Year: 2004
Format: Miniseries 2x90'
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Co-production: Rai Fiction, Lux Vide, Eos Entertainment, Rai Trade, Nero Production in association with Blue Star Movies, LuxVide GmbH, Quinta Communication, Carthago Film
The Emperor Caligola is overcome by madness. He kills his sister Agrippina's husband, exile the woman and leave the little Nero to his aunt Domizia, who delegates her nephew's education to the slaves in her service. Among them, the little Nero becomes a man and falls in love with Atte. Years go by, Caligola is killed and Claudio succeedes him. Claudio decides to put an end to Agrippina's undeserved  exile. Therefore, Nero can embrace his mother again.
But now Agrippina has olny one clear aim: his son will have to become an emperor. In order to achieve her goal, she makes different crimes and Nero, against his will, becomes the Emperor.
Nerone: Hans Matheson
Agrippina: Laura Morante
Atte: Rike Schmid
Seneca: Matthias Habich
Domizia: Angela Molina
Poppea: Elisa Tovati
Messalina: Sonia Aquino
Britannico: Francesco Venditti
Nerone a 8 anni: James Bentley
Ezio: Jochen Horst
Ottavia: Vittoria Puccini
Claudio: Massimo Dapporto
Caligola: John Simm
Directed by: Paul Marcus
Screenplay: Paul Billing, Francesco Contaldo
Story editor: Francesco Arlanch
Casting Italy: Chiara Meloni
Costumes designer: Paolo Scalabrino
Set Director: Nello Giorgetti
Production designer: Carmelo Agate
Dir. of Photography: Giovanni Galasso
Editor: Alessandro Lucidi
Music: Andrea Guerra
Executive producer: Salvatore Morello
Produced by: Luca Bernabei