Year: 2005
Format: Miniseries 2x90'
Genre: Drama
Language: English, Italian, German
Co-production: Rai Fiction, Lux Vide, Rai Trade, San Paolo Film
St Peter tells about one of the key events of the ancient times: the spreading of the Christianity in Rome and around the Empire.
The movie shows how the Roman and the Jews did react to this event, from both a political and a religious point of view; besides, it tells about the enormous difficulties that the Christianity had to face before spreading itself.

It tells about the man who managed to join what was divided, and the story of a friendship between two men able to love and understand each other.
This is the story of the community which a new religion came and spread around from.
The story of a city and its inhabitants in a key moment of human history.
Pietro: Omar Sharif
Paolo: Daniele Pecci
Davide: Flavio Insinna
Maria: Lina Sastri
Anna: Claudia Koll
Fulvia: Sydne Rome
Gamaliele: Philippe Leroy
Gesù: Johannes Brandrup
Claudio: Ettore Bassi
Giovanni: Fabrizio Bucci
Andrea: Manrico Gammarota
Silvia: Bianca Guaccero
Marco: Marco Leonardi
Stefano: Marco Vivio
Maddalena: Milena Miconi
Filippo: Lakshanta Abenayake
Lino: Fabio Camilli
Anania: Michele Melega
Flaminia: Rita Del Piano
Aleazaro: Cosimo Cinieri
Pilato: Vanni Corbellini
Persio: Ennio Coltorti
Mattia: Luca Lionello
Directed by: Giulio Base
Editing:  Alessandro Lucidi
Dir. of Photography: Giovanni Galasso