Pope John XXIII
Year: 2002
Format: Miniseries 2x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Rai Trade, Eos Entertainment
Cardinal Roncalli, the Patriarch of Venice, arrives in Rome following the death of Pope Pius XII with absolutely no intention of becoming pope. He has dedicated his life to others in full accord with the evangelistic message, but has no personal ambition.

However, the Conclave called to appoint the new Pope is more complex than expected. None of the cardinals whose names have been put forward manage to win the two thirds of the votes needed to be elected pope. Roncalli's name comes into the arena...

Shortly after Pope John XXIII steers the Second Vatican Council towards a renewed approach towards Christianity, encouraging the Church to 'interfere' in the Cold War conflict between the USSR and the USA and addressing his encyclical letter 'Pacem in terris' not only to Catholics but to 'all men of good will'. Above all, he becomes the people's pope: a pope who speaks about the moon, who hugs children and who visits prisons and hospitals. After just 4 years as Pope, he dies  on 3 June 1963.
Pope Johannes XXIII: Edward Asner
Angelo Roncalli: Massimo Ghini
Ottaviani: Claude Rich
Tardini: Michael Mendl
Mons. Radini: Tedeschi Franco Interlenghi
Rada Krusciova: Sydne Rome
Monsignor Dell'Acqua: Roberto Accornero
Cardinale Feltin: Jacques Sernas
Capovilla: Paolo Gasparini
Gusso: Ivan Bacchi
Maria Bianca: Guaccero
Von Papen: Heinz Trixner
Don Rebuzzini: Sergio Fiorentini
Zio zaverio: Emilio De Marchi
Padre Kurteff: Guido Roncalli
Siri: Vincenzo Bellanich
Monsignor Samoré: Alvaro Piccardi
Papa Rati: Osvaldo Ruggeri
Angelo's mother: Tosca D'Aquino
Rosa: Anna Valle
Directed by: Giorgio Capitani
Produced by: Luca Bernabei
Executive producer: Anselmo Parrinello
Rai producer: Francesco Nardella
Eos producer: Ferdinand Dohna
Subject: Francesco Scardamaglia
With the collaboration: Massimo Cerofolini
Screenplay: Francesco Scardamaglia, Massimo Cerofolini
Story editors: Gianfranco Cordara, Emmanuel Bonfiglioli
Dir. of Photography: Luigi Kuveiller
Produtcion designer: Francesco Vanorio
Editor: Antonio Siciliano
Music: Marco Frisina
Costumes designer: Enrica Biscossi
Casting: Simona Tartaglia, Vanessa Giorgis, Jeremy Zimmermann, Cornelia Von Braun