Maternity Ward
Year: 2006
Format: 26x50'
Genre: Dramedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: RTI, Lux Vide
Maternity Ward
Natural but also difficult births, happy moments but also sad ones, paediatric accidents and unexpected situations...No time to breath, this is real life: of the mothers, the fathers and the babies...
A chief- commander gynaecologist and a young and lovely team of professionals: obstetricians, neonatal doctors, paediatricians, nurses: they all have different histories, they cross their lives in this small, forgotten hospital. Together they will succeed in making it a jewel of efficiency and humanity.
Rivalries and struggles, but also love, aspirations and success.
Stefano Majoli, the protagonist, Head of gynaecologists, loyal and honest, very empathetic with patients. He'll be involved in a suspense mystery plot.
Then Sara, young gynaecologist, who will become an adult professional and a mature woman ; Alberta, head obstetrician with no own children, who will find the courage to start the long way to adoption; Corrado, paediatrician, seducing and amusing, ready to give up a gallant rendezvous for a bigger love: his young patients!
Rosario, proud to be a man-obstetrician; Annalisa, anaesthetist, in a very delicate equilibrium between life and job; Sergio, the apprentice, with a long professional way in front of him; and then Loredana, nurse, with a teen ager daughter...
Stefano Majoli: Sebastiano SOMMA
Sara Guastalla: Vittoria BELVEDERE
Corrado Milani: Ettore BASSI
Alberta Statera: Lina SASTRI
Rosario Cattani: Michele LA GINESTRA
Sergio Bellini: Luca ANGELETTI
Loredana Conti: Sonia AQUINO
Gianna Moroni: Patrizia LORETI
Nicola Maggi: Alessandro DI CARLO
Pivello: Marco VIVIO
Tea Colasanti: Serena BONANNO
Ruslana Tereskova: Petra FAKSOVA
Arianna Boni: Eleonora GAGGIOLI
Renato Guastalla: Stefano SANTOSPAGO
Producer: Luca Bernabei
Directors: Genovese,Miniero, Elia
Producer: Anna Stoppoloni
RTI Producer: Assistant Loredana Ricci
RTI Story Editor: Giorgio Fabbri
Executive Producer: Daniele Passani
Cinematographers: G. Galasso F.Lucci
Editors: Alessandro Lucidi
Art Directors: Marina Pinzuti
Set Decorator: Antonello Geleng
Costume Designer: Paola Bonucci
Casting: Adriana Sabbatini
Music: Flavio Premoli
Story Editors: Giovanni Capetta
Creative Producer: Saverio D'Ercole
Subject: Francesca Melandri