One Step from Heaven 3
Year: 2014
Format: TV series 20x50'
Genre: Lighthearted crime
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: LuxVide and RAI Fiction
One Step from Heaven 3

Natasha, a young Ukrainian woman saved by Pietro from forced prostitution, now lives in the Alpine house with Assunta, Roccia and Chiara. The woman’s frightened gaze conceals a painful past that has suddenly resurfaced. Pietro feels responsible for Natasha’s life and will do anything to help her, even if it means risking his own…

Natasha desperately wants to find her son, who was taken from her two years earlier by her exploiters. Yet she finds herself tangled in something far bigger than herself, and will need not only the help of Pietro and the police (Vincenzo on the front line), but also Tommaso, the new arrival to the Forestry Corps. Tommaso is cold and disinterested, but thanks to Natasha, with whom he develops a sincere relationship, his heart is softened and he is able to overcome a painful past…

Even Chiara and Giorgio are dealing with the ups and downs of their relationship, recently marked by more “downs” than ever before.
It all began with a promise to wed… the two of them decided to join their lives forever.
Yet things aren’t as easy as they had thought. Giorgio wants to prove to everyone that he can take care of Chiara and doesn’t participate in the competition to get into the Forestry Corps. Chiara instead wants to acquire independence and finds a job as an assistant to the famous and intriguing chef Karl Reuter, who encourages her to believe in herself and in her own talent. Even Giorgio will try and figure out his direction in life, with the encouragement of the blissful and clever Manuela, the police commissioner’s younger sister and somewhat lazy law student that Giorgio becomes friends with.

And Vincenzo? Silvia, after having someone else’s baby, has moved on and left him alone once again. The police commissioner, however, doesn’t know that he is about to meet someone new- the beautiful and naïve Eva, a Spanish model who is forced to do social service work in San Candido. Eva draws Vincenzo out of his dark tunnel by forming a deep friendship with him, a friendship that could turn into something more… Yet the tables turn and Vincenzo’s personal life becomes complicated when Rico, Eva’s stylish boyfriend who is also from Naples, arrives in San Candido.


Episodes 1-2,  "Son of the Stars"

Natasha disappears from the alpine house to find her young son, Eugenij, who she thought was dead. Pietro and Vincenzo, while trying to find Natasha, happen upon the cadaver of a man. At first it appears Natasha has killed the man, but there is actually someone much more dangerous on their path, someone who wants the child back.
Eva, a super model sentenced to social service work for fiscal evasion, arrives in San Candido. The commissioner forces Vincenzo to treat her nicely, something he finds undoubtedly difficult...
Meanwhile, Giorgio and Chiara have decided to get married, but can’t manage to find the right moment to announce the happy news. They risk abandoning the decision when Giorgio finds out he didn’t get into the Forestry Corps. His position was given to Tommaso, a young man with a painful and secretive past that helps Pietro with Natasha...

Episode 3,  "The Best of Friends"

While playing with a rifle in the woods, two kids are convinced to have accidentally killed a man.
Meanwhile, Pietro is on trial (and thus suspended from the Coprs) for the murder in episode two of one of Natasha’s aggressors. He still manages to make his own contribution to the investigations.
Natasha has not given up looking for her little boy. She spends a few days in Bolzano, in the public gardens where she first saw him. Giorgio and Chiara continue with their wedding preparations. However, with the fact Giorgio didn’t get into the Forestry Corps, he absolutely needs to find a job and Chiara gets him an interview at the hotel she works at. Giorgio takes the only job available- the busboy- thus working close to Chiara and Reuter. He begins to notice the first signs of attraction between them.
Huber must secretly take some documents from Vincenzo’s house to send to Silvia. He has Eva help him.

Episode 4,  "The Best"

A young free climbing champion falls during a climb. At first it seems like an accident, but it is then discovered that the boy’s climbing harness has been sabotaged.  
Giorgio is fired when he defends a young cleaning woman who was caught stealing from the hotel. After so many disappointments, Giorgio finally receives some good news. Pietro’s suspension has been lifted and he has found a position for Giorgio in the Forestry Corps.
Pietro, with Tommaso’s help, finds out the name of the babysitter young Eugenij was seen with. Eva tries to lift Vincenzo’s spirits and invites him to go out with her and some of her friends to meet a girl, whose name is also Silvia…something too strange for him to accept.

Episode 5, “The Predator”

A tent and video camera are found in the woods of San Candido. The tape reveals the aggression of a girl that the police think is dead.
Eva is convinced she will be the next victim of the hypothetical aggressor and asks Vincenzo to be her body guard. While Giorgio is busy with his first day at the Forestry Corps, Reuter offers Chiara a two-day job in Rome. Chiara accepts. Meanwhile, Natasha seems ready to start living again and accepts an invitation to have a beer with some guys. When one of them aggressively makes a move on her, only Tommaso can save her.

Episode 6, “Rest for the Trees”

A man peacefully puts up commemorative signs in the woods. But someone is annoyed by him and the man is found dead the next day.
Chiara is in Rome and finally gets a breath of fresh air. She gets swept up in her own enthusiasm, which leads to kissing Reuter. Once back in San Candido, she decides to hide the event from Giorgio.
Natasha wants to thank Tommaso for his help and invites him to dinner, but Tommaso doesn’t show. Eva is totally excited… She has been called to do a commercial, her birthday is coming up and her boyfriend Rico is coming to visit. Yet in the end, the commercial doesn’t work out and Rico never comes.

Episode 7, “Manhunt”

A young woman jogging in the woods is found wounded and immediately taken to the hospital. Chiara is tormented by what happened in Rome and is really messing things up at work. She is about to tell Giorgio what happened when he surprises her with a ring and renews his promise to marry her.
A man stops Natasha, offering information about her son in exchange for something else. Once again, it is Tommaso who brings her to her senses and saves her... and apologizes as well. Eva wants a change in life and begins with a new job…she becomes a Pet Detective.

Episode 8, “Buried Alive”

A young speleologist falls in a cave during an expedition. A search party is organized, but bad weather and blocked passages make it impossible to find the woman. Tommaso gets hurt during the search and Natasha goes to his house to visit him. The two draw close and a moment of intimacy results in a passionate kiss.
Eva is working on her new dream- eco-agro tourism. Yet to get started, she needs a loan from the bank Silvia works at… Vincenzo’s new sweetheart.

Episode 9, “The Path of Truth”

A young woman is found dead in a ditch. Suicide is excluded due to a series of strange coincidences. One being the relationship between the woman and Natasha, which makes Pietro and Tommaso re-open the investigations to find Eugenij. The two of them decide to keep Natasha in the dark about it. Eva organizes a photographic shoot unbeknownst to Vincenzo. She kisses him and it winds up in all the papers. Not only does the police commissioner get angry, but Silvia is jealous. At the end of the episode, Eva leaves for America.

Episode 10, “A Man's Poison”

A man is found dead and there is no trace of the truck he was driving.
Eva has left and Vincenzo has his hands full with Silvia. He tries to break things off with her, but she doesn’t seem to get the hint. Pietro has left San Candido for a few days and while Natasha hopes his absence has something to do with finding her son, Tommaso is forced to deny it. He doesn’t want her to get her hopes up before they have the DNA results from the son of a couple in a small town, the Martinolis.

Episode 11 “The Mystery of the San Bernard”

The Forestry Corps are on the alert and all involved in finding and rescuing an autistic child that has disappeared.
Giorgio faces an emergency situation during the search. He must save a man who has fallen into a gorge. Once Giorgio returns to the ranger station, neither Roccia nor Tommaso believe his story. In fact, there is no trace whatsoever of the man he saved.
Natasha is worried about Pietro. No one can find him and she’s convinced something has happened to him. Tommaso tries to mask his emotions until a piece of fabric from Pietro’s ranger shirt is found stained with blood. Suspicions become concrete. Then, a carbonized cadaver is found on the shore of the lake…
Meanwhile, Vincenzo deals with Eva’s absence when suddenly his sister Manu pays an unexpected visit… the girl isn’t as naive and innocent as he remembered…

Episode 12 “The Bull”

Everyone fears the carbonized cadaver is Pietro’s. When the ranger’s knife is found near the same spot, more hope is lost. While Vincenzo calls for a DNA test on the remains of the body, everyone’s attention is called to a robbery on a bull breeding farm.  
Giorgio has decided to leave the Forestry Corps and the alpine house. He wants to make some drastic changes and is forced to come to terms with his relationship with Chiara too. The get into a fight and break up…this time forever.
Even things between Natasha and Tommaso become strained. The ranger is forced to tell her a bit about Pietro’s investigations in finding her son.
Meanwhile, Eva returns to San Candido. Vincenzo invites her to dinner, finally intent on telling her he loves her. But Eva does not return alone. She’s brought Rico with her…her husband.

Episode 13 “Beyond the Dark”

The entire town is alarmed when Chiara disappears after being dropped off on the street Reuter’s home is on after her shift at the restaurant. When Reuter is questioned, it’s obvious he cares more about the girl than even he had thought.
Vincenzo watches Rico act as Eva’s “perfect” husband. Meanwhile, Pietro is found. He is wounded, but alive. He has something important to do, apologize to Natasha for not having kept her updated on Eugenij’s case. She accepts his apology and is ready to forgive Tommaso as well until she goes to his house and spots a woman at his door…and Tommaso letting her in…

Episode 14 “Dirty Money”

The mysterious woman Tommaso let in his house is Eleonora, an ex-colleague and ex-girlfriend. Tommaso tries to hide this from everyone, especially Natasha. Yet when a man from the Camorra is found dead and Eleonora appears in a surveillance video at the man’s side, all eyes are upon Eleonora, Tommaso and their past…The town is getting ready for a tug-o-war challenge. Vincenzo gets involved in his own way. In fact, he has to keep the team’s mascot, a pony with a thick, blonde mane.

Episode 15 “Aliloke”

A call arrives at the ranger station reporting a disappearance in the Aliloke community, a self-managed community that Pietro knows quite well. Everyone in San Candido is excited about the traditional country festival with all the music, food, dancing and games. What better opportunity for Vincenzo to prove that he is more of a man than Rico… and for Giorgio, with Manu’s help, to make Chiara jealous…
Unfortunately however, Giorgio will see with his own eyes that something is blossoming between Chiara and Reuter…
Natasha and Tommaso, instead, finally share a sincere and romantic moment together.

Episode 16 “The Monguelfo Castle”

The owner of the Monguelfo Castle is found dead after falling off one of the castle’s towers, all part of an antique curse.
Natasha accidentally overhears a conversation between Vincenzo and Huber about the Martinolis and angrily confronts Tommaso about it. Meanwhile, Elisabetta, Eva’s mother, arrives in San Candido.

Episode 17 “A Call from Afar”

The parents of a girl who has disappeared report the incident to the police commissioner. The girl’s father is afraid one of the girl’s friends, who she had said was obsessed with her, is involved.
After overhearing Eva on the phone, Vincenzo thinks she is pregnant and wants to wait to tell Rico.  
Natasha, with brown hair and a disguise, holds an interview at the Martinoli home to become Davide/Eugenij’s babysitter. Chiara must come to terms with her insecurities. If Reuter chooses her to go to Berlin as his assistant, will she be up to the challenge?

Episode 18 “The Living Legend”

A man is found dead. It’s a famous ex-climber who, for years, wrote books and articles about himself and other climbers. The investigations put Giorgio in contact with the man he had previously rescued, allowing him to prove he wasn’t lying.
Vincenzo decides to “play dirty” and sabotage Eva and Rico’s relationship. Yet the result is not exactly what he expected. In fact, his actions have only persuaded them to get married again, this time for real, right there in San Candido.
Natasha takes advantage of the Martinoli’s absence for a few days to prepare her escape with Eugenij. Meanwhile, Pietro manages to identify the midwife involved in Natasha’s ordeal and goes to her house to convince her to testify. However, the ambush of one of the men involved in Eugenij’s kidnapping, the man with the two different colored eyes, puts the lives of Pietro, the midwife and the midwife’s daughter at risk.
Chiara and Reuter are in Berlin. Chiara is ready to give herself to him, but when Reuter finds out it’s her first time, he decides to wait, realizing that he is beginning to feel something very strong and real for her…

Episodes 19-20 “His Real Mother”

Almost everything is ready for Eva and Rico’s upcoming wedding. The only person who still can’t bear the idea is obviously Vincenzo. All hope for him seems to be lost until he comes across some information that proves Rico is actually a crook and the one responsible for the bankruptcy of Eva’s company and her social service sentence. Obviously the news breaks off the wedding, but Vincenzo must still prove that he truly loves Eva…Even Reuter has trouble admitting an inconvenient truth…he is in love with Chiara. Panic-stricken and unable to make an honest decision, he leaves Chiara and takes off for Berlin all alone. Giorgio will help the chef understand and accept his own feelings and tell Chiara how he feels.
Giorgio, instead, must deal with Manuela. After their kiss, she tries to find the courage to tell him she likes him. At the end of the episode, Manuela is about to leave for Naples where she has to take an exam and Giorgio goes to say goodbye…they leave each other with a soft kiss, maybe a promise that they will be together in the future. The mystery linked to Natasha’s son dominates the entire episode. the man with the two different colored eyes visits the Martinolis and tells them about the incident with Pietro and the midwife. He is convinced they are dead (and so does Natasha at first). Now Pietro is even more convinced he is on the right track and the midwife decides to testify. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction, even when the Martinoli’s agree to the DNA test on the child. But the test is sabotaged and the results are negative. Pietro knows the moment of truth has arrived and after a dangerous chase and dual with the man with the two different colored eyes, who meanwhile has kidnapped Natasha and the child, he manages to save them and delivers Eugenij to his real mother.
At the end of the episode, Pietro leaves his beloved mountains for Nepal.




Pietro: Terence Hill
Vincenzo Nappi: Enrico Ianniello
Roccia: Francesco Salvi
Giorgio Gualtieri: Gabriele Rossi
Huber Fabricetti: Gianmarco Pozzoli
Eva Fernandez: Rocio Munoz Morales
Chiara Scotton: Claudia Gaffuri
Karl Reuter: Giovanni Scifoni
Tommaso Belli: Tommaso Ramenghi
Assunta Scotton: Katia Ricciarelli
Natasha: Caterina Shula
Manuela Nappi: Giusy Buscemi 
Federico Ruffo (Rico): Fabio Fulco
Directed by: Monica Vullo, Jan Michelini
Dir. of Photography: Armando Buttafava Bonalloggi
Screenplay: Mario Ruggeri, Enrico Oldoini, Andrea Valagussa, Francesca de Michelis, Salvatore Basile
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra