he naturally has to keep a secret from Amanda.

6) Prime Numbers
The math Olympics are being held at the Gubbio High School. Math teacher Martinoni promotes the event until he is found dead in his hotel room. Enrico, a boy from Sister Mary’s children’s home, is suspected and must ask Don Matteo for help to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Mrs. Cecchini decides to participate in the upcoming card tournament without her husband. She has found a new companion with whom she’s sure to win. But the sergeant will not give up.  

7) Behind Convent Walls
One of Sister Mary’s old boyfriends arrives in Gubbio. The young man manages to convince the mother superior to let him temporarily stay at the convent. The same days he’s there, however, a novice is seriously wounded by a blow to the head and one of the paintings kept in storage mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, the sergeant and the captain sign up for a Spanish course, but on their very first day they discover that their teacher is none other than Patrizia Cecchini.

8) Dear Dad AKA Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
The coffee shop/tobacco store owned by the Carrani family has been robbed. Don Matteo will help sergeant Cecchini with the investigation as the sergeant is quite distracted by a young man who has arrived in Gubbio claiming to be his son. Meanwhile, Agostino is convinced that everyone who lives in the rectory is a super hero. 

9) A Question of Honor
The arrival of one of Tommasi’s old friends, Luca, re-awakens the captain’s student spirit and makes the sergeant jealous, as if he’s been put aside. Don Matteo finds himself consoling Cecchini and sheds light on the investigation of an attack made on a military officer. Meanwhile, Patrizia decides to get an apartment of her own, but the one she finds needs some work. Captain Tommasi helps her, promising not to breath a word of any of this to the sergeant.

10) Never Say Thirty
Following a charity auction, the buyer of the most expensive painting is found dead. The incident seems to be linked to an old curse. Don Matteo will have to piece the facts together and free Cecchini from his own superstitions. Meanwhile, Patrizia asks the captain for a ride to the photo shoot she is in, but the car breaks down and the two of them find themselves on foot in a sudden storm.

11) The Ring
The Carabinieri are busy investigating the mysterious disappearance of a women. It looks like there has been an automobile accident, but Don Matteo picks up on a decisive detail. Meanwhile, Amanda and the sergeant begin to put in order the captain’s personal items. The two of them accidentally throw away an “old” pair of boxing gloves that Tommasi was particularly attached to.

12) Who Killed Toro Seduto?
Gubbio is hosting the famous show called “Those From the Old West”. Something goes awry, however, and Toro Seduto dies when he suddenly falls from his horse. Don Matteo is certain the death is not accidental. One of Amanda’s old boyfriends is involved in the show as well, which makes the captain jealous. Meanwhile, Agostino gets caught up in all the excitement about the cowboys and transforms the rectory into a Western film.
13) Ambitious Destinations
Before the decisive match between the Gubbio rugby team and their Scottish adversaries, the Gubbio captain is attacked in mysterious circumstances. When Sauro, the Gubbio trainer, is suspected as the aggressor, Don Matteo is called to take his place. Meanwhile, Patrizia receives a bouquet of roses from a secret admirer. The sergeant thinks he knows who sent them.
14) The Anniversary
After having given her daughter to Sister Mary to watch for a few hours, a woman is found dead on a street corner. Can Don Matteo manage to find the killer and create a new life for the little girl? Meanwhile, Natalina makes a friend of hers believe Tommasi is her husband. The captain knows nothing about this, obviously.
15) Dance With Me
Murder at the Castle of the Marquis of Sanza. For the Carabinieri, it looks like a robbery gone bad, but Don Matteo has a hunch that things are not what they seem. Meanwhile, everyone is getting ready for the Military Corps Ball and Patrizia offers to teach the klutzy captain Tommasi how to waltz.  

16) Race Against Time
A man is killed during the famous Festival of the Ceri in Gubbio. Only Don Matteo believes the prime suspect is innocent. The presence of the notorious colonel Di Giovanni, known for his nit picking and chauvinistic convictions, is enough to convince the Carabinieri that their investigation is complete.
17) A Bad Turn
The moment of Cecchini’s long awaited promotion arrives. Everyone believes the sergeant has saved a girl’s life by heroically throwing himself into the flames, but the hero was actually someone else. Meanwhile, Natalina causes havoc at the station, where she has been temporarily hired to clean.
18) A Friendly Chat
Tired of their long-distance relationship, Amanda gives Tommasi an ultimatum- if he doesn’t ask to be transferred to Rome, their relationship is over. It almost seems as if the captain is willing to leave Gubbio… Meanwhile, Don Matteo has a difficult case on his hands. The lady principal of the high school he teaches at is found drunk next to a dead man’s body. The dead man is the woman’s old sweetheart, the one who left her just before they were to be married.

19) Perfect
The Miss Umbria beauty contest is held in Gubbio and Natalina is a member of the jury. After the mysterious death of one of the contestants, Don Matteo tries to get to the truth. Now that Tommasi has left Amanda, he finds himself even more in love with Patrizia. Cecchini, instead, misinterprets the events and is convinced the captain is in love with the new auxiliary working at the station.

20) Tango
Julio, Patrizia’s ex-boyfriend, arrives in Gubbio determined to bring her back to Barcelona with him. Sergeant Cecchini, Patrizia’s father, does everything to make sure that doesn’t happen. And he has an accomplice- Captain Tommasi, who is not completely impartial. Meanwhile, an international tango competition is held in Gubbio, but the winner is found dead inside the gym of Don Matteo’s parish, where he was rehearsing for his show. 

21) Why Not Tell Daddy AKA For Mother
Young Agostino’s mother returns to Gubbio. The woman has been accused of murdering an arms dealer and is now staying at the rectory. She asks Don Matteo to keep her identity a secret from her little boy, much to Natalina’s disapproval. Meanwhile, Patrizia and Tommasi fall more deeply in love and begin dating, but they keep their love story a secret from sergeant Cecchini.

22) Look Who’s Coming For Dinner AKA Shadows of the Heart
Tommasi and Patrizia have decided to officially announce that they are dating, but how can they tell the sergeant? Meanwhile, the cast of a successful soap opera is filming their one-hundredth episode in Gubbio when the “bad guy” on the show is found dead in mysterious circumstances.

23) A Daisy for Natalina
Natalina has unintentionally witnessed the murder of a famous pizza maker who was also a friend of Don Matteo’s. The Carabinieri decide to have her escorted. Meanwhile, Amanda returns to Gubbio, intent on winning back captain Tommasi’s heart. Sergeant Cecchini is still shocked by the fact his daughter is dating the captain and decides to seize the moment and become Amanda’s accomplice.

24) Whatever It Takes
Don Matteo risks being excommunicated. He has been accused of breaking the seal of confession in order to help a girl who fell victim to an attempted rape. Meanwhile, Cecchini and Tommasi are at odds with one another because Cecchini’s daughter has decided to leave Gubbio. The love story that has just begun seems to have already reached the end of the line.



Directed by: Lodovico Gasparini, Giulio Base, Elisabetta Marchetti
Editing: Alessandro Lucidi, Gabriele Moro
Dir. of Photography: Giovanni Galasso, Marco Carosi
Original Music by: Pino Donaggio