Author: Antongiulio Frulio
Released: 2013
Copyright: Lux Vide
  • 1JV Jules Verne Main Theme
  • 2JV Ep101 Teaser (South Africa)
  • 3JV Ep101 Engaged
  • 4JV Ep101 The boat stoled
  • 5JV Ep102 My Poor and Octopus
  • 6JV Ep102 I dont know - Elizabeth theme
  • 7JV Ep103 Contes de voyages
  • 8JV Ep118 Mysterious Island
  • 9JV Ep118 Nemo's Cove
  • 10JV Ep110 Running
  • 11JV Ep116 Go inside
  • 12JV Ep109 Falling and Finale
  • 13JV Ep109 Teaser (Carpathians)
  • 14JV Ep117 Teaser (Sahara)
  • 15JV Ep119 Teaser (Gulf of Bengal)
  • 16JV Ep126 Teaser (Steel City Part 2)