Sister Angela's Girls 4
Year: 2017
Format: TV series 20x50'
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: LuxVide and RAI Fiction
Sister Angela's Girls 4

Azzurra’s day has finally arrived, the day she will finally marry Guido, the man of her dreams. Her oldest and best of friends are by her side: Margherita with Carlo, Rosa -now free from the ghosts that haunted her- and ready to embark upon a new life, and Nina with Gregorio. 
Sister Angela is there to watch, but her mission is anything but finished! In fact, she has new fish to fry! There’s Valentina, 23 years old, beautiful, tattooed and angry. She makes her way into the Divine Corner coffee shop with a guitar swung over her back and wearing a leather jacket and skin tight shorts.  The place immediately seems like the fairy tales no one ever read to her.  Valentina is straight-forward, direct and isn’t afraid of saying exactly what is on her mind, even if it means appearing mean. She’s undeceiving, but hides her profound sensitivity behind a stony mask of detachment. Her relationships with others, especially men, are based on mutual trade and interests. Nothing is free, everything comes at a price. Valentina is an “escort by choice”. With her hard rock attitude, she even resembles Sister Angela in a way and becomes like a daughter for the nun, who challenges and rejects her, like mothers often do with their daughters.
Then there’s Monica, 26 years old, an excellent student. She just recently got her degree in medicine and landed a residency position at the hospital of Urbino. To avoid living with her mother, she has chosen to live with Sister Angela, her godmother. Monica is the daughter of Valerio, the man Sister Angela was in love with, the man with whom she committed the robbery that marked the beginning of her new life. Thus, one could say Monica is her daughter in a way.
Monica is the exact opposite of Sister Angela. She’s precise and reserved, with so much self-control that when she lets herself go, it’s even worse. After a week in the Maldives, she found herself married to Luca, a man that she had just met. Then when they were about to return to Italy, he was suddenly declared lost at sea. If that weren’t enough, Luca has a seven year old boy named Edo who Monica must now take care of and who has moved to the convent with her.
Edo’s mother died when he was very young and he was raised by various nannies and babysitters. Luca loved him very much, but was often away on business and spoiled his child like most absent fathers do. In other words, Edo is intolerable, or at least he does everything in his power to be considered just that.
In the convent, Monica runs into Nico, 28 years old, Guido’s best man and first assistant at the university. Now that Guido has accepted a prestigious teaching post in London, he has leant his office at the convent to Nico, a charming lawyer who loves women so much, he has a new one every night. He wasn’t so easy on Monica herself in the past when he seduced her over a bet and then immediately left her. This is one open wound that isn’t likely to heal…
Like Azzurra’s wound, but now she has a radiant future ahead of her. Now that her wedding is over, she only needs to finish her internship in Fabriano and take her exam so she can join Davide and Guido in London. An important person from Azzurra’s past that suddenly shows up at the convent, however, wasn’t part of her plans. It’s Emma, who is almost fifteen, wears her hair in a piggy tail and looks at the world through wide open eyes. Emma is a girl from the children’s home Azzurra works at. She will be staying at the convent until the home is fit to be lived in again. Emma is a like a young adult. Not that she’s boring, she actually has a brilliant mind. It’s just that she often uses such brilliance against Azzurra. In fact, she does not get along with her. The girl is much too earnest and studious. It may just be Azzurra’s impression, but she feels like the teenager looks down on her.
Emma was abandoned at birth, left in front of a hospital. Despite the difficulties of being raised in a children’s home and the diabetes she was diagnosed with at birth, Emma has clung to life with all her strength. She has one big dream, to become a professional ballerina and dance at San Carlo, and no one can take this dream away from her…
Among the new characters in the series, there’s Gabriele Mattei, 30 years old, eyes as dark as the night and broad shoulders. He’s serious, kind and charming, the man all women would like to have by their side. Gabriele is a prominent heart surgeon who completed his residency in America. He is a child prodigy in the field of medicine who worked his way up all on his own and learned first-hand the meaning of commitment, sacrifice and liberation.
He was born from a secret affair between a young bank clerk and her boss and young Gabriele was never recognized by the married man who should have been his father.
In the convent, Nico is jealous of Gabriele, who seems to threaten Nico’s masculine dominance. Nico has no intention of sharing attention with this newcomer… which becomes a problem when the handsome doctor becomes the point of contention between two young women we know.

Ep. 1: “All About My Mother”

Sister Angela, Sister Costanza and the girls are in a state of alarm. Azzurra and Guido’s wedding day has finally arrived, but an emergency in the children’s home Azzurra is interning at will ruin the new bride’s plans. The “tranquility” of the convent is even put to the test by the arrival of Nico, a charming lawyer, and by Monica, Sister Angela’s goddaughter, who Nico seems to know quite well.

Ep. 2: “Bar Code”

Sister Angela is trying to help Valentina, a sugar baby who has gotten into trouble and will give Sisters Angela and Costanza a real run for their money. Azzurra is having a difficult time living in close quarters with Emma, the teenager who arrived from the children’s home she works at, and young Edo not only has turned Monica’s daily routine upside down, but meddles with Nico’s plans to win women over.  It looks like Nico will be forced to reconsider some of his “bad” habits…

Ep. 3: “The List”

Sister Angela is taking care of both Leone, a grouchy man waiting for a transplant, and Gabriele Mattei, the surgeon who will operate on him and who is acting a bit ambiguously.  Nico uses Monica to get rid of a particularly insistent woman he dated a few times while Valentina is forced to work as a waitress at the Divine Corner and tries to bypass the rules of the convent by blackmailing Sister Angela.

Ep. 4: “Don’t Endure, Strike Back”

The girls in the convent form a women’s coalition. Monica needs to stop feeling attracted to Nico, Valentina needs to get in the way of Dr. Mattei, Azzurra needs to start working at her internship again and Emma wants to attract a boy at school. Despite all of Sister Angela’s efforts to keep everything in check, the girl’s results prove quite controversial.

Ep. 5: “Another Me”

Sister Angela is quite taken with Claudia, a young woman who has much to hide. Monica and Nico become friends and he introduces her to the magical world of Apps to meet new people. Gabriele “investigates” inside the convent alongside Sister Costanza to find out the identity of the mysterious person responsible for the wrong done to him. Meanwhile, Azzurra agrees to accompany Emma on a shopping spree, but the situation brings back painful memories…  

Ep. 6: “My Flesh and Blood”

While Sister Angela is ready to do anything to help Bruno, the father of a child with leukemia waiting on a matching donor for a bone marrow transplant, Valentina re-discovers a hidden part of her thanks to the young patient. Monica is panicking because she has received an invitation to her ex-longtime boyfriend’s wedding and she surely cannot show up without a companion…

Ep. 7: “From Mother to Daughter”

The case of Serena, a girl on the verge of suicide, brings old wounds to the surface for Emma and Azzurra. Only Sister Angela can alleviate their pain. While Nico is becoming an unlikely role model for young Edo, Monica is convinced Gabriele is the perfect man for her and tries to strap a dinner invitation out of him. The problem is… Valentina has also set her sights on the brilliant doctor.

Ep. 8: “Family: A Mixed Blessing”

Sister Angela and Azzurra are trying to help Laura and her brother Luca, a sixteen-year old boy in a vegetative state, in this delicate situation. Meanwhile, Nico experiences first-hand the consequences of a “cumbersome” family when he finds himself in charge of his unruly nephew Andrea, who seems to have hit it off with the diligent Emma.

Ep. 9: “Ghosts”

Sister Angela suspects one of Monica’s old friends and her seemingly perfect boyfriend of hiding an unspeakable secret. Valentina fears that Gabriele will be turned off by her past as an escort and does everything to keep it a secret until an old acquaintance suddenly shows up at the hospital…

Ep. 10: “People Change”

Sister Costanza is hit by a hit-and-run driver and Sister Angela fears she knows who the young man driving the car was. Monica, meanwhile, has challenged Nico to be faithful to her and Azzurra is even more convinced that Andrea has a bad influence on Emma and is determined to fix things…

Ep. 11: “Another Opportunity”

