Sister Angela's Girls 2
Year: 2013
Format: 16x50'
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction
Sister Angela's Girls 2

New encounters are in store for Sister Angela. The convent has now become an extended family, its doors always open to whoever needs their help. Sister Angela doesn’t perform miracles, but she is always there to lend an ear and listen.

Among the new guests to the convent is Guido Corsi, a lawyer who abandoned his career after committing a serious judicial error. Now even his personal life is in a disastrous state after the end of what seemed like the “perfect” marriage.
He agrees to become a tutor for the new University residence at the convent only to boost his career, but Sister Angela has entrusted him with Davide, the child who was partially the cause of his divorce and who has been orphaned. Guido’s ex-wife entrusted the nun with the child right before she died...

To make things even worse for Guido, a hurricane arrives by the name of Azzurra, a girl who is over the top, whimsical, moody, in search of the ideal man… and who needs to support herself by working as Davide’s nanny. Azzurra is mix of untidiness, ignorance and obstinacy all rolled into one. Guido, instead, is rational, strict and moralistic… thanks to Davide, Guido and Azzurra may just discover they have more in common than they thought.

Among our new guests there is also the young attorney Nina who is also a cynic and a perfectionist. As a child, she witnessed the ruin of her family at the hands of an unscrupulous businessman. Nina has come to believe the only person she can count on is herself and, even though she’ll never admit it (because that would be the same as admitting she is still suffering), she decided to become a lawyer in order to immediately deliver justice.

Then there’s Chiara, the dean of the university’s daughter. She is working as an intern in the same law office as Nina, who thinks Chiara is only there on connections and tries to find any excuse to make things difficult for her. The truth is, Chiara is bright and determined. During one of the cases she is working on, she makes contact with a story full of pain and hope. It marks the beginning of a journey that leads her to desire something other than the future she had imagined with her boyfriend Riccardo. Sister Angela will be the one to help her make a difficult choice, a choice that may change her life forever.

Margherita is still at the convent, now working at a hospital directly with the sick. This is where she first meets Dr. Limbiati, a fascinating doctor who we discover holds a secret, and then Emilio, the athlete she is taking care of…

The central theme of every episode is a problem linked to one of these guests. The partnership between Guido’s rationality and Sister Angela’s intuition will prove precious in helping the others disentangle themselves from the complicated challenge of growing up and becoming adults.


Summary of Episodes

The Guardian Angel
Manuela, a friend of Sister Angela’s who is terminally ill, entrusts her little boy Davide to the nun hoping that she will convince her husband, Guido Corsi, to take care of him. The child, however, was born from an affair, the reason her husband left her. Sister Angela, however, is ready to use all means to convince Prof. Corsi to take care of the child and she proposes he become a tutor of the University residence that is opening up inside the convent. Guido Corsi accepts, but only for the time necessary to find Davide’s real father.
Meanwhile, Azzurra keeps getting fired and is feeling desperate. She then, however, meets a mysterious gentleman who she later discovers is the grouchy Guido Corsi.
Margherita, instead, has flunked her specialization exam and is forced to abandon her work with cadavers and start healing the sick.
The convent welcomes two new guests- Nina, a petulant young woman, and Chiara, the angel. Both girls work as interns in the same law office.

Until Proven Guilty
Nicola, the young man Sister Angela has helped break out of the vicious circle of drugs, is accused of having pushed drugs using the nun’s van. Nina and Chiara offer to follow the case, but from the very beginning, it becomes  obvious that Nina and Nicola’s father, Luciano Tagliacozzi, share a past secret.
Nina starts acting furtively, even concealing evidence.
Meanwhile, Azzurra is invited to her friend’s wedding and pretends Guido is her boyfriend so that no one finds out she is single.
Margherita finally manages to begin working with the sick and finds a pleasant surprise that awaits her. Through their investigations, Sister Angela finds out that the Davide’s real father is missing in Thailand, but decides not to tell Guido.

