Was born in Florence. He is married with eight children and holds a degree in Modern Literature. In 1946 Ettore Bernabei began working as a journalist and became chief editor of the Florentine Daily “Giornale del Mattino” (a daily inspired by Christian values) in 1951.  In 1956 he was called to Rome to manage the “Popolo”, the official Daily of the Christian Democrat party.
From 1960 to 1974 Bernabei was the executive officer of RAI, which at the time was the only TV and radio broadcaster in Italy. In those years RAI produced and broadcasted TV programs based on great works of literature such as the Odyssey, classics from Tolstoy, Alessandro Manzoni, Cronin, etc.  Series such as the “Acts of the Apostles” directed by Roberto Rossellini, “Moses” and “Jesus” directed by Franco Zeffirelli were produced.
In 1974 Ettore Bernabei was called to manage ITALSTAT, a partially state-owned investment holding company in Italy specialized in the planning and construction of large infrastructures and civil engineering works.
Ettore Bernabei has been the non-executive President of Lux Vide since 1991.
After starting her career as a journalist for the weekly magazine ‘Panorama’ , she became the secretary general of Asip, a company that worked on the creation of technical cooperation programs with developing countries.
This experience brought her into the Montedison group where, at only 26 years of age, she became the manager of the group’s job creation program around industrial sites in southern Italy.
In 1984, she became the strategy and development director of the newly created Iniziativa Me.Ta., a subsidiary of the Montedison group for the service and diversification sector.
Following an important work experience as the managing director of the publishing company “Il Messaggero”, Matilde Bernabei began working for Lux Vide, and is currently president of the company.
Luca Bernabei was born in Rome and holds a degree in Political Science from the La Sapienza University of Rome. 
He married Paola Lucantoni in 1995. They have six children.
His first work experience was in advertising. In 1988 he began working for the advertising company Armando Testa and became Senior Account and vice-manager of New Business (including clients BNL, ENI, BMW, Plasmon, SIP and others).
From 1992 to 1993 he worked as a producer for the BRW production company, creating commercials for several prestigious clients such as WWF, BNL, Nestlé, Coin, Sip, Cameo, Campari and Illy Caffè.
He began working for Lux Vide in 1994 and, as Associate Producer, produced the first few miniseries in the Bible Series. In 2002 he was nominated Director of Production Activities, responsible for the entire product creation cycle, from set creation to post-production.
After twenty-five years of experience in International production, in 2013 he was nominated first Director General then Managing Director of the company.
Married with children, Francesco Savelli graduated cum laude with a degree in Economics.
Previously Manager of the Bain & Company consulting company, he was responsible for the management and supervision of complex projects in both Italy and abroad in the Media, ICT and Utility sectors. He gained significant experience in the definition and implementation of business strategies, company reorganization, cost optimization strategies and in corporate finance and business valuation.
He was a financial controller for the multinational Sara Lee Corporation and has worked for Ernst & Young as an analyst and audit supervisor.
He is a member of the official Registry of Qualified Accountants and Bookkeepers and the Registry of Statutory Auditors and has been a member of the boards of statutory auditors for important multinational corporations.

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