Sister Angela's Girls
Year: 2011
Format: 16x50'
Genre: Detective-comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction
Sister Angela's Girls

Sister Angela is an extraordinary nun who adds a detective’s skill and keen sense to her religious calling. She’s left a turbulent past behind her, even serving a prison sentence where she found faith and received her call.
Marco Ferrari was the youngest, most brilliant detective in Italy. That is, until a professional mistake cost him his budding career.
This strange couple finds themselves side by side conducting criminal investigations in Modena, a beautiful city in the provinces where history, stories and secrets abound.
To assist them are three charming girls that live in the boarding house at Sister Angela’s convent:
Giulia- a computer genius who has a nine-year old daughter, Cecilia. Exactly nine years ago Giulia had a brief, but intense, relationship with Marco Ferrari…
Margherita- a student of anatomical pathology who shows a marked predisposition for the examination of cadavers.
Azzurra- an irresistible fashion victim who is able to gather precious information due to her charm.
Convent Mysteries is a detective comedy with a streak of mystery that also conveys emotion, love and joy.

Summary of Episodes

Episode 1 - Ghosts
     Sister Angela is unlike other nuns. She was once a troublesome girl living an excessive lifestyle and surrounded by bad company. Then, a robbery gone bad led to the accidental killing of a man… This girl ended up in prison, where she found the Lord. She converted and felt her vocation. Now Sister Angela lives in a convent where she takes care of the girls living in the boarding house there. The first guest we encounter is Margherita, a naive and affectionate girl still trying to become independent from her parents…
     The series begins with the renovation work going on inside the Divine Corner, a coffee shop that sister Angela is opening up to finance the boarding house. Mother Superior Costanza, however, is contrary to the idea. Among the workers doing the renovations is a young woman. Her name is Giulia. Giulia is busy trying to knock down one of the walls. Inside the wall she finds the cadaver of a boy who had disappeared six years earlier. Giulia has a nine year old daughter named Cecilia. Both of them are temporarily living inside a van. The little girl has never known her father.
     Marco Ferrari, a skilled detective, is one of the policemen sent to solve the case. Marco has his own story. He grew up fatherless and was even abandoned by his mother.  He was raised being tossed from one orphanage to another. The abandonment he suffered as a child has made him incapable of opening up to others. He has no friends and leaves all his girlfriends after two weeks with a post-it note. Marco was on his way to a brilliant career in law enforcement, but his extreme initiative led to a serious mistake. Unbeknownst to him, he got himself mixed up in an anti-drug operation, making it fail. He lost his long-awaited promotion and was oppressed by his direct supervisors- Musumeci and Oscar Mario- who now habitually assign him the most humble tasks. The only colleague he can trust is Nuzzi.
     Marco bumps into Giulia as soon as he arrives at the convent. They recognize one another. Nine years earlier, during their college days, they had dated for two weeks. Giulia immediately brushes him off. She obviously still carries an open wound…
     Things are made worse between them when Marco reports Giulia to social services for having left her sleeping daughter in the van. Their relationship has been compromised from the get go. When the social worker arrives to check on the child’s living conditions, sister Angela is quick to come to the rescue, saying Giulia and her daughter live at the boarding house. Giulia and young Cecilia play along with her to save themselves…
     At the end of the episode, Sister Angela goes to visit a woman on her deathbed, asking for her forgiveness.  The woman is the wife of the man who was killed during the robbery Sister Angela was involved in many years earlier. What’s more, this woman is Marco Ferrari’s mother. She called on Sister Angela to ask her to keep watch over her son…

The body of a drug addict, the son of a well-known entrepreneur who had disappeared soon after he was released from prison, is found inside the wall at the Divine Corner coffee house. At first it seems like a drug case between ex-convicts that even one of the young novices at the convent is involved in. Yet in the end, the motive for the murder is tied to the victim’s wealthy family members.

Episode 2 – Innocent Lies
     Sister Angela sets out to take care of Marco and fulfill the commitment she made to his mother.  She tries to find out more about him, beginning by literally tailing him. She discovers that he is a very lonely man incapable of interacting with others, but also very tenderhearted.
     Marco shows up at the inauguration of the Divine Corner coffee house soaking wet. The water pipes in his apartment broke and flooded the whole place. He has nowhere to stay so Sister Angela invites him to stay at the convent, but Marco refuses.
     Meanwhile, a young woman, Azzurra, arrives at the police station. She is the daughter of a prominent lawyer and has been brought in for the attempted robbery of a jewellery shop. Soon after the girl’s father brings her to the boarding house. He wants her to stay there until she graduates and has gotten her life together. The girl wants nothing to do with the place and immediately finds herself at odds with the other girls there.
     Musumeci, Marco’s supervisor, offers to put in a good word for Cecilia with social services. Giulia is immediately fond of him.  Meanwhile, strange things start happening at the convent and it is eventually discovered that Cecilia is secretly living there. At first Sister Costanza becomes angry, but finally accepts the situation.
     Marco decides to accept Sister Angela’s offer to stay at the convent until he finds a better place to stay. Giulia is against this plan. Backed into a corner, Giulia finally tells the nun the truth. Marco is Cecilia’s father. The little girl was born from their short-lived relationship. Marco doesn’t know the truth and must never find out.

In this episode, a man who was soon to be married is found dead, having fallen from the balcony of a hotel. The testimonies and evidence collected at the scene of the crime (traces of cocaine and the presence of a prostitute) make it look like a bachelor party ended in tragedy. The truth is, someone has a huge debt to pay…


Episode 3 – Nightmares
     Marco has gone to live at the boarding house, but discovers it’s not easy living with the other girls, particularly with Cecilia. The two are at odds from the very beginning, especially after Marco reported her to social services. 
     Azzurra tries breaking all the rules at the boarding, house hoping they’ll kick her out. Sister Angela, however, makes things very clear- she can do whatever she pleases, but she’s not letting her go that easily…
     A surprise visit is expected by the social worker who, in fact, shows up a couple of times, always when Giulia and Cecilia find themselves in great difficulty. The social worker’s verdict seems certain. Cecilia, however, takes the situation into her own hands. She speaks to the man face to face and convinces him that Giulia is a good mother. In the end, they receive a letter from social services that puts their fears to rest. The child is allowed to remain with her mother.
     At the same time the letter arrives, however, Giulia has already put into action a nasty trick she schemed to take revenge on Marco. At the Divine Corner coffee house, the video of the police operation that Marco interfered with, making it blow up in smoke, is projected on a screen for everyone to see. The whole predicament is still a sore spot for Marco, as it cost him a well-deserved promotion…

An infant and her babysitter are almost killed in a fire. The only person unscathed by the fire is the infant’s adopted, older sister. The girls’ mother is suspected to be suffering from depression and incapable of sustaining her maternal responsibilities. The bewildering truth, however, lies in the past of the little girl that has come from so faraway…

Episode 4 – Admission Exam
     Giulia is at loggerheads with Marco after the video trick she played on him. Marco, instead, seems to have a soft spot for Azzurra. Sister Angela is worried about how close the two are becoming and does everything in her power to keep a distance between them. At the same time, Sister Angela wants Marco and Cecilia to at least make peace with one another. The nun secretly changes Giulia’s shifts at the Divine Corner (the girl now works at the coffee house), forcing Marco to take Cecilia to school. Marco discovers that Cecilia is trying to get into the conservatory and will soon have to take an admission exam. He decides to accompany her on the day of the audition- a day that brings the two closer than ever, even though Marco suddenly becomes brusque, causing the girl to become cold once again. Marco is actually becoming fond of Cecilia and, in the end, decides to sell a painting that is very important to him- a keepsake from the first case he solved – to secretly buy a piano for Cecilia. 

One night a boy is found unconscious inside a school, intoxicated by the Creolin someone poured all over the classroom. The victim himself is suspected of having carried out this act of vandalism and that he had come to draw graffiti. In reality, a rampant group of bullies is on the loose and even the dean’s daughter is involved…

Episode 5 – Deceiving Appearances
     While tension heightens between Giulia and Marco, Marco and Azzurra seem to be increasingly more fond of one another. Azzurra is invited to an exclusive, annual charity ball. In order to solve the case he’s working on, Marco must accompany the girl to the ball. When Azzurra hurts her leg, however, she no longer wants to go. Marco’s only alternative is to have Giulia go with him. Thus, Marco and Giulia go to the ball together and the evening represents an opportunity for the past to emerge. In fact, nine years ago, the two of them had gone to the same ball together while they were dating. As they dance, it seems like things could work out between them after all…

A rich benefactress is found dead. It seems that the victim had a young lover who took her for a ride. In reality, behind the facade of luxury, lies the trafficking of forged documents…

Episode 6 – Action and Reaction
     Azzurra decides to win over Marco, but Marco is caught up in the investigation and pays no attention to her. Yet once the case is solved, when Azzurra seems to have lost all hope, Marco invites her out to dinner…
     Cecilia wants a father and expresses this desire more than once. Giulia contemplates the situation and finally decides to tell Marco the truth. That same night, however, the detective has gone out with Azzurra. And when they return to the Divine Corner, Giulia catches sight of them kissing. She leaves, irate, and makes up her mind once and for all not to tell him the truth…

A child disappears from the neonatology ward at the hospital. The mother is desperate and accuses her husband, who is in jail, of being responsible for the kidnapping. In reality, she’s the one with something to hide…

Episode 7 – Lives That Run Parallel
     Giulia receives a letter from the university. If she doesn’t take another exam soon, she’ll lose the credits she’s earned from her previous exams. She takes everyone’s advice and starts hitting the books. Giulia spends her nights studying, allowing her some extra time with Marco, and they reminisce about the past. It finally seems as if a friendship is blossoming.
     Margherita’s parents have called to say they’re coming to Modena. Margherita starts to panic because she lied to them, claiming to have enrolled in pediatrics at the university when instead she is studying anatomic pathology. Sister Angela suggests she tell them the truth, but Margherita just can’t. With Azzura’s help, she tries to find an excuse for them not to come, but, thanks to sister Costanza, their plan fails and her parents confirm their upcoming visit.
     Marco and Azzurra become an official couple. Sister Angela is opposed to their relationship and does everything she can to separate them. She speaks to each one personally, saying they shouldn’t take their relationship so lightly because they are both living under the same roof. They both become afraid and, at the end of the episode, they go out for dinner with the intention of breaking up. Yet all doubts are cleared up right away. Neither one has any intention of committing themselves to a serious relationship, so they decide to just keep on dating, “taking each day as it comes…”
     Musumecci and Giulia find themselves in the same restaurant that very same evening. After a moment of hesitation, Giulia accepted the policeman’s invitation to dinner, especially after witnessing Marco and Azzurra’s public display of affection. The evening seems like a contest to see which couple is the happiest. After dinner, Giulia and Musumeci kiss. Marco sees them, bothered by the sight.

The cadaver of a top student is found in one of the university classrooms. The prime suspect is her professor, who she was having a secret relationship with…

Episode 8 – Women and Engines
     After her night out with Musumeci, Giulia regrets having kissed him and avoids him by not answering his calls. Musumeci understands her fear and suggests they take things slowly, remaining friends. Yet Cecilia begins to think Musumeci could make a good father. 
     Margherita’s parents arrive in Modena. The girl does everything she can to hide the fact she hasn’t really enrolled in pediatrics. In the end, with sister Angela’s prompting, just when her parents are about to leave, Margherita decides to tell them the whole truth.
     Marco and Azzurra continue dating even though Marco begins to realize they really don’t really have much in common. Yet in the end, Marco sees Musumeci and Giulia kiss and, thanks to Cecilia’s prompting, he decides to give her a chance…

An engineer for Maserati falls from his apartment window. His wife is pregnant, he has a good job and is loved by his friends. Suicide seems out of the question. In fact, a mysterious girl emerges from his past…

Episode 9 – From Behind the Mask
     A show is being organized at the Divine Corner coffee house for the Carnival party. Everyone is helping out with the preparations. Giulia and Marco find themselves working side by side on the set. Even though Giulia continues to date Musumeci and Marco Azzurra, it’s obvious something is blossoming between them.
     One day at the coffee house, Margherita chokes on an olive pit and almost suffocates to death. Fortunately Carlo, a young doctor, intervenes and saves her life. Margherita immediately falls in love with him…
     Azzurra meets Camillo, a boy who has just arrived at the boarding house. Camillo falls in love with her.
     Cecilia must play the piano for the final act in the show, but is afraid of playing in front of so many people. Giulia and Marco encourage her and, also due to the fact her mother sings along with her, Cecilia finds the courage to play. Azzurra sits in the audience and notices the sense of intimacy between the Giulia and Marco. She understands that something is developing between the two of them…

A girl leaves the boarding house to become a starlet. The man who promised her fame and wealth is seriously injured and the girl becomes a suspect. In reality, there’s someone else who had been planning revenge for years…

Episode 10 – Missing Child Found
     Azzurra decides to leave Marco with a post-it when she understands they could never have the special relationship that is developing between him and Giulia.
     Azzurra finds out that Camillo is being bullied by a classmate. She decides to help him and takes him to buy new clothes. She even gives him advice on how to overcome his problems and become more self-confident. Unfortunately, her advice is not enough. Azzurra decides to take things into her own hands and do Camillo justice.
     Giulia and Musumeci continue dating, but don’t seem to thoroughly enjoy their time together. Besides, Giulia seems to be getting more and more fond of Marco.
     Margherita searches for Carlo, the doctor who saved her life. Nuzzi even helps her. The two of them meet up again at the Divine Corner and love blooms between them.
At the end of the episode, Giulia saves Marco from sure death by fire. This ultimately brings them closer than ever and the episode ends on their kiss.

A little girl missing for eight years suddenly re-appears out of thin air. Her parents couldn’t be happier to finally embrace the daughter that by now was thought dead. It’s not long, however, before doubts arise on whether the girl is really the same girl who disappeared so many years before...

Episode 11 – Zest for Life
     Marco regrets having kissed Giulia. He doesn’t feel capable of being in a stable relationship and the next day decides to set matters straight right away- there is nothing between them.
     Azzurra is getting ready for an exam at the University. Sister Angela helps her, but it doesn’t go as well as she had hoped. Azzurra has dinner with her father, who believes the girl is progressing in her studies. Azzurra lets him believe what he wants, even though he soon discovers the truth and is very hard on her.
     Margherita and Carlo have started dating, but Carlo says he needs to go to Boston on business. Margherita loses heart.
     Cecilia’s school is organizing a sack race for parents and students. Cecilia asks Marco to go with her and even though Sister Angela tries to persuade him, he says no. In the end Musumeci volunteers to go and Cecilia gladly agrees.
     Marco solves his case and has second thoughts about not accompanying Cecilia to the sack race. He hurries to the race just in time to see Cecilia and Musumeci celebrating their triumph. It’s a terrible blow for Marco. After the race Giulia confesses and tells Musumeci she kissed Marco. He leaves in a rage.

A renowned restaurant is destroyed by fire and a woman is found dead inside. Professional envy among the cooks seems to lie behind the tragedy, but in reality, the owner of the restaurant, the famous chef, covets a secret beyond suspicion...

Episode 12 – Escape for Truth
     Musumeci is angry with Giulia, who does everything possible to beg his forgiveness.
Margherita, instead, decides to go to America to see Carlo. Azzurra, however, decides to do as her father says and leave to study at a Swiss boarding school. In the end, neither of them leaves. Azzurra rebels against her father and decides to stay at the boarding house while Margherita decides she hasn’t known Carlo long enough and a long-distance relationship is fine for the moment.
     Musumeci torments Marco throughout the entire episode to make him pay for having betrayed him. Marco tries going out with other girls, but realizes there’s something missing. In the end, Musumeci decides to forgive Giulia and the two of them kiss right in front of Marco.

A fugitive kidnaps Sister Angela in order to escape, stating he was unjustly sent to prison. But no one believes he’s innocent, not even his ex-girlfriend, who is pregnant with his child. But the truth is, the case that incriminated him, was truly closed too quickly…

Episode 13 – The Theater Ghost
     Giulia receives a letter from the juvenile court informing her that Cecilia’s case has been permanently closed. From the document, Giulia discovers that sister Angela’s birthday is in two days. She and the other girls decide to organize a surprise party for her. Everyone starts making preparations, trying to hide everything from the birthday girl. Sister Angela realizes that the girls are hiding something and, misunderstanding a series of events, starts to think that Giulia is planning to marry Musumeci. At first the party is even kept secret from Marco, who is increasingly more annoyed by Musumeci’s constant presence at the Divine Corner coffee house. And Cecilia still seems to hold something against him.
     Azzurra has left University and is looking for a job. Sister Angela tries to help her. All attempts fail as Azzurra seems incapable of handling any type of professional commitment. Sister Angela suggests she become a reader for Ettore Salvemini, an elderly writer whose vision is worsening.
     All misunderstandings are finally put to rest. The surprise party makes Sister Angela understand that the girls weren’t organizing Giulia’s wedding behind her back, even if, when the party is over, Musumeci does ask Giulia to marry him and she agrees.

The administrator of the Pavarotti Theater is found unconscious inside the theater. Staff members say there is a ghost wandering around. In reality, someone is secretly living there...

Episode 14 –Truth and Quandaries
     Giulia prepares to marry Musumeci, even though she hasn’t squared things away with Cecilia, who doesn’t seem to have taken the news so well. In the end, Cecilia accepts her mother’s decision, just as long as she is happy. Meanwhile, Cecilia becomes closer to Marco, confiding her disappointed about Giulia’s decision in him.
     Margherita decides to leave Carlo when she realizes she can’t handle a long-distance relationship. Azzurra is working for Ettore, even if at first they are at odds. Azzurra wants to quit, but when she discovers her father blocks her credit card, she is forced to go back to work.
     At the beginning of the episode, Marco falls off a ladder and is confined to a wheelchair- just when, after waiting so long, he is finally given a new case. Sister Angela takes advantage of the opportunity to be near him and take care of him, accompanying him wherever he needs to go. In the end, he admits how grateful he is to her for all the attention she’s given him. After finding out that Giulia and Marco kissed and that Marco has pushed Giulia away for the second time, the nun decides to tell Marco the truth- that she was involved in the robbery that his father was killed in so many years ago...

A military academy cadet falls off an elevated railroad. It’s unclear whether the young man attempted suicide or, for matters of the heart, if someone had it in for him. In reality, the young man has a secret...

Episode 15 – Race Against Time
     After finding out the truth about his past, Marco decides not to speak to sister Angela ever again and to leave the boarding house. The girls try to make him change his mind, but Marco is firm in his decision.
     Giulia’s mother, an unreliable woman who left home when Giulia was just a girl, arrives at the boarding house and immediately hits it off with Cecilia. Giulia treats her mother with indifference, afraid she will hurt Cecilia like she hurt her. And that’s just what happens. After initially drawing closer to her daughter, the woman leaves both Giulia and Cecilia right before the wedding....
     Azzurra becomes fond of Ettore. She discovers that the man is dying and tries to persuade him to seek medical attention. But Ettore says there is nothing anyone can do for him. Azzurra thus decides to organize a last moment of happiness for him.
     In the end, Marco decides to forgive Sister Angela and to stay at the boarding house. He reads the letter from his mother that sister Angela gives him and finally realizes that Giulia is the right woman for him. He asks her to marry him, but Giulia says no. 

An elderly actress who sponsors a charity night has her life threatened. In reality, it seems that the woman only needed attention, like in the good old days. She’s not the one in danger, but someone else is...


Episode 16 – Classmates
     Marco decides to ask for a job transfer, from Modena to another city. After Giulia refuses to marry him, he has no reason to stay. Giulia begins to get nervous during the wedding preparations and begins to wonder whether or not she’s making the right choice.
     Sister Angela must come to terms with her past. Vittorio, the first man she ever loved and who she had planned her future with when she was a girl, shows up at a party with her ex-classmates.
     Just when Sister Angela and the other girls are accompanying Giulia to her wedding, she finds out that Marco was the one to buy Cecilia her piano, selling the painting that was so important to him. They decide to rush to the train station to stop Marco before he leaves. Finally the two declare their love for one another and Marco finds out that Cecilia is actually his daughter…

A class reunion ends in tragedy. A woman is killed. Jealousy and never forgotten love stories, even after all those years, appears to be the motive...

Suor Angela: Elena Sofia Ricci
Marco Ferrari: Massimo Poggio
Giulia Sabatini: Serena Rossi
Azzurra Leonardi: Francesca Chillemi
Margherita: Miriam Dalmazio
Oscar Mario: Giampiero Judica
Italo Nuzzi: Christian Ginepro
Musumeci: Enrico Mutti
Cecilia: Laura Gaia Piacentile
Directed by: Francesco Vicario
Editing: Alessandro Corradi
Dir. of Photography: Stefano Ricciotti
Screenplay: Elena Bucaccio
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra