Love in Action 2
Year: 2010
Format: 24x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction
Love in Action 2
A whirlwind wedding after only a few weeks of engagement, two cops side by side in life and in the police station. Stella and Diego are two soulmates except for the small detail that they are completely opposites! Stella is disorganized and impulsive just as Diego is rational and precise and right when they seemed to have found a balance in their life… there comes a surprise… a double surprise!
At the beginning of the second season we find Stella and Diego dealing with their new born twin girls, a house falling apart, two intrusive mother-in-laws, an ex girlfriend ready to win back her man and, of course, new mysteries to solve in every episode.
Will Diego, the former confirmed bachelor, survive this invasion of women in his life?
Will Stella be able to manage a family while she’s hunting criminals?
Mixing crimes and diapers, detection and family life, Love in Action 2 raises the stakes of fun with 24 entertaining episodes combining crime stories, love and laughter.
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Flavio Insinna
Christiane Filangieri
Antonio Catania
Barbara Bouchet
Luisa Corna
Serena Rossi
Francesco Arca
Luca Calvani
Vittoria Piancastelli
and with Giovanna Ralli as Erminia
Directed by: Andrea Barzini, Giorgio Capitani, Luca Miniero.
Editing: Alessandro Lucidi, Lorenzo Fanfani
Dir. of Photography: Fabrizio Lucci
Original Music by: Pino Donaggio