One step from Heaven
Year: 2011
Format: 12x50'
Genre: Lighthearted crime
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction
One step from Heaven

Terence Hill is Pietro, the forest ranger, in our latest TV success ONE STEP FROM HEAVEN (12X50', 23% average share prime time, RAI UNO), a detective-comedy set in the wonderful mountains of Alto Adige.
Pietro hides a terrible secret from his past. An expert climber, he was the powerless witness of his wife's fatal fall while they were both climbing a difficult wall. 
His life has never been the same again and he decided to retire to the mountain village of San Candido, hoping to find both peace and his old self.
He has become the only local authority and everybody looks to him as their "police corps" often involved in strange cases. But one day Vincenzo, the "real" chief of police arrives at San Candido from Naples.
Vincenzo and Pietro are like day and night, one comes from a big city and does not like it here; the other dislikes the frantic rhythms of big cities, and loves it here. Eventually Vincenzo will become very fond of his new residence; Silvia, the village’s veterinarian, his new and unexpected love, might have helped a little.

This is a story that combines the epic characters of the Western genre and a fairytale world.  Detection and comedy, drama, love, friendship, secrets from the past and a confrontation between nature, animals and men are combined in rich appealing stories. 


EPISODE 1- The Spirit of the Wolf

Pietro finds the corpse of Lucia Pesotti, an ex-convict and Veterinary student who was “keeping tabs” on a wolf. The girl had just returned from her native country and at first her death is believed to have been caused by the animal’s aggression. The one to blame, however, is actually security guard Fausto Capelli, who had embroiled the victim in a dog fighting racket.
Meanwhile, Vincenzo arrives at the San Candido train station. Vincenzo is a city man and feels like a fish out of water in the middle of the mountains. And he cannot stand how Pietro always sticks his nose into the investigations….
Vincenzo is forced to share an apartment with Silvia, a vet in the Forestry Corps. The two immediately find themselves in a tug of war relationship.
In this episode, the audience (and Vincenzo) discovers that Pietro’s wife was killed while she and her husband were mountain climbing.  Pietro, commander of the Forestry Corps, has a dream that leads us to believe he was responsible for her death…
A boy named Giorgio reports to the San Candido police chief along with his mother Claudia at the end of the episode. The boy must sign-in with the police each day because of some trouble he got into in his native city. Giorgio is Pietro’s nephew and their relations are strained. In particular, Claudia (Pietro’s wife’s sister) is angry with him too, still believing that he is the one responsible for her sister Giulia’s death.

EPISODE 2- Ghost of the Mill

An old man, Bepi, is a bit tipsy and says he’s seen a child wandering about the woods...
Everyone remembers the legend of the Ghost of the Mill- is the child Bepi saw the same one from an unsolved mystery or the ghost from the legend?
Actually, they discover that the son of a family of builders, the Gotti family, has recently been kidnapped. And the kidnapper, who is only caught at the end of the episode, is none other than the child’s uncle, Piero Gotti, who is up to his neck in debt and organized the kidnapping to restore his economic situation and avoid having to admit his own failure to his brother and the rest of the family.
Meanwhile, Giorgio and Chiara become acquainted. The first few quarrels that break out between them immediately reveal how strong the girl’s character is. And how attracted they are to each other…
Pietro has decided to stay clear of Claudia, but when he brings an inebriated Giorgio home from the pub, he runs into her… It is almost impossible for Pietro to have any sort of relationship with either of them. Things get worse when Giorgio is at the police station and finds out his father has no intention of offering him any more legal assistance. He takes the news very badly and flees, smashing into the Forestry Corp’s jeep. 
Vincenzo has another mystery to resolve. He’s convinced he’s seen a mysterious  "woman in red" outside the window of his apartment. He’s even retrieved one of her shoes… The woman’s identity is only revealed to the audience in the end, and it’s Silvia, who seems to have a secret feminine side after all. 

EPISODE 3- The Saint

Pietro makes Giorgio an offer- if he agrees to work for him, no one will make a report of the accident. Even if at first Giorgio would prefer to settle the matter economically, he finally accepts Pietro’s offer. The work the boy does for his uncle brings the two of them  closer together.
Pietro finds his friend Taddeo murdered. He was a hermit naturalist who lived in the mountains over San Candido.  Meanwhile, Assunta and the other town neighbors venerate Taddeo’s body as if he were a saint; his body remained “miraculously” intact for many days. A family plot, economic interests and the threat of a possible environmental disaster are all uncovered behind the murder. The protagonists manage to save San Candido, even by standing up against Mayor Mosul, who would like to avoid making a useless public fuss.
Chiara invites Giorgio to go out with her. Actually, she uses him to bring her to her friends in town and, most of all, to her boyfriend Matteo. Giorgio leaves in a rage, after chancing a free-climb that he is ridiculed for.
Silvia and Vincenzo are increasingly more at odds in the apartment they share. She’s always bringing her “patients” home with her and Vincenzo decides to find another place to live. One night Vincenzo follows her and discovers that she is actually the mysterious woman. Once a week she leaves all inhibitions behind on the dance floor to the notes of Latin American music. They make a pact to keep her secret unknown.
Giorgio asks Pietro to teach him how to climb, but Pietro refuses… After Giulia’s death, he only climbs alone.

EPISODE 4- Proof of Fire

A fire caused by arson destroys a manufacturing plant, killing Battista Flores, the owner. What seems the work of a crazy man is actually the premeditated plan of a family member...
Pietro finds Giorgio trying to climb all by himself. He decides to help him “train”, under the condition that he tell his mother. Thus, Pietro’s strange training course begins, focused mainly on disciplining the boy’s patience. Giorgio, however, hasn’t told his mother a single thing about it…
Meanwhile, Chiara tries to play up to Giorgio, in an effort to gain his forgiveness for having left him alone a few nights earlier.
Vincenzo finds himself totally bored at home one night and decides to show up at the dance hall for Latin American night. In an effort to escape from Bruno, Silvia’s ex-boyfriend who keeps following her, Silvia asks Vincenzo to be her partner in the dance competition that will be held the following week. Vincenzo accepts. After the competition,  and after one too many drinks and cigarettes, the two of them lock in a passionate kiss...

EPISODE 5- Pipe Dreams

Mario Fenoglio, the well-known benefactor of San Candido, is poisoned and dies during a dinner given for his birthday. Chiara, the master chef of the roasted venison, finds herself arraigned. In the end, we discover that Mario wasn’t so “charitable” after all and someone had more than one reason to want him dead. Roccia tries to console his daughter, who has wound up as the focal point of the homicide investigations. Even Giorgio tries to raise her spirits by swiping Pietro’s sidecar and taking her for a ride. Everything seems to be going fine until Chiara, even though she’s blind, gets behind the wheel and the two of them are stopped at a checkpoint...
Meanwhile, Pietro “frees” Giorgio from his work commitment with him. The boy has a fight with his father, Enrico Gualtieri, who has arrived in San Candido to chew him out about the accident with the jeep. Giorgio feels all alone and accuses his father of being ashamed of him.
Vincenzo is embarrassed around Silvia. And he feels guilty for having betrayed Marcella. Meanwhile, he finds out his girlfriend has a surprise in store for him. She’s on her way to San Candido...

EPISODE 6- Treasure Hunt

Teresa Brummer,  a “youthful” one-hundred year woman reveals on live television the existence of a treasure hidden in San Candido. When she is attacked right after making the announcement, the two things seem to go hand in hand. In reality, someone is trying to keep an old secret, hidden for generations. The protagonists are the sprightly woman and a Jewish family that was hidden nearby during the second World War. The case stirs up a “crazy” treasure hunt around the mountains and woods of San Candido.
Even Giorgio participates with Chiara and Matteo. In the end, thanks to Pietro’s teachings, Giorgio gains favor with the girl.
Meanwhile, Marcella has arrived at her boyfriend’s and is creating havoc in San Candido. As incredible as it may be, Silvia and Marcella discover they have a lot in common and even become friends. Vincenzo is constantly put on the spot, living with “his” two women.
In the end, Vincenzo fesses up and tells Marcella he kissed Silvia. Marcella leaves San Candido in a rage...

EPISODE 7- Saved by the Waters

Pietro finds an infant abandoned in a baby carrier near his home on lake Braies.
The finding of the baby seems to be mysteriously linked with a shooting that took place at a rest stop. The case becomes even more complicated when a girl by the name of Nina shows up at the police station, demanding that she’s the child’s mother.
But who will take care of the child in the meantime? Silvia and Vincenzo become improvised parents, albeit a bit inept... The event calls for them to spend a lot of time together and Vincenzo discovers a frail side to Silvia.
Giorgio confides his feelings for Chiara in Pietro. His uncle suggests he take her to “the most beautiful place he’s ever seen". Giorgio brings Chiara on his back to a meadow, the “Pratoni della Madonnina”. The girl is moved. That is the last place she actually saw before she lost her sight. The two of them are surprised by a sudden storm and take refuge in a cabin…where they come ever so close to a kiss.
Pietro meets up with Giorgio. He wants to keep his promise and take him climbing. Meanwhile Claudia has realized that spending time with his uncle has had a good effect on her son and allows Pietro to take him climbing.
Vincenzo tries getting a hold of Marcella throughout the entire episode, but she never picks up the phone. In the end, Marcella surprisingly returns to Vincenzo and asks him to marry her! But Vincenzo is at a loss for words…

EPISODE 8- A Jump for Life

A town fair is taking place and among the other activities, an extreme sport company offers a spine-chilling experience- bungee jumping. Even a young boyfriend and girlfriend, Lorenzo and Simona, are ready to take the leap... but something goes awry and the girl loses her life. Thanks to the investigations our protagonists carry out, we discover that it wasn’t an accident at all, but the mad act of a man driven by his desire to hold on to the woman he loved...
Meanwhile, Marcella asks Silvia to help her with the wedding plans. Exactly, Vincenzo’s fiancée has decided that the wedding will take place in San Candido and not in Naples. Marcella’s plans are only a part of her strategy to mark the territory.
Meanwhile, Claudia is trying to find a way to repair her leaky roof. The estimates she’s received are all too high. She cannot afford them. And she has no intention of asking Pietro for help…
Giorgio and Matteo compete for Chiara’s attention in a series of duels. The last one is to climb a very dangerous rock face. Chiara is worried about Giorgio. He lacks Matteo’s experience… 

EPISODE 9- The Lake Monster

An important veterinarian, Gregorio Morin, who is also Silvia’s University professor, is found dead in his villa. The African housemaid, Monika Namboo, is immediately suspected. Yet the truth is found among envious colleagues and international exotic animal trafficking…
Meanwhile, the day of Giorgio and Matteo’s challenge arrives. Chiara knows that the two of them risk really hurting themselves and goes to inform the others. When Pietro arrives at the rock face, he finds both boys in trouble, dangling in the air. He decides to climb up to help them. Yet the boys’ fears and lack of experience only complicate matters. Not only are their lives in serious danger, but Pietro’s is too! Pietro is forced to make a decision. He makes the same decision his wife did many years before. He cuts the rope and falls through the air. Fortunately, however, things go better for the commander of the Forestry Corps; he escapes with only a broken arm. Yet now he remembers exactly what happened on that tragic day- it was his wife who sacrificed her own life for him.
Even Claudia realizes the truth and finally forgives her brother-in-law. It looks like a new day is dawning for the two of them…


EPISODE 10- The Queen Bee
Luigi Scarlino is found dead outside the bee company of his ex-wife, Marianna Moroni. The gun in his hand is none other than… Roccia’s! Incredible, but true, our good ranger is arrested. The evidence is overwhelming and Roccia himself confesses. But reality is quite different. Roccia is covering up for someone and the real offender is also responsible for the pestilence that has struck the bees at the bee company…
Marcella asks Silvia to help her with the wedding plans. Vincenzo cannot stand the three of them living together anymore…
The head of the band chosen to play at the wedding ends up being Silvia’s father, who had abandoned his family when Silvia was just a child. When she sees him her heart skips a beat. She wants nothing more to do with him.
Marcella tells Vincenzo that through one of her father’s acquaintances she was able to get him transferred back to Naples. The news, however, doesn’t seem to excite him in the least. And if that weren’t enough, he cancels the band for the wedding, telling Silvia’s father that he is no longer needed. When Marcella finds out, she realizes Vincenzo no longer loves her. The two of them talk and she breaks up with him. Vincenzo is finally free and hurries to the woman he believes to be his soul mate, Silvia. He declares his love for her, but she is unresponsive. There is nothing between them and there never will be. Besides, she’s gone back to Bruno…
Pietro and Claudia become close again. She even gives him a sweater that belonged to his wife. Meanwhile, Giorgio and Chiara have started going together...

EPISODE 11- The Flight

A very light plane flown by a young man, Luigi Ghisalberti, crashes into the mountain. It’s a miracle the boy is still alive, even if he’s brought to the hospital in a coma. The tragedy seems like an attempted suicide until the accident is linked to a drug trafficking rink that uses the airport as a point of exchange. People who seemed to be friends are actually enemies…
Giorgio and Chiara try to find the courage to tell Roccia about their new relationship.
Vincenzo decides to leave the apartment. Silvia feigns indifference and continues to go out with Bruno. Marcella leaves San Candido.
Vincenzo helps deliver a cow calf, replacing Huber who has gone to find him a new place to live. The birth of the calf brings Vincenzo and Silvia closer. One night at a pub, Vincenzo gets drunk and gets into a fight with Bruno. He discovers that Bruno and Silvia aren’t together at all and are only a couple on the dance floor. Vincenzo returns to the fray with the vet. They have another outburst. Vincenzo points the spotlight on Silvia’s weakness- this hatred she feels towards men is due to the awful relationship she has with her father.
Claudia and Pietro become even closer. She brings him her design of the cross that Pietro will carve and carry up to the top of Red Crest. They share an intimate moment. They even seem to be moving towards a kiss when Giorgio suddenly arrives and flees in a rage, feeling betrayed by both of them…

EPISODE 12 – The Collector

After seeing his mother and Pietro together, Giorgio disappears from San Candido. Paolo Forti, the owner of a well-known gold laboratory in San Candido is found unconscious in the shop. The only thing missing is the Giant Teardrop, a crystal from the Dolomites that the community of San Candido values dearly. It looks like a typical robbery and the evidence seems to point at Giorgio. Yet in reality, the culprit is none other than the man we thought was the victim…
Meanwhile, Claudia sorts things out with Pietro, who, instead, gets into an argument with Enrico, making him face up to his own faults. As a result, Giorgio’s father decides to finally be a father and take on his son’s defense case… and make peace with his wife. The family is united once again.
Meanwhile, Vincenzo has requested to be transferred and is staying with Huber until he leaves. Huber tries to make him change his mind by organizing a party at Mama Rumba, hoping that he and Silvia will make up. Circumstances would have it that the two are forced to dance with one another, but when they start arguing, they are brought even further apart. Thanks to Pietro’s help, however, Vincenzo and Silvia finally seem like they are ready to open up to one another. Set against the stunning backdrop of lake Braies, Silvia, on horse-back in an evening gown, declares her love for the police chief, who couldn’t have wished for anything more…
At the end of the episode, after some coaxing from Father Plinio, Pietro finally carries the new cross he carved to the top of Red Crest…

Cast: Terence Hill, Gaia Bermani Amaral, Enrico Ianniello, Katia Ricciarelli, Gabriele Rossi, Francesco Salvi.
Directed by: Enrico Oldoini
Editing: Lorenzo Fanfani 
Screenplay: Enrico Oldoini, Salvatore Basile, Mario Ruggeri, Andrea Valagussa, Francesca De Michelis
Original Music by: Pino Donaggio