Paul VI
Year: 2008
Format: Miniseries 2x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction
Paul VI
Paul VI  led the Catholic Church through one of the most difficult periods in its history: from the Fascist regime and World War II to the constitution of the Italian Republic, from the Second Vatican Council to the protests and the terrorist attacks of the 1960s and 1970s.
He was the Pope who  began to visit  the dioceses of the 5 continents, like no Pope had ever done before.
He was the Pope who opened a dialogue among religions: for the first time a Pope visited  Jerusalem, the Holy Land.
A journey into the past of both Italy and the world, in the midst of wars and continuous upheavals.
An exciting picture, covering fifty years of history that changed the Catholic Church and the world.
Paul VI is a story that draws emotions from history itself, wisely mixing stunning reconstructions and real film footage.
Paolo VI: Fabrizio Gifuni
Don Pasquale Macchi: Mauro Marino
Padre Giulio: Antonio Catania
Cardinale Tisserant: Mariano Rigillo
Roberto Poloni: Claudio Botosso
Matteo Poloni: Fabrizio Bucci
Don Leone: Luca Lionello
Cardinale Gasparri: Sergio Fiorentini
Cardinale Selvaggiani: Giovanni Visentin
Pio XI: Carlo Cartier
Eugenio Pacelli: Angelo Maggi
Cardinale Poletti: Luciano Virgilio
Karol Wojtyla: Maciej Robakiewicz
Angelo Roncalli: Luis Molteni
Alcide De Gasperi: Salvo Traina
Cardinale Casaroli: Enzo Saturni
Cardinale Villot: Pietro Biondi
Aldo Moro (young): Marco Zingaro
Aldo Moro : Gaetano Aronica
Roberto Poloni (young): Massimo Triggiani
Cardinale Suenens: Franco Castellano
Maria Colpani: Licia Maglietta
Madre Teresa: Mariolina De Fano
Eleonora Moro: Cloris Brosca
Amintore Fanfani: Valerio Colangelo
Directed by: Fabrizio Costa
Screenplay: Francesco Arlanch, Maura Nuccetelli e Gianmario Pagano
Director of Photography: Giovanni Galasso
Set designing: Antonello Geleng
Costume designer: Enrica Biscossi
Editor: Alessandro Corradi
Casting director: Teresa Razzauti
Music by: Marco Frisina