One Step from Heaven 4
Year: 2017
Format: TV series 20x50'
Genre: Lighthearted crime
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: LuxVide and RAI Fiction
One Step from Heaven 4

In the small village of San Candido, the forestry police have a new commander- Francesco. Francesco takes the place of Pietro, who, as seen in the previous series, took advantage of his great deal of experience and left on a delicate humanitarian mission in Nepal.
The village welcomes Francesco warmly. He is an exemplary forestry officer, well-prepared and available, even though he is also a man of few words, reserved and maybe even a bit mysterious.
It is soon learned that Francesco is a former member of the Army Special Forces, men who work to guarantee the safety of all.  Yet Francesco was not able to protect the single life that meant the most to him. One year ago, while playing with his father’s gun, his very own son died.
The tragic event led to the breakup of his marriage to Livia and now Francesco has decided to embark on a new life.
But escaping his past proves difficult. While he investigates the disappearance of Eleonora Sartori and the assault on Anna Hofer, both attacked by a maniac obsessed with Krampus, a demon from the Alto Adige tradition, Francesco makes his way to a community of people living in the woods around the city.
Inside the community led by Albert Kroess, an enigmatic spiritual director, Francesco finds Livia, who says it is here that she has found the strength to overcome the death of her son.Meanwhile, Emma, a young ethologist and friend of Pietro, also arrives in San Candido. An illness has given her reason to make changes in her life and she has decided to move to the Alto Adige to study wolves up close.
Due to a series of coincidences, Emma and Francesco find themselves working together. Getting to know Emma makes Francesco understand that he has many reasons to live his life fully again, despite all that has happened.
Even Zoe Sartori, the adolescent and rebel teenage sister of the Eleonora, the missing girl, bursts into Francesco’s life. After some initial conflict, Zoe sees Francesco as a reference point and gets very close to Martino, the new young forestry officer at the department in San Candido.
Even Vincenzo and Eva have their own problems to resolve. Eva just isn’t able to give up her career.
Vincenzo didn’t object; he was so certain of the love they shared… They see each other when they can, or in San Candido or in Los Angeles. Things seem to be working out for now…
Things take a turn for the worse, however, when the famous rapper Fedez is photographed with Eva by paparazzi and even more so when the singer moves to San Candido to write his new album.
Vincenzo pays a visit to Huber and meets Huber’s sister, Cristina, a beautiful young woman trying to get to grips after having been left by her fiancé practically in front of the altar.
Meanwhile Tommaso, still bristling over the fact that Francesco is the new commander, having stolen the position that Tommaso believed he was entitled to, tries to get life back to normal for Natasha and Evgenij, who is now four years old.
Yet the unexpected arrival of young Evgenij’s father, that Natasha believed was dead, turns their lives upside down. Things really get complicated when Anna Hofer, the girl Tommaso saved together with Francesco, returns in perfect form and full of gratitude.


There are two new arrivals in the village of San Candido- Francesco Neri, the new commander of the forestry corps, and Emma, a young ethologist who has come to work on a wolf conservation project. Vincenzo and Eva are now an official couple. Eva tries with difficulty to carry out her bed and breakfast project, but the arrival of the rap star Fedez in San Candido, who has come specifically to see Eva, changes everything. The police and the forestry corps are alarmed by the disappearance of two young women, one of which is found in a field, tied up and wearing a Krampus mask.


While a young woman on vacation in San Candido is found close to death, Francesco tries to warn Livia about the dangerous spiritual director Albert Kross. Vincenzo meets Cristina, Huber’s sister, who has come to San Candido to finalize her wedding plans.


Francesco is taken hostage by three drug traffickers found high up in the mountains after a fortunate plane landing. Things get even more complicated when Emma gets involved. Meanwhile, Vincenzo is busy helping Cristina seek revenge on Hans, the man who practically left her at the altar, and must face his suspicion that Eva is cheating on him with Fedez. .


Francesco finds himself personally in the middle of an investigation, accused by the police for having attached a woman already close to death. Even Emma has some doubts to his innocence. Vincenzo, to save his relationship with Eva, is ready to cause her contract with Fedez to fall through and Cristina gives him a hand.


A peaceful doctor from San Candido is abducted. Francesco is sure the abductor is a professional from the way he moves with military expertise. Meanwhile, Vincenzo’s mother arrives in San Candido and is giving Eva a real run for her money. 


On the night of the Sacred Heart festival, a prominent sculptor from San Candido is found dead inside his burning home and his artistic works have been stolen. Francesco calls Livia, an expert in art history, into the investigation, which allows the two of them to share some moments of closeness. Fedez invites Vincenzo to the pre-filming party, but he can’t go with Eva because she’s pretending to be the rapper’s girlfriend to gain attention in the gossip magazines.


A naturalist photographer from San Candido is found close to death. It seems he may have been attacked by a tiger that could still be wandering around the woods.  Livia falls ill and refuses to go to the hospital. Francesco is very worried about her health. Eva must film a nude scene with Fedez, but can’t summon up the courage to tell Vincenzo.


A young base jumper crashes during a flight and there’s question to if it were really just  a simple, fatal accident. Emma and Francesco work closely once again to heal Zoe’s sick horse. Vincenzo and Eva have a huge fight when he finds out the model has to leave for Los Angeles and Huber does everything in his power to get them to make up.


When Eleonora’s body resurfaces in a lake, investigations begin to discover the identity of the murderer. Francesco tries to help Zoe deal with her pain and comforts her with the help of Emma, who is also quite disturbed by the whole situation. Vincenzo is left speechless when the son of his ex-girlfriend, Silvia, shows up in San Candido convinced Vincenzo is his father!


A friend of Huber’s daughter falls from the ruins of a castle while a young woman, in what seems like an accident, is hit by a hit-and-run driver and is found close to death.  Emma is in a coma and Francesco stays at her bedside. Vincenzo, now convinced his relationship with Eva is over, lets Huber involve him in a curling tournament. 


A yogurt and jam producer with serious family problems is killed by a rifle shot in the woods. Emma, still in recovery, makes a difficult decision regarding her future and says  nothing to Francesco about it. Meanwhile, Eva has left and Vincenzo is trying to close down the bed and breakfast, but finds himself in extreme difficulty with a very unique guest- a lama!


The police are alarmed when a hunter says he’s found a dead body, a mysterious young man that lives in symbiosis with the wolves. Could the hunter have something to do with the incident? Francesco and Emma find themselves living together in the stilt house as if they were a couple. Meanwhile, Cristina is convinced that both she and Vincenzo must get back in the game and meet new people, but their attempts at doing so have unexpected consequences.


A woman shows up at the police station to report her son missing. Emma is in for a surprise when Carlo, an important person in her past, shows up at the stilt house. Vincenzo and Cristina have to face the consequences of a wild and crazy night out and, to make things worse, Hans, Cristina’s ex, shows up as well.


Martino’s uncle is found unconscious in the woods, causing suspicion to fall on the family of the young forestry officer and his problematic relationship with his father. While Emma is in Rome for her new job, Livia shows up in tears at Francesco’s stilt house. Cristina is excited about the arrival of a famous blogger that could give a good review of the bed and breakfast to help it gain some notoriety and has Vincenzo help to make things go just right.


A researcher is found close to death in her herpetological laboratory. It seems she may have been bit by a snake that escaped from one of the cages. While Francesco and Livia begin gradually getting closer, Emma spends time with Albert, her teacher, discovering something about her past. Eva has come back to Vincenzo, but Cristina does everything she can to get in their way.


The Hofer family’s maid is found dead and investigations begin within the complex dynamics of Anna’s wealthy family. Francesco and Livia seem to be mending their relationship and Emma tries to keep her distance, but when Emma finds herself in danger, Francesco runs to her aid.  The annual “Korb Fest”, a picnic basket auction, is  open war between Eva and Cristina, who are both trying to grasp Vincenzo’s attention.


Roccia is seriously injured while walking out of a mall and both the police and forestry corps are in search of his attacker. Francesco and Emma try to avoid each other as much as possible. Emma helps her teacher deal with past mistakes. In a surge of anger and pride, Eva fires Cristina and decides to run the B&B all by herself, but Cristina does all she can to obstruct her plans.


Tommaso is found on top of a cadaver, the body of Stephen, Anna Hofer’s boyfriend.  All evidence is against him, but the police and forestry corps work together to discover the truth in an investigation that sheds new light on the murder of Eleonora, Zoe’s sister. The tension between Francesco and Emma is heightening, especially when Emma defends her teacher during the investigations, making Francesco jealous. Huber and his sister are organizing a surprise birthday party for Vincenzo. Cristina has every intention of excluding Eva, but things don’t go as planned.

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Francesco Neri: Daniele Liotti
Vincenzo Nappi: Enrico Ianniello
Huber Fabricetti: Gianmarco Pozzoli
Eva Fernandez: Rocio Munoz Morales
Emma Giorgi: Pilar Fogliati
Natasha Volkova: Caterina Shula
Tommaso Belli: Tommaso Ramenghi
Roccia: Francesco Salvi
Livia Neri: Daniela Virgilio
Albert Kroess: Matteo Martari
Cristina Fabricetti: Alice Torriani
Anna Hofer: Cristina Marino
Zoe Sartori: Francesca Piroi
Martino Bechis: Pierangelo Menci

Directed by: Jan Maria Michelini
Dir. of Photography: Armando Buttafava Bonalloggi
Screenplay: Mario Ruggeri, Enrico Oldoini, Andrea Valagussa, Francesca de Michelis, Salvatore Basile
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra