Saint Barbara
Year: 2012
Format: TV movie 1x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction
Saint Barbara

303 A.D., Barbara is the beautiful, twenty-year-old daughter of Dioscoro, the Roman governor.
It is a time of Christian persecution. Barbara is a pagan, but when Giuliana, a slave raised alongside her as a sister, is condemned to death, she rebels. First, she tries to save Giuliana and then other Christians being persecuted as well.
She converts to their religion, a decision which will eventually cost her her life.
SAINT BARBARA is also the story of her profound love for Claudio, the Roman soldier whose life she saves, and for all afflicted humanity.
Before her death, Barbara discovers to have journeyed down the same path as her mother, who was taken from her when she was just a child for having made the same choice, to become a Christian.
Barbara falls victim of many acts of cruelty in the last period of her life. The serenity with which she overcomes such barbarity can only be attributed to her Faith, which gives her the strength necessary to face the most difficult trials and to forgive her persecutors.
Set in the Empire Studios, reproducing ancient Rome, SAINT BARBARA recreates amazing atmosphere and unbelievable realistic feelings of the time, mingling historical and fictional characters.


Barbara: Vanessa Hessler
Marciano: Thomas Trabacchi
Dioscoro: Massimo Wertmuller
Claudio: Simone Montedoro
Giuliana: Laura Glavan

Directed by: Carmine Elia
Editing: Lorenzo Fanfani
Dir. of Photography: Federico Schlatter
Screenplay: Mario Ruggeri, Maura Nuccetelli
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra