Don Matteo 9
Year: 2013
Format: 26x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 9

“Don Matteo” is back with the same spirit that has warmed audiences for years. The “big family” is made up of Matteo, officers Cecchini and Tommasi then, in the rectory, Natalina and Pippo, and even Laura, the young, single mother of little Ester, who is not so little anymore.
Just like every family experiences happiness and fulfillment, there are also problems, unexpected events and conflicts to handle and resolve. Don Matteo, everyone’s true point of reference,  knows this very well. In fact, Don Matteo hasn’t changed one bit and opens the doors to the rectory to anyone who needs his help. He decides to take in Tomas, a young man who has had several problems with the law and that Sister Maria holds dear. His withdrawn and petulant personality makes staying in the rectory difficult for him to get used to. Even Laura, who frowns upon the arrival of Tomas, is feeling unsatisfied with her life and begins re-evaluating the choices she’s made.
Even the lives of Cecchini and Tommasi have undergone some changes. In fact, the two officers have suffered the effects of the Spending Review and the police station in Gubbio was closed and integrated into the one in Spoleto. Yet this family has even had to overcome the pain of losing Patrizia, who died a few years earlier in a tragic accident, leaving Captain Tommasi all alone to father young Martina. In Spoleto, however, the Captain comes across an old friend who is about to get married, a public prosecutor by the name of Bianca Venezia. And in the Cecchini household, only to upset the newfound peace, is the arrival of Lia, the Sergeant’s young and exuberant niece who has an amazing talent for getting herself into trouble. While Cecchini suffers from being so far from his priest friend, Don Matteo is asked to take on a new assignment right in the parish of Spoleto, where, together with all the inhabitants of the rectory, he is reunited with the Sergeant, ready to resolve new cases together!


Ep. 1 “A New Beginning”
Don Matteo misses Cecchini, who, along with Tommasi and all the others, has been transferred to Spoleto. In fact, even the officers have suffered the effects of the Spending Review when the police station in Gubbio was closed and integrated into the one in Spoleto. Cecchini and Captain Tommasi’s new life is like that of an extended family, able to overcome the death of Patrizia, who passed away in an accident. To upset the newfound peace, however, is the arrival of Lia, Cecchini’s young and exuberant niece. There is even a newcomer at the police station –Bianca, an old friend of Tommasi’s who is also the new public prosecutor and, on the verge of turning 37, is about to get married. Meanwhile, Don Matteo is investigating into a case that seems to involve a young man that Sister Maria holds very dear, Tomas, who has already had quite a few problems with the law. The case provides the opportunity for the priest to meet up with his officer friends, but they won’t be separated for too much longer …

Ep. 2 “The Second Wife”
While Don Matteo is investigating into the death of an American TV evangelist, Laura decides to move in with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Bianca gets dumped over the phone by her future husband and Cecchini dedicates his heart and soul to trying to set her up with Ghisoni.

Ep. 3 “The Prosecutor’s Witness”
After having confessed to having cheated on her husband, a friend of Don Matteo’s is shot and in critical condition. While Cecchini talks to his granddaughter Martina about swearing, we find out that Lia has some serious problems at the University.

Ep. 4 “Love Put to the Test”
The complex dynamics of an extended family surface in a case the officers are busy working on. Meanwhile, Cecchini is contacted to participate in a radio game show and Don Matteo seems to have found just the right job for Tomas.

Ep. 5 “A Record for Life”
A young, promising swimmer disappears. She is found near death on the bank of a river. While Don Matteo and the others investigate, Lia’s Sicilian boyfriend arrives in Spoleto, but Cecchini puts “operation break-up” into action.

Ep. 6 “Out of this World”
Don Matteo investigates into a case that involves a family who has chosen a life avoiding all contact with technology. Meanwhile, Cecchini grows fond of an animal and brings it home… forcing Tommasi to take in a donkey as a pet!

Ep. 7 “A Daughter’s Courage”
An ill-tempered elderly man disappears from the nursing home he lives in and is found in coma next to the cadaver of a young woman. While everyone is making preparations for Tommasi’s 40th birthday celebration, the father of the child Laura is tutoring begins courting her.

Ep. 8 “Hanging On by a Thread”
While the officers investigate into an attempted homicide that takes place in the call-center Natalina works at, we make a surprising discovery about the courageous Tommasi…he’s afraid of mice! Laura, instead, is once more disappointed by love.

Ep. 9 “The Final Blow”
Don Matteo looks into a robbery that an old friend of Cecchini’s is involved in, but is worried about Laura, who seems to have vanished without a trace. Meanwhile, Tommasi and Lia are busy with some of the older people in the city on the occasion of “Elderly Week”.  

Ep. 10 “Cyberbully”
One of Don Matteo’s students is accused of the attempted murder of another boy in the same school. Meanwhile, Assuntina returns from Rome to introduce “daddy” Cecchini to her new boyfriend, a young man from a high-ranking family.

Ep. 11 “Near and Far”
An car in Spoleto is blown up by a handmade bomb and two children are wounded. While the officers investigate, Lia finds herself in trouble after having posed for a calendar. Tommasi, who is about to receive the Citizen Honors, tries to help her, that is, until Cecchini finds out.

 Ep. 12 “A Losing Bet”
While Don Matteo and the officers investigate the case of a model student involved in a robbery, Spoleto is bustling with activity over the tango competition that both Natalina and Cecchini are competing in, against each other.

Ep. 13 “The Price of Love”
While investigations are underway on the attempted murder of a woman who used to work as an escort, Bianca, Tommasi and Cecchini participate in a marathon. Meanwhile, Laura is in Rome, but misses her daughter and calls Tomas. He tries to convince her to come back.

Ep. 14 “The Foreigner”
The officers investigate into the death of a woman whose young son is in urgent need of a  bone marrow transplant. Meanwhile, Bianca’s ex-boyfriend has come to win her back. We find out that not only is he an ex-soccer player, but Cecchini’s star. Don Matteo finally finds Laura, who has been hospitalized.

Ep. 15 “A Question of Priority”
A woman is found dead inside the company she owns after a fight with one of her employees. Tommasi finds his home invaded by two friends of Lia’s who have come to Spoleto for a bachelorette party. Cecchini, instead, is forced to learn an art that is not exactly “manly”…

Ep. 16 “A Choice”
A doctor who supports his daughter’s decision to carry out her pregnancy despite a tumor, is found near death. Meanwhile, Tommasi and Lia get involved in Martina’s school play, a version of “Romeo and Juliet” with quite a twist.

Ep. 17 “Under Attack”
The Captain is accused of assaulting a minor found guilty of robbing a pharmacy. While Don Matteo and Cecchini stand in for him and try to help, Tomas convinces Laura not to give up on trying to earn her diploma.

Ep. 18 “The Fortune Teller”
The revelations of a woman claiming to be a “medium” lead to the finding of the dead body of a young researcher who had disappeared years before. Meanwhile, Bianca’s boyfriend wants to ask her to marry him, but Tommasi doubts the man acts in good faith ...

Ep. 19 “Custody Battles”
After having offered to take into the rectory a child involved in a custody battle between his parents, Don Matteo is attacked and ends up in the hospital. The priest gets better, but Cecchini is convinced he is on his death bed and starts making resolutions to Saint Anthony for the priest to get well.

Ep. 20 “My Son”
Don Matteo and the officers investigate into the death of a young workman who had contested his younger brother’s decision to become a dancer. Meanwhile, Massimo, Lia’s ex-boyfriend, returns to Spoleto with a plan of action to win her back. He even gets poor Tommasi involved.

Ep. 21 “Family Business”
The officers receive a ransom request after the abduction of the head of a dairy company. While Cecchini tries to lift Bianca’s frighteningly low spirits after breaking up once and for all with her boyfriend, Laura helps Tomas find his sister.

Ep. 22 “Nothing to Lose”
Gaetano, owner of Campo Volo where Tomas is working, is found in critical condition next to Tomas. While Don Matteo looks into the case, Cecchini spends a few days at a spa in search of relaxation, leaving Captain Tommasi surrounded only by women.

Ep. 23 “A Real Fairy Tale”
The officers and Don Matteo investigate the homicide of a wealthy woman whose granddaughter has just been cured of a rare genetic disease. While Natalina meets Aldo, a door-to-door salesman who courts her relentlessly, Tommasi’s grandfather arrives in Spoleto.

Ep. 24 “Alma's Return”
Tomas’ sister, who is in Spoleto for an athletic tournament, is attacked in the woods. Meanwhile, Tommasi is caught in the middle of Cecchini, who asks him for help on his driving test (his license has empire), and Lia, who is busy studying for the Carabineer entrance exam.

Ep. 25 “Old Memories”
While the officers investigate the murder of a cash-for-gold shop owner, Don Matteo finds himself without his beloved bicycle. Meanwhile, Natalina continues dating Aldo, but she isn’t in the best of health.

Ep. 26 “Goodbye Natalina!”
The doctor Natalina wanted to go to is found dead in his office. Meanwhile, her health worsens and she is admitted to the hospital, where we find out she has been poisoned. While, Don Matteo tries to save her, Captain Tommasi receives an enticing  proposal for a position in Rome and begins seriously thinking about moving to the Eternal City.


Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Marshal Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Captain Tommasi: Simone Montedoro
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Lia: Nadir Caselli
Tomàs: Andrès Gil
Laura: Laura Glavan
Bianca: Giorgia Surina
Directed by: Jan Michelini, Luca Ribuoli, Monica Vullo
Editing: Lorenzo Fanfani, Alessandro Lucidi
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi, Armando Buttafava, Bonalloggi
Original Music by: Pino Donaggio