Year: 1998
Format: TV movie 1x90'
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Co-production: Lube, Lux Vide, Betafilm in association with France 2, Antena 3, Ard, Mtm, Czech Tv, Ncrv, BSkyB and Raiuno
The mission of a prophet summoned by God to preach to his people and his king in order to encourage them to return to a life of faith and justice at a time when the worship of false idols, wealth and lust seem to have taken the place of the values upon which God's Covenant was founded.
Jeremiah's words go against the tide and are destined to fall on stony ground. Indeed they become the cause of his persecution. Jeremiah sacrifices himself to his prophetic mission, but not without great interior conflict. Nevertheless he renounces the love of Judith in order to fulfil God's will.
Geremia: Patrick Dempsey
Generale Safan: Oliver Reed
Nabucodonosor: Klaus Maria Brandauer
Giuditta: Leonor Varela
Mattania/Sedecìa: Vincent Regan
Chelkia: Michael Cronin
Baruc: Stuart Bunce
Madre di Geremia: Anita Zagaria
Efraim: Damien Myerscough
Elisamà: Roger May
Ghemarià: Simon Kunz
Re Ioiakim: Andrea Occhipinti
Ministro babilonese: Franco Castellano
Vecchio: Franco Fantasia
Directed by: Harry Winer
Screenplay by: Harry Winer, Gianmario Pagano
Lux Vide Co-producer: Luca Bernabei
Producer: Lorenzo Minoli
Associate Producer: Paolo Piria
Organizzatore generale: Paolo Lucidi
Rai Producer: Roberta Cadringher
Dir. of Photography: Raffaele Mertes
Production Designer: Paolo Biagetti
Costumes Designer: Simonetta Leoncini, Giovanni Viti
1st Assistant Director: Tony Brandt
Editor: David Simmons
Music: Bruce Broughton
Set Decorator: Titus Vossberg
Casting: Jeremy Zimmermann