Sister Angela's Girls 5
Year: 2019
Format: TV series 20x50'
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: LuxVide and RAI Fiction

Rude, bizarre and imperfect. Sister Angela is an extraordinary and unusual nun with a turbulent past behind her, even serving a prison sentence where she found faith and received her call. Happily and lovingly, she watches over the Convent of Angels in the beautiful city of Fabriano, together with Sister Costanza, the mother superior.Sister Angela’s convent is a small world where the stories of each of our protagonists intertwine with the affairs of a small town that abounds with events and secrets… The series confronts social issues and human affairs, always finding positive solutions.Even the stories present this season tackle delicate, current issues concerning both adults and adolescents, such as violence against women, the problem of fake news on the internet, social media defamation, the Blue Whale challenge, alcoholism in young people and much more…

Suor Angela: Elena Sofia Ricci
Azzurra Leonardi: Francesca Chillemi 
Suor Costanza: Valeria Fabrizi
Nico: Gianmarco Saurino
Valentina Valpreda: Arianna Montefiori
Gabriele Mattei: Cristiano Caccamo
Ginevra: Simonetta Columbu
Maria: Laura Adriani
Directed by: Francesco Vicario
Screenplay: Elena Bucaccio
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra