Sister Angela's Girls 3
Year: 2014
Format: TV series 20x50'
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: LuxVide and RAI Fiction
Sister Angela's Girls 3

Twenty new and exciting episodes in the company of Sister Angela, who is anything but your usual nun. She’s rude, bizarre and imperfect. She’s a woman full of shortcomings, but an irreplaceable mother for the girls at the convent, the home to an extended and very active family that Sister Angela happily and lovingly watches over .

This season brings some news, they have moved to the city of Fabriano in the Marche and new guests have arrived at the convent:

Rosa- a beautiful yet ambiguous girl who upsets the balance in the convent by getting dangerously close to Guido and making Azzurra jealous. It’s just a shame the two girls have yet to learn they are sisters…

Achille- a wealthy old wheel-chair bound man who pretends to be a benefactor when he is actually Davide’s grandfather and wants to take his grandson from the convent...

Alice- an independent, nonconformist fifteen year old student who reluctantly becomes a part of the “family”.

Dario- Achille’s charming stepson who ruthlessly woos Azzurra and holds all the right cards to win her over…

Gregorio- a young professor with a mysterious past, who makes Nina’s heart pound…

Carlo- Margherita’s colleague, who competes against her for a research position in the hospital…and maybe something even more.

Ep.1: “Fault of the Fathers”

Sister Angela and the other nuns have moved to the peaceful city of Fabriano, but the calm that reigns is destined to vanish. Each of the girls show up at the door to the convent with new fears and problems. Margherita is pregnant, Emilio seems to be cured, Nina is depressed and Azzurra is about to marry Guido. What’s more, Rosa, a beautiful but ambiguous girl, arrives on the scene and risks upsetting the balance of this “family” that has just reunited, generating jealousy and suspicion.

Ep.2: “Sisters”

Sister Angela finds out Rosa and Azzurra are sisters, but given that the two girls despise each other, she decides to keep this disturbing news quiet for the meantime. Meanwhile, she has to deal with Achille, the mysterious wheelchair-bound benefactor who has come to the convent, concealing his real purpose for being there- he’s Davide’s grandfather and wants to take him away. Although it is not enticing, Nina finds a new job as a teacher at the same high school Sister Angela teaches at. Margherita enjoys her pregnancy, unsuspecting of the threat that awaits her.

Ep.3: “Only Numbers”

Through the new job at the school, Sister Angela and Nina make the acquaintance of Alice, a nonconformist teenager with a passion for comics who soon moves into the convent. While Azzurra is at odds with Achille, who has offered her a job as his personal assistant, she becomes jealous of the working relationship between Rosa and Guido. In fact, Rosa has become Guido’s assistant. Meanwhile, Emilio decides to tell Sister Angela the truth. His health hasn’t improved after all.

Ep.4: “Last Breath”

Observing Emilio’s strange behavior, Sister Angela thinks he may be planning a robbery and tries to bring him back to his senses. Margherita is about to experience the strongest and most contradictory emotions she has ever felt in her life. Soon after their little girl is born, Emilio passes away. Meanwhile, Azzurra is caught up in her new love story with Dario, Achille’s stepson, and Rosa takes advantage of the situation to stir up trouble between Azzurra and Guido.

Ep.5: “I’ll Find You”

Sofia disappeared years ago, yet when her passport is found, the case is finally closed. Everyone is certain the girl is dead, except for her mother and her boyfriend, who continue to look for her. They even ask Sister Angela for help. Meanwhile, Margherita is still suffering the death of Emilio and Azzurra risks ruining the lessons Achille is giving Davide. Guido begins to doubt Rosa’s earnestness and starts to think she is hiding something from him.

Ep.6: “Don’t Leave Me”

Sister Angela’s sister Elisa, and her young niece Lulù, arrive at the convent. In an attempt to prevent her sister from making a serious mistake, Sister Angela must face feelings of guilt due to a vocation that has taken her far from her family. Meanwhile, Nina and Gregorio, the young literature professor, are still conspiring while Azzurra and Guido finally draw a bit closer. Yet Guido is not completely honest with her…he has begun a relationship with Rosa but can’t find the courage to tell Azzurra.

Ep.7: “Too Much Love

The high school Sister Angela works at is in shock over a huge scandal that even Nina seems to be involved in. She has been accused of dealing psychiatric drugs to the students. Yet behind what seems to be true, there are some skeleton’s in Gregorio’s closet which hide the identity of the person really responsible. Meanwhile, Azzurra seems to have accepted, maybe even a bit too well, the news of Guido and Rosa’s engagement and has thrown herself headlong into an amusing relationship with Dario. The only one to bear the brunt of all that is going on is young David, who feels like everyone has abandoned him.

Ep.8 “Foul Play”

Achille is president of the Gentileschi company and one of his ex-employees threatens to sue the company as being responsible for his illness. While he tries to mediate between Achille and Dario, Sister Angela receives some unexpected and inconvenient news.  Meanwhile, Sister Costanza is very excited about the celebration to commemorate her fifty years of novitiate and Rosa and Azzurra are forced to work together on the celebration. Nina, instead, after she finds out that Alice has fallen in love with Gregorio, doesn’t know how to act around her. She doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of someone she has grown so close to.

Ep.9: “Parents”

Stefano, a young man, shows up at the convent claiming to be Guido’s son, born from his relationship with Camilla when they were at university together. Yet Sister Angela immediately senses that something is wrong. Meanwhile, Nina doesn’t know how to tell Alice about her story with Gregorio and Margherita isn’t sure she wants to leave her daughter Anna to return to work.

Ep.10: “Only A Game”

At the convent, preparations for Azzurra’s birthday are in full swing, but Azzurra doesn’t seem very  excited. While Sister Costanza tries to convince Sister Angela to tell Rosa the truth, Guido has come up with a special gift- he’s invited Azzurra’s father to the convent. Everyone’s attention, especially Nina’s. is captured by a tragic event that directly involves Alice. A friend from school has attempted suicide and Alice seems to be responsible. Meanwhile, Margherita has begun her first few days of work at the hospital.

Ep.11: “Waiting”

Sister Angela tries to help Guido earn the respect of a prominent university professor and is forced to make Azzurra and Rosa “trade identities”. While the two girls struggle to “become” the other, Margherita follows a patient whose story hits close to home and brings her at odds with Carlo, her rival in the competition for a research position. Nina, instead, thinks she is going to enjoy a few days in the company of Gregorio, but something goes wrong.  

Ep.12: “Love Remains”

Achille runs into Linda, a great love of his from the past, at the Divine Corner. Sister Angela and Sister Costanza are afraid she didn’t just show up by chance. Meanwhile, Guido is jealous of Rosa’s ex-boyfriends and Azzurra considers Dario’s proposal to move in with him. Nina and Alice, instead, are unlike themselves. Nina is foolishly in love with Gregorio and Alice is ornery towards Mattia, a boy who really likes her.  

Ep.13: “Love Conquers All”

Sister Angela is overjoyed at the news that Flora, a disabled girl she met a while back, and her boyfriend have decided to get married. Guido is convinced, however, that the groom-to-be’s feelings for Flora are not sincere. Meanwhile, Azzurra moves in with Dario and even though Sister Costanza refuses to speak to her, she does everything in her power to continue to live the same life she always has. The girls, however, miss her dearly and devise a plan to make her come home…

Ep.14: “Seeking Success”

Carlo thanks Margherita for having helped him end the story with his ex-girlfriend, Ginevra. Yet when Ginevra is brought to the hospital on her death bed, Carlo, once again, brings into question his feelings. Despite all the warnings, Sister Angela borrows the vintage Vespa Rosa gave Guido. Yet on her way back, she realizes the tail light is missing! Meanwhile, Nina has decided to go with Gregorio to Africa on an educational project. Alice seems to have taken the news rather lightly… but in the end, she reveals her true feelings to Nina. She doesn’t want to lose her and Nina decides not to go after all.

Ep.15: “A Sense of Limits”

Sister Costanza has decided to “rent out” the Divine Corner for the high school party and Alice wants to go with Mattia, but he seems to be involved in an incident with Edoardo, a boy who was brutally beaten up. The social workers think the boy’s father, who used to be a boxer, is to blame. Sister Angela wants to help him, but she gets into an accident and is forced to spend three days in a wheelchair. Azzurra, instead, has just broken up with Dario but doesn’t know whether or not to forgive him and Guido is afraid he will just make her suffer even more.

Ep.16: “Courage and Love”

A school bus gets into an accident. When all the children are safely evacuated from the vehicle, the driver is treated like a hero. Yet for Sister Angela, the dynamics of the accident are not all that clear. Meanwhile, Azzurra and Guido try to help Davide with his first crush. The closeness of their collaboration, however, is worrysome to Rosa. Margherita makes great efforts to make Carlo “shine” and he seems to be quite attracted to her. Nina is convinced that Gregorio is about to return to her… but instead her ex-boyfriend Sergio shows up.

Ep.17: “The Price of Revenge”

Rosa follows the case of a man who has accused his father-in.-law of having molested his daughter. Yet when Sister Angela and Guido raise some doubts over the validity of such accusations, Rosa refuses to listen to them… The man is the private investigator she had hired to find her father. Meanwhile, Nina and Azzurra are both confused sentimentally. Nina struggles with the fact Sergio has returned and Azzurra thinks she still has feelings for Guido. Sister Costanza, who has understood that Carlo has feelings for Margherita, does everything in her power to help him declare his love. Meanwhile Carlo wins a scholarship in Brussels. After Rosa decides to abandon the investigator’s case, he betrays Rosa by presenting Azzurra with the results of his research- Rosa is her sister.

Ep.18: “Imperfect Love”

Azzurra, still shocked after discovering that Rosa is her sister, doesn’t know how to act. Sister Angela begs her to just try getting closer to her. Meanwhile, at the convent, Guido’s brother Marcello arrives. Their relationship is quite strained and, what’s worse, Marcello seems to be hiding something. While Rosa makes great efforts to make Marcello and his wife like her, Achille convinces Sister Costanza to participate in an ultra aggressive card tournament. Thanks to his brother, Guido realizes he is still in love with Azzurra, who actually begins to draw closer to Rosa (still blind to the truth) and consider her truly a sister. Carlo turns down the scholarship so Margherita can have it.

Ep.19: “A Good Reason to Stay”

Alice can’t wait to find out who has been chosen for the prestigious comic competition in London, but her mother and her mother’s new boyfriend show up at the convent. They are about to leave and want Alice to come with them. Nina is afraid of losing Alice forever. The arrival of Grandma Checca, Rosa’s grandmother, once again calls into question Guido and Azzurra’s feelings for one another. Sister  Angela wants to intervene, but has made a vow that is very difficult to keep- not meddle into other people’s affairs… Carlo finally declares his love to Margherita, who, in the meantime, has realized she is equally attracted to him. Guido tells Rosa he is no longer in love with her and she falls ill.

Ep.20: “A Thorn in the Heart”

Azzurra consoles Rosa after Guido has broken up with her… the two sisters are finally close, but disturbing news could upset the balance in the convent once again. While Sister Angela must come to terms with all the silent truths that have been concealed until now, Sister Costanza discovers that Achille is about to leave and is convinced he wants to take young Davide away with him! In truth, Achille is about to leave for the United States to undergo delicate surgery.

Margherita doesn’t take the scholarship to let Carlo have it, but Carlo says he would give it up to stay with her. Nina is about to leave for Africa to join Gregorio, but Sister Costanza has already gotten a hold of him and he is on his way back to the convent.

Rosa makes everyone believe she is pregnant with Guido’s child. Guido is about to leave Azzurra so as not to abandon his child, but it doesn’t take long for the truth to surface- Rosa made the whole thing up. Guido manages to get to the airport in time before Azzurra leaves for the United States with Achille and Davide.


Suor Angela: Elena Sofia Ricci
Azzurra Leonardi: Francesca Chillemi 
Guido Corsi: Lino Guanciale
Suor Costanza: Valeria Fabrizi
Margherita: Miriam Dalmazio
Nina Cristaldi: Laura Glavan
Rosa Francini: Neva Leoni
Achille Gentileschi: Ivano Marescotti
Dario Baldi: Tommaso Ramenghi
Alice: Sofia Panizzi
Davide: Cesare Kristian Favoino
Carlo Romero: Andrès Gil
Directed by: Francesco Vicario, Daniela Borsese
Editing: Alessandro Lucidi
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi
Screenplay: Elena Bucaccio
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra