Saint Rita
Year: 2004
Format: Miniseries 2x100' and TV movie 1x114'
Genre: Drama
Language: English, Italian, German
Co-production: RTI, Lux Vide, S&R Production in association with Blue Star Movies and Lux Vide GmbH
Cascia, 14th century, Rita Liotti falls in love, gets married and has two children. Her dream of love is soon hindered by a masculine and violent society, that Rita faces with peace and forgiveness. When she loses her husband and her children, she understands she has a mission: pursuing her path of peace, that will lead her to take the vows, and then to become Saint.
Rita is a Saint of these days, who lived in a very violent age and was so brave to break free from the vengeance chain, through a deep, sincere and christian forgiveness. She is a particular Saint, talking to everybody's hearts, as she was everything. She was a daugher, a wife, a mother and a noun, she experienced every sort of life, and in all her different lives she was a living model of christian life.
Rita Lotti: Vittoria Belvedere
Paolo Mancini: Martin Crewes
Guido Cicchi: Adriano Pappalardo
Ferdinando Mancini: Dietrich Hollinderbaum
Bernardo Mancini: Sandro Giordano
Amata Lotti: Sydne Rome
Caterina Mancini: Giorgia Bongianni
Francesco Mancini: Mirco Petrini
Ludovico Cicchi: Sebastiano Colla
Suor Matilde: Belinda Sinclair
Duccio: Massimiliano Pazzaglia
Antonio Lotti: Giacomo Piperno
Agnese: Maria Cecilia Cinardi
Badessa: Lina Sastri
Directed by: Giorgio Capitani
Screenplay: Maura Nuccetelli, Elisabetta Lodoli
in collaboration with: Salvatore Basile, Saverio D'Ercole
Subject: Maura Nuccetelli
Story editors: Saverio D'Ercole, Gladis Di Pietro, Andrea Valagussa
Dir. of Photography: Fabrizio Lucci
Editor: Antonio Siciliano
Music: Marco Frisina
Productor Designer: Francesco Bronzi
Costumes Designer: Enrica Biscossi
Casting Italy: Simona Tartaglia
Executive producer: Anselmo Parrinello
Produced by: Luca Bernabei