Margherita is in a car accident and is accused of driving under the influence. Sister Angela immediately understands Margherita is lying about something and begins to be suspicious of Dr. Clini, the director of the hospital who was in the car with Margherita when they got into the accident. 
Margherita risks being banned permanently from the Medical Association, but thanks to Guido and Prof. Limbiati’s help, we find out that Dr. Clini hides a painful secret.
Meanwhile, Azzurra is in search of a millionaire boyfriend and begins dating Guido’s old friend and rival.
I Am Nobody
Sister Angela and the girls find a man with no identification outside the convent. The man suffers from profound amnesia after receiving a blow to the head.
The man that the nun names Ulisse is hired as the convent gardener and receives help getting his memory back. It is later revealed, however, that Ulisse, is not the kind “giant” that everyone considers him to be and actually holds a dark past. He will have to make a decision- to go back to his old life or change radically.
Meanwhile, Azzurra continues her search for a rich boyfriend. When she goes out with the owner of a luxurious convertible, causing young Davide to get pink eye from all the wind in his face, Guido gets furious about the way this eccentric nanny is educating the boy…

The paths of life
After falling ill, Chiara tells her father, Dean Alfieri, and her boyfriend Riccardo that she is pregnant. But Riccardo disappears in thin air. Sister Angela and Guido are on his tracks, but begin to suspect he is leading a double life.
Chiara is desperate and considers having an abortion. Sister Angela however finds out the truth about Riccardo.
Meanwhile, Guido needs to get his license so he can take Davide to school and Sister Angela asks Azzurra to help him. The driving lessons become the grounds for fiery debate between the nanny and the professor.
Margherita finally manages to win over the charming Prof. Limbiati.

My Aunt’s Treasure
Sister Costanza’s angelic adolescent niece Elisa arrives at the convent. Immediately after her arrival, however, a series of things are stolen and Sister Angela has good reason to suspect the girl. She discovers that Elisa is supporting a family of Romanians who are going through hard times due to a grave secret they hold.
Meanwhile, Azzurra runs into the only boy who didn’t try and woo her at high school, Giannandrea, who is now a millionaire diplomat. The man seems immune to her charms, but Azzurra Leonardi doesn’t give up easily…
After the storm, Chiara and Riccardo ponder the idea of marriage, but something upsets their plans…

Marta, an old cellmate of Sister Angela, shows up at the convent. The woman is in very bad health and wants to find the daughter she abandoned at birth. She asks the nun for help. Yet it is soon discovered that the real reasons Marta wants to find her daughter are anything but noble.
Meanwhile, Davide and Guido have come down with chicken pox and Azzurra takes care of them, spending time with them during their quarantine period.
Delirious with fever, the nanny and the professor are suddenly brought very close.

Wherever You Are
Virginia, a young woman staying at the University residence, faints right before one of Guido’s exams. She is found to have a heart condition brought on by strenuous dance work outs and long-nights studying. Even the use of amphetamines is suspected. Yet Sister Angela discovers that the real reason the ballerina is ill is much more serious.
Meanwhile, everyone is busy organizing Davide’s birthday party. Guido and Giannandrea compete against one another in the preparations while the child suffers in silence. He misses his mother.
Poor Margherita instead is completely taken with Limbiati’s unpredictability. He doesn’t seem to be so sure of their relationship anymore.

Changing Love
Real estate lawyer Leonardi returns to the convent. This time no one expects his return. He wants to re-build his relationship with his daughter Azzurra, who accepts only so she can make use her father’s money, but deep down, she truly hopes his affection is sincere. Unfortunately though, after Azzurra is attacked, Sister Angela and Guido discover that Leonardi’s objectives aren’t all that clear after all…
Meanwhile, Margherita returns to Limbiati, who proposes a romantic trip to Paris together…

A Life At Stake
Following an automobile accident, Guido’s sister-in-law falls into a coma. Marcello, the impish brother Guido disowned, moves into the convent. Once resolved conflict between the two explodes all over again, also because Guido suspects his brother doesn’t want his wife to be operated on while in a coma for measly economic reasons. Meanwhile, Sister Angela takes notice of the strange relationship between Marcello and the lady doctor caring for his wife.
Margherita, instead, doesn’t know if she should just give in and go out with Limbiati or not.

My Son
Armando and Giovanna, friends of Guido’s, have arrived at the convent. The woman is pregnant and the two of them are looking for a new house in Modena. Her husband, however, tells Guido he is afraid his wife has cheated on him. Sister Angela immediately takes on the case and discovers that Giovanna’s secret is actually much worse and decides to help her in the difficult choices she will have to make.
Meanwhile, Guido becomes increasingly more attached to Davide, even getting into a fist fight over him.
Nina, instead, meets Sergio, a fascinating motorcyclist who is both handsome and loathsome, and he leaves an impression on her.
Margherita starts going out with Limbiati again and, in the meantime, meets a young heart patient at work. His name is Emilio and he is an athlete.

Wretched St. Valentine’s Day
Nina finds herself on Sergio’s defense when he is accused of armed robbery. Sergio convinces Nina he is innocent, which marks the beginning of a passionate love story between the two of them. Nina also discovers that Sergio’s actions are conditioned by his affection for his retarded brother. But when the lawyer finds out she has been duped by the defendant, she won’t find it easy to forgive …
Meanwhile, it is St. Valentine’s day at the convent. Davide organizes a romantic dinner for Azzurra and Guido, a plan that isn’t easy to carry out.
Margherita, depressed after having broken up with Limbiati, resists Emilio’s obstinate and humorous courting.
Chiara admits to Sister Angela that she wants to become a nun, just when Riccardo is about to ask her to marry him.

The Boy Who Wanted To Run
For a few days Sister Angela is entrusted with Manuel, a thirteen year old hooligan with a past criminal record. The boy immediately proves to be rebellious and uncontrollable. Sister Angela and Guido discover he stole a cell phone and is in possession of drugs. Manuel is trying to help his father, who he thinks is in prison. Sister Angela, however, discovers the sad truth and gets a wonderful idea on how to help the boy fulfill his dream of running.
Sister Angela, in fact, involves Emilio, the athlete with heart problems who is in love with Margherita but has decided to let himself die.
Surprisingly, Chiara has agreed to marry Riccardo and begins preparations for the wedding.
With Beatrice gone, Guido invites Azzurra to a party with university professors. Azzurra is afraid of not measuring up, but the party goes completely as unexpected…

Nothing but the truth
Rodolfo, an exemplary young man at the residence, is unexpectedly caught by the others insulting and threatening Irina, his father Carlo’s young companion. Rodolfo claims she’s an opportunist. 
Soon after Rodolfo’s father has a heart attack and dies. Irina explains to Sister Angela that Carlo is the father of her infant child, but Carlo never married her because he didn’t want to hurt Rodolfo.
Rodolfo authorizes a DNA test, certain that the woman is lying, but the results lead to surprising consequences.
Meanwhile, the time has come for Sister Angela to tell Guido the truth, that Davide’s father cannot be found and may even be dead.
Margherita, instead, finally gives into Emilio’s courting.

Every Beat Of My Heart
A heart is finally found for Emilio, who is given a series of medical exams to make sure he is healthy enough for the transplant. When Margherita discovers the lab values are too low for the transplant, she decides to alter the medical report, taking advantage of her relationship with Limbiati. But Sister Angela encourages Margherita to examine her conscience.
Meanwhile, Guido is shocked by Sister Angela’s revelation of all the lies surrounding the case of Paolo Marino, Davide’s real father, and decides to accept the teaching post offered to him in Berlin. He is already set to leave. Azzurra and Giannandrea make preparations to marry so they can adopt Davide, yet Davide has a plan to make sure Guido doesn’t leave. An unexpected arrival, however, changes the destinies of them all…

The Real Father
Convinced of her decision to become a nun, Chiara has broken up with Riccardo and now must tell her father. Dean Alfieri, however, hurls his rage against Sister Angela, threatening to have the convent closed.  He begins drawing all arms in his favor and persuades Nina to help him on the case.
Meanwhile, Paolo Marino has been introduced to Davide as a friend of his mother’s. The two begin to get to know one another as Guido jealously watches them. 
Azzurra, the professor and the nun discover that Davide’s real father has a lot to hide and risks getting the entire convent into a lot of trouble. It’s now up to Guido to decide Davide’s fate.


Suor Angela: Elena Sofia Ricci
Azzurra: Francesca Chillemi
Guido Corsi: Lino Guanciale
Margherita: Miriam Dalmazio
Chiara: Rosa Diletta Rossi
Nina: Laura Glavan
Davide: Cesare Kristian Favoino

Directed by: Francesco Vicario
Editing: Alessandro Corradi
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi
Screenplay: Elena Bucaccio
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra