Don Matteo 8
Year: 2011
Format: 24x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 8

We sent him to the Amazon…
We threw him from a plane together with the Bishop…
We nearly excommunicated him…

And now Don Matteo becomes "almost the father" of a 16 year girl, Laura, pregnant in her sixth month, who is bereft of her mother as well as the daughter of a convict. She is the guest of Don Matteo in the rectory. It’s a clash between our priest and the girl who accused him of having ruined her life, sending her father to prison....

But let's not forget the other star of the series, Nino Frassica, aka Marshal Cecchini, who is grappling with the engagement of his daughter Patricia with his Captain, Giulio Tommasi.

The Marshal is always in a fit of father jealousy and constantly invades the privacy of the couple. But Cecchini is not the only one who interferes. There is also the jealousy of the future mother-in-law, the return of the Captain "ex" and the abrupt separation of Patrizia for an internship in Spain.... And when the wedding appears imminent, everything is complicated by the arrival of a new prosecutor in Gubbio, Andrea Conti.

Andrea Conti, 30 years, prosecutor, is the latest addition to the series. Her maturity, determination and passion for work, combined with a weakness waiting to be discovered, are the qualities that could confound a man engaged, near to marriage, as our Captain Tommasi.

To complete the frame, the rest of the historical cast of Don Matteo.The quarrelsome Natalina and Pippo, Catherine, wife of Cecchini, Sister Mary, mother superior of the convent of Gubbio, Augustine and Sydne Rome, the dean of the school where Don Matteo taught religion.

Don Matteo is a successful Italian format first aired on January 7, 2000 on RAI 1. Over the years the series has been appreciated throught the world, from Spain to Finland, from Latin America to Australia. It’s a journey in life and modern society, including murders and acts of heroism, generosity and humor, with the unyielding gaze of a man who believes in the possibility of change.


1) It Was My Daughter

While Don Matteo investigates the attempted murder of an antique dealer, he finds himself taking care of Laura, a rebellious adolescent who is pregnant and currently staying at the rectory. Meanwhile, a new MP, attractive but ruthless, arrives at the station.  

2) Rave party

A girl dies at a rave party after having taken a drug that was cut badly. While Don Matteo and the Carabinieri are working on the investigation, Cecchini tries to prevent Tommasi and his daughter from spending a romantic weekend together all alone.

3) Proof of Love

After a young woman dies in labor, the woman’s gynecologist is killed. Meanwhile, Tommasi is preparing for a boxing match and is forced to choose a coach- the ready and willing Cecchini or the professional MP Conti…

4) The Man Who Knew How To Fly

A falconer who adopted an autistic boy is stabbed to death. Meanwhile, due to a misunderstanding, Cecchini thinks he only has six months to live.

5) Her Return

Don Matteo investigates the attempted murder of a woman who has re-emerged from the past. Meanwhile, the captain tries not to make a bad impression on the young, athletic Spanish friends that are staying at Patrizia’s house.

6) Three Grandchildren and One Nanny

During a reception held at the mansion of a wealthy family, an unidentified body is found. The investigation brings the mysterious past of a loving nanny to the fore. Cecchini, instead, mistakenly believes Patrizia is pregnant, which leads to some comical misunderstandings.

7) Severino In Love AKA Proof of Love

A young woman staying at the rectory to complete the Via Francigena pilgrimage is strangled to death. Meanwhile, Cecchini instructs Severino on how to win over the woman of his dreams.

8) Another Life

During a masquerade party for Carnival, a girl who strikingly resembles the daughter of the party hostess is attacked.  Meanwhile, Tommasi is repelled by everything that has to do with Carnival and Natalina finds a new, noble, suitor.

9) Marry Me

A boy who seems to be from a drug addiction community in the city is found dead. Meanwhile, Tommasi buys Patrizia an engagement ring, but just when he is about to pop the question, things don’t go as he had planned.

10) Deception

An old celebrity from Gubbio is killed by a dose of insulin. Meanwhile, captain Tommasi must face MP Conti’s father, who has just arrived in Gubbio and thinks Tommasi is his daughter’s boyfriend.

11) The Father-in-law Is Always Right AKA Crisis At Home

There is a Robin Hood in Don Matteo’s gang that is accused of the attempted murder of a dishonest retired man. Meanwhile, Cecchini is trying to deal with his very taxing father-in-law, who demands doctoring and attention.

12) The Secrets of Gubbio AKA The Guest Room

The author of a book written specifically to report local town gossip is found almost dead. Laura and Natalina become passionate about the scandalous book that produces overall discontent throughout the town.

13) Life Choices

Sister Mary is attacked and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Natalina has left the rectory for the peace of the convent, which, however, has some surprises in store.

14) Generation Y

The stop mother of Assunta Cecchini’s best friend Valeria is found dead. The sergeant’s adolescent daughters idolize their reckless friend who, this time however, has really gotten herself into trouble.

15) The Most Beautiful Day AKA Every Woman’s Dream 

The lead model of a fashion show for wedding gowns is almost suffocated to death in her bed. Meanwhile, Tommasi is at the wedding expo and is subjected to his mother and soon to be father-in-law’s bickering about the details of his wedding.

16) The Miracle Child   

The murder of a prostitute is linked to the story of an orphan who is also a fencing champion who has found a new family in her trainer and her trainer’s husband. Meanwhile, Laura begins having second thoughts about abandoning her daughter.

17) Old Friends   

Sonia, a poor teenage mother, has managed to start a new life by creating a booming business selling children’s wear and by helping other women going through hard times. The man she is about to marry, however, is under questioning for the murder of a maid who is also discovered to be a prostitute. Meanwhile, Tommasi’s old aunt who is a nun suddenly arrives in Gubbio with a “colleague”. The two sprightly old women make the captain’s life simply unbearable...

18) The Sought-after Child AKA For Love and For Hate

A boy caught in the middle of a custody battle between his parents suddenly disappears. The case brings up some sad childhood memories for MP Conti, who follows the case with particular interest. Meanwhile, Cecchini receives a blow to the head and loses his memory...

19) A Shadow of Suspicion AKA  The Good Heart of a Baker

A baker known for great generosity is murdered. The investigation points to his sister-in-law, a rebellious young woman whose sister, the baker’s wife, caught behaving intimately with her murdered husband. Meanwhile, the Carabinieri at the station are organizing the captain’s bachelor party, but their efforts are thwarted by Cecchini and Tommasi himself, who both have other ideas in mind...

20) The Investigation of a Daughter

A sixteen year old girl disappears into thin air with no evidence of how to find her. As the investigation proceeds, the girl’s parents realize they never really knew their daughter. Meanwhile, Cecchini tries to set things right after a fight between Patrizia and the captain, but his attempts are disastrous and he only makes things worse.

21) Love Is Not Enough AKA A Different World

A deaf girl who is unable to make her own parents accept her disability, finds herself involved in the murder of the director of the factory she works in. The prime suspect is one of the girl’s friends whose job is to insert disabled people into the workplace. Meanwhile, Fernando makes a comeback, offering Patrizia a job in Rome, which makes Tommasi as jealous as a Barbary pigeon...

22) Betrayal AKA Honor Thy Father

A boy watches as his father is accused of attacking the girl he is in love with. It’s up to Don Matteo to help father and son re-establish their relationship. Meanwhile, Laura is jealous of her boyfriend Dario’s ex-girlfriend and the relationship between Patrizia and the captain has reached a breaking point…

23) All is Lost AKA The Tent in the Courtyard

A factory worker, who lives with his wife in a tent and who was unjustly fired after a lifetime of work, is found dead. Meanwhile, Patrizia decides to live in Rome. The captain is downhearted and  rushes headlong into the case, even putting his life in jeopardy. But things are starting to change with regards to his love life...

24) Don Matteo Under Accusation AKA Blackmail

The father of Laura’s daughter arrives in Gubbio. The young man’s parents demand custody of their grandchild at all costs. Laura and Don Matteo are at odds, but soon after the priest falls victim to deceit and is accused of harassment and even murder. In the end he is put in jail. Will Don Matteo manage to exonerate himself in time to celebrate Patrizia and captain Tommasi’s wedding?

Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Marshal Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Captain Tommasi: Simone Montedoro
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Pippo: Francesco Scali
Patrizia Cecchini: Pamela Saino
Laura: Laura Glavan
Principal: Sidney Rome
Severino: Giuseppe Sulfaro
Directed by: Giulio Base, Carmine Elia, Fernando Muraca, Salvatore Basile
Editing: Lorenzo Fanfani, Alessandro Lucidi
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi
Original Music by: Pino Donaggio