Mission to Love - Don Bosco
Year: 2004
Format: Miniseries 2x100' and TV movie 1x114'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Rai Fiction, Lux Vide Spa, LuxVide GmbH, I Salesiani di Don Bosco, D&B Production in association with Blue Star Movies
Mission to Love - Don Bosco
The miniseries goes through the main phases of Don Bosco's life, from his childhood spent in Piemonte in the 19th century, to the moment he takes his vows, from his choice to be next to the poorest youngsters, to all the ups and downs he has to experience in order to found the Salesians, up to the hard and axhausting work he makes together with his boys in Valdocco, and in other oratories.
“What has really fascinated me since the very beginning, and what I have tried to catch and convey throughout the entire project, has been Don Bosco's great humanity. He had a very reach, complex  personality, characterised also by contradictory aspects: strong and sweet, naive and sharp, impulsive and patient, proud and humble. Different expressions of a unique theme: His love for youg people, his sons…” Lodovico Gasparini.
Don Bosco: Flavio Insinna
Margherita: Bosco Lina Sastri
Vicario Clementi: Charles Dance
Giovanni Cagliero: Ry Michael Finerty
Michele Rua: Daniel Tschirley
Carlo Buzzetti: Julian Patrick Brophy
Giuseppe Buzzetti: Jonathan Ross Latham
Don Bosco bambino: Brock Everitt Elwick
Domenico Savio: Lewis Crutch
Don Cafasso: James Greene
Don Calosso: Sam Beazley
Bruno: Fabrizio Bucci
Enrico: Andrea Bosca
Don Fassati: Paolo Calabresi
Caporeparto: Roberto Ciufoli
Fornaio Dario: D'Ambrosi
Tipografo: Michele Melega
Director: Lodovico Gasparini
Screenplay: Graziano Diana, Francesca Panzarella, Carlo Mazzotta, Lodovico Gasparini, Saverio D'Ercole, Lea Tafuri
Subject Graziano: Diana
Story editors: Saverio D'Ercole, Lea Tafuri
Dir. of Photography: Giovanni Galasso
Editor: Alessandro Lucidi
Music: Marco Frisina
Production Designer: Lino Germano
Costumes Designer: Christine Rawlins
Casting Italy: Fabiola Banzi
Casting UK: Julia Duff
Executive Producer: Enzo Tacchia
Produced by: Luca Bernabei