Sister Angela is taking care of Asia, a girl who has mysteriously lost her memory and considers Nico her hero. Meanwhile, Monica has filed away her relationship with Nico, but Asia’s entrance into his life just might get the better of her best intentions. Relations between Azzurra and Emma are more strained than ever and Valentina tries desperately to warm Gabriele’s heart…

Ep. 12: “Good Intentions”

Sister Angela is busy with a young girl seeking social redemption while Nico and Monica try to come up with a way to get Asia’s memory back, each for their own purpose. Valentina, instead, finally finds herself living out a fairy tale, yet the clock seems destined to strike twelve much earlier than expected.

Ep. 13: “Moving Targets”

Sister Angela and Azzurra are taking care of Emma during her difficult recovery in the hospital, but her troubles are all but over. Meanwhile, more misunderstandings put Valentina’s relationship with Gabriele to the test, which seems to have reached a crossroads. While Nico tries to transform Asia into his ideal woman, Monica has found consolation in the new man she has met and who seems just perfect for her…

Ep. 14: “A Drop in the Ocean”

Sister Angela is visited by Ginevra, a thirteen year old convinced her mother has fallen back into substance abuse. Nico gives Monica a crash course in seduction to prepare her for a special date while Gabriele is facing yet another one of life’s trials and tribulations.

Ep. 15: “Pride and Prejudice”

Sister Angela tries to help young Mauro regain peace after his parent’s separation, but the situation proves more complicated than expected. Luckily Sister Angela can count on the help of Guido, who has returned to Fabriano to surprise Azzurra. Meanwhile, Monica and Nico each try and get in the way of one another’s new love stories.

Ep.16 “Lucky You Are Here”

Sister Angela agrees to take care of Delia, a girl who engages in self-harm to cope with the loss of her father. While Nico tries to save Monica from yet another let down in her relationships with men, Azzurra combats her misfortune in her attempt to organize an unforgettable surprise party for Emma.

Ep. 17 “Love At All Cost”

Sister Angela does everything she can to persuade a young girl to follow the treatment plan she refuses, but her time is running out. Meanwhile, it is “exam time” at the convent; Monica can’t escape the clutches of her meticulous mother, Valentina is tied up with Gabriele’s parents and Azzurra is under the observation of a taxing psychologist. High expectations are in the air and, to avoid any minimal chance of failure, the girls are ready to engage in foul play… 

Ep. 18: “Fate, Destiny, Or…”

Emma is in seventh heaven now that Caterina, her best friend from the children’s home, has arrived, yet her visit reopens old wounds that never had a chance to heal. Valentina is trying to keep up with all of Sister Costanza’s crazy requests while Edo and Sister Angela concoct a plan to get Nico and Monica back together, but the outcome is anything but what they imagined.

Ep. 19: “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

Aldo, Valentina’s father, shows up at the convent unexpectedly with his other daughter Ilaria, deeply upsetting Valentina. While Nico and Monica are ready to question their very own selves rather than make their relationship work, Azzurra helps Emma prepare for the audition…

Ep. 20: “The Life To Come”

The discovery of a newborn upsets life at the convent. While Sister Angela is busy trying to reunite the baby with his mother, Emma refuses to forgive Azzurra. Meanwhile, Valentina ties to put in the past what happened with her father, but not even Gabriele’s attempt to comfort her seems to help. A terrible misunderstanding risks separating Monica and Nico forever. 

Suor Angela: Elena Sofia Ricci
Azzurra Leonardi: Francesca Chillemi 
Suor Costanza: Valeria Fabrizi
Nico: Gianmarco Saurino
Monica Giulietti: Diana Del Bufalo
Valentina Valpreda: Arianna Montefiori
Emma: Bianca Di Veroli
Edo: Christian Monaldi
Gabriele Mattei: Cristiano Caccamo
Filippo: Gianmarco Malizia
Riccardo Alberti: Bernardo Casertano
Andrea Lancia: Giampiero De Concilio
Directed by: Francesco Vicario
Editing: Alessandro Lucidi
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi
Screenplay: Elena Bucaccio
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra