One Thousand and One Nights
Year: 2012
Format: Miniseries 2x100' and TV Movie 1x120'
Genre: Adventure and Fantasy
Language: English
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Beta Film, Telecinco Cinema
One Thousand and One Nights

“Light a candle, my Lady, and tell me how yesterday’s story ends.
And the woman continued to unravel the plot of her tales,
Interrupting the story at the end of each night and beginning where she left off on the next...
And so it goes, for one thousand and one nights…”

A Lady, her face covered by a veil, travels through the dunes of desert hoping for the chance to embrace the man she loves and who she believes she has lost forever. 
Her pursuit seems doomed to last a lifetime, just like her unhappiness...when finally she arrives at a castle where a prince lives, a prince who kills anyone who dares enter... but Shahrazad, the name of the Lady, recognizes her Aladdin in this prince and is ready to do anything to win him back. She convinces the prince to grant her one night to tell him a story, their story, a story that lasts one thousand and one nights…
This story tells of a young man and woman who couldn’t be more different. A spoiled and presumptuous princess and a courageous and generous shoemaker who fall in love at first sight only to be immediately separated. In order to fulfill their dream, they will engage in a series of endless adventures and embark down two long roads that teach them to be themselves. It is a timeless fairytale set in a corner of the world, full of fantasy and fascination. There is a sorceress (malicious) and a genie (good and wise), extraordinary castles, deserts full of thieves, enchanted mountains, sorcery and spells.... All made magical by special effects and a story full of dramatic turning points that leave the audience holding their breath until the very end. 


Shahrazad: Vanessa Hessler
Aladdin: Marco Bocci
Sorceress Namuna: Paz Vega
Genie: Massimo Lopez
Alyssa: Bettina Zimmermann
Jafar: Jalil Lespert

Directed by: Marco Pontecorvo
Editing: Alessio Doglione
Dir. of Photography: Enrico Lucidi
Screenplay: Lucia Zei
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra