Medici: The Magnificent
Year: 2018
Format: TV series 8x50'
Genre: Period Drama, Murder Mystery, Political Thriller
Language: English
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Big Light Productions

In 1470, PIERO and LUCREZIA are the heads of the family. The Medici family’s power has now been consolidated over time, but an attempt on Piero’s life reveals years of poor bank management and his first-born son LORENZO is called to take his father’s place sooner than planned. Despite Lorenzo’s long-term affair with a married woman, LUCREZIA DONATI, he agrees to marry a noble woman from Rome, CLARICE ORSINI. As the new head of the family, he is also responsible for the destinies of his brother GIULIANO and his sister BIANCA, while his friendship with SANDRO BOTTICELLI gives life to some of the finest masterpieces of the Renaissance. His dream for Florence to be at peace and culturally alive is challenged by the contrast withPOPE SIXTUS and bring Florence to one of the bloodiest moments of its history-the PAZZI conspiracy.


Daniel Sharman, Sean Bean


Created by: Frank Spotnitz, Nicholas Meyer
Directed by: Jan Maria Michelini