LuxVide was founded in 1992 by Ettore Bernabei. The company achieved world-wide acclaim for the Bible Series- 21 prime-time movies produced between 1994 and 2002 for Rai Uno, which were sold in 140 countries. For the first time, an Italian television production company engaged high profile International partners, combining cultural significance, artistic value and great popular appeal.

Following the success of the Bible Series, the creation of great international co-productions contributed to creating and consolidating in time an industry of TV series in Italy.

Lux Vide also produced a sequence of miniseries on classic fairy tales and novels in European literature, re-worked in sight of modern themes and feel.

Lux Vide has contemporaneously maintained a strong sense of Italian cultural identity and has been a  leader in long and short-running series since their debuts. “Don Matteo”, the most famous series, has become a classic Rai television show that is currently in its tenth season, increasing in popularity with every season, both in Italy and abroad.

In an effort to produce a wider range of content, Lux Vide created also new products in alternative to TV series, including films, animated cartoons and live action films for children and teens. This production strategy has made Lux Vide the only Italian production company capable of producing films and digital and broadcast television, skilled at addressing both adult and kid/teen audiences.

In the last year, Lux Vide co-produced with Big Light Production and Wild Bunch the series "Medici. Masters of Florence", starring Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden.