Mussolini's Daughter
Year: 2005
Format: Miniseries 2x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Rai Fiction, Lux Vide, Rai Trade
Mussolini's Daughter
11 January 1944: Benito Mussolini signs Galeazzo Ciano's death sentence. Ciano is one of the traitors of the Grand Council of Facism. He is also the husband of Mussolini's daughter, Edda. Edda is Benito's firstborn child and father and daughter have always enjoyed a special relationship. How could anyone resist the charm of a man who has risen from the rank of a poor, penniless teacher to the position of prime minister? Edda has always supported her father, even letting him choose her husband.
Yet Edda and Galeazzo grow to love one another and within three months they are married. They have two children. All is well until Galeazzo is unfaithful to Edda.
Abandoned by her husband, Edda returns to her father, who is enjoying a moment of great popularity: fascism is spreading; he is travelling the world; he dreams of building an empire. Edda starts to compete with her husband: when he is unfaithful, she is unfaithful.
When Galeazzo becomes Secretary of State for Press and Propaganda, Edda goes to London to announce the break out of war in Ethiopia and then to Germany to meet Hitler. Both Edda and Galeazzo are entirely devoted to Benito. They seem to have lost each other for ever.
While Edda is in Germany, Galeazzo is appointed prime minister - at the tender age of 33. Both have now reached the peak of their 'careers'. However, both feel empty and unfulfilled. They realize that success cannot replace the love they have lost. Their loneliness brings them back together and they have a third child. However, the events of history overwhelm their love.
Edda's blind faith in her father and Hitler become clouded. She no longer listens to her husband. She only hears the voice of impending tragedy. She chooses Benito and war and leaves for the front as a Red Cross nurse. However when she experiences the misery and desperation that Benito has brought upon the Italians first hand in Sicily, she realises that her father is mistaken. She also realizes that she has always loved her husband. Thus, she heroically tries to save his life.
Galeazzo Ciano: Massimo Ghini
Edda: Alessandra Martines
Benito Mussolini: Claude Brasseur
Donna Rachele: Ludovica Modugno
Pavolini: Carlo Cartier
Balbo: Lorenzo Majnoni
Grandi: Emilio De Marchi
Carolina Ciano: Sydne Rome
Senator: Carlo Lizzani
Starace: Massimo Ferroni
Nora Pessina: Milena Miconi
De Bono: Mark Fiorini
Marinelli: Gigi Angelillo
Emilio Pucci: Attilio Fabiano
Directed by: Giorgio Capitani
Produced by: Luca Bernabei
Rai producer: Fania Petrocchi
Subject Screenplay: Anna Samueli, Maura Nuccetelli
Music: Marco Frisina
Executive Producer: Daniele Passani
Dir. of Photography: Giovanni Galasso
Editor: Antonio Siciliano
2nd Unit director: Nicola Barnaba
Sound Engeneer: Filippo Porcari
Director assistant: Alessandro Capitani
Production manager: Fabio Laureti
Costumes designer: Enrica Biscossi
Production designer: Antonello Geleng, Marina Pinzuti
Story editors: Sara Melodia, Andrea Valagussa, Luca Manzi
Casting UK: Julia Duff Casting
Casting Italy: Simona Tartaglia