Talent High School
Year: 2012
Format: 24x20'
Genre: Live Action
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide
Talent High School

What adolescent has never dreamed of stepping onto a stage and displaying his or her talent?
Talent High School is the place where these dreams come true. Dancing, singing, acting and fashion are just some of the disciplines taught at this highly exclusive academy where no one needs to be “normal.”
However, they do need certain calling cards to gain access to it: attendance at equally exclusive schools, courses and experience overseas.
Even though she is an excellent dancer, Sofia is just the daughter of a mechanic on the city outskirts, virtually self-taught and, as a result, is not accepted at the Academy.
And so she pretends to be Allegra De Magistriis, the daughter of a Hollywood producer, born and raised among the spotlights and glitter and who just happens to be Sofia’s spitting image.
It isn’t easy lying, especially with people who were really born in that world. And, indeed, the one who discovers her secret in next to no time is Bart, a talented but unbearable dancer, son of a music producer, who is delighted to see the fake Allegra De Magistriis turn pale on finding her cover blown.
But Sofia refuses to allow herself to be intimidated. Because, in spite of his talent, Bart has a totally different passion: engines, the very things that Sofia has been surrounded by since she was a little girl!
Between one argument and the next, the two of them will form a pact, a (forced) collaboration that will bring them a little closer to the realization of their dreams.
Because, as everyone knows, strength lies in unity, even if it isn’t spontaneous!
Sofia/Allegra’s companions in this new adventure, apart from Bart, are Marion, the principal’s daughter, Greta, a rather extravagant aspiring writer, Greg, a potential fashion designer with the air of a nerd and De Blasi, an eccentric teacher.
Between dual identity and engines, choreography and bolts, Talent High School is a sparkling sitcom for young audiences


Summary of Episodes

Episode 1: A New Life
Sofia Perri is the fourteen-year-old daughter of a mechanic and she has a big dream- to get into Talent High School, the most exclusive talent school in the city, and become a dancer. Even though her father Sirio doesn’t want her wasting time with such “nonsense”, and full-aware of the precarious position the tuition would put them in, Sofia shows up for the try-outs all the same and proves to have great talent, but doesn’t make the final selection. The chosen five are Bartolomeo Carolis, an impossible boy she met at her father’s shop the day before, Gregorio Frattina, a budding fashion designer, Greta Gironi, talented in acting, Marion Minelli, the daughter of the school’s principal, and Allegra de Magistriis, the daughter of a famous Hollywood producer who didn’t even make an appearance at the try-outs. It’s a hard blow for Sofia, but… a hat and a pair of glasses are set on the counter she’s sitting at inside a café. It’s Allegra De Magistriis, who is speaking to her father. She has no intention of going to school there, even if her tuition for the entire year has already been paid in full. She wants to go back to Los Angeles and she won’t take no for an answer. But the most remarkable thing is that Allegra is the spitting image of Sofia! Practically a clone! Which gives Sofia an idea…

Episode 2: Good Luck
After having done her best to put together a folder containing various information about Allegra de Magistriis, Sofia shows up at Talent High School and is welcomed like a Hollywood star. Professor De Blasi, who has been working on his own musical for 17 years now, has an assignment for them- to act out their big dream. Allegra/Sofia is paired up with Bart, another dancer and the most dubious guy in class. The two of them will have to perform together in front of everyone. Greta decides to use a “good luck Hollywood style” that consists in carrying out small gestures that bring good luck before a performance. Things aren’t so easy for Sofia, however, who hasn’t been properly trained in classical ballet and, after a disastrous performance, Bart finds her “Everything About Allegra” folder…

Episode 3: Trump Card
Bart has found out everything about Sofia and is having fun at her expense. If she doesn’t do everything he asks, he’s going to blow her cover in front of everyone. Marion decides to launch a new fashion trend and forces Greg to create a very uncomfortable style of shoes. Sofia has no choice but to succumb to Bart’s wishes, but then discovers she holds the trump card.  Bart was rejected for an internship in a Formula One stable for lacking the minimum prerequisites. Given Bart’s passion for cars, if he helps Sofia keep her double identity a secret, she’ll let him work as an apprentice in her father’s shop. Her secret identity is safe once again!

Episode 4: My Best “Enemy”
Professor De Blasi hears Marion and Allegra arguing and decides they each need to find out more about the other’s life. Sofia needs Bart’s help to keep her real identity a secret, while Greta helps Greg with an undesired appointment.

Episode 5: The Show Must Go On
Everyone is busy with the end of term performance. Marion convinces the principal to let them put on her show, which she is the writer and director for and even has the lead role. Everyone is distraught, but Greta is even more irritable than the others and begins acting a bit strange.

Episode 6: If This Is Art …
De Blasi has a task for his art class. Each student must create and bring in their own, original, work of art. Allegra becomes desperate. De Magistriis is a renowned art collector and everyone expects her to produce something truly special. Bart is the only one who can help her, but it doesn’t look like he really wants to. Meanwhile, Greta has brought a mysterious animal to school- the Sgrofonchiolo.

Episode 7: A Lost Voice
Sofia wakes up with an awful sore throat and can’t speak. Greg is immediately worried. Greta instead is convinced her friend is faking the whole thing for their mime lesson and offers to be her interpreter. Yet that same day, Dr. Lumini, a developmental psychologist, shows up at school on behalf of the students. Marion begins to think she’s being stalked by a mythomaniac.

Episode 8: The Great Marcel Gros
Marcel Gros, the great French choreographer who trained the real Allegra De Magistriis in classical ballet, will be visiting Talent High School.  Sofia is terrified. What will she do now given that she has never had any real training? Even the others are anxious about the audition that awaits them, especially Marion, who is bogged down by a small setback.

Episode 9: Super Nerds Party
For her birthday, Marion wants Allegra to organize a super-chic party for her and invite famous actors and actresses in her circle of friends. Allegra refuses because of how badly Marion treats Greta and Greg, but Marion decides to force her to help anyway. Meanwhile, Greg and Bart decide to do things “only for men”.

Episode 10: Dangerous Forecasts
Greta arrives at school convinced she has been gifted with the ability to tell the future. In fact, everything she predicts really does seem to come true, even when she says Allegra’s aunt will come to school. In fact, De Blasi announces the beginning of teacher-parent conferences and says that they’ll start with Allegra, who is listed as living with an aunt. What is she going to do? Marion is terrified that Greta’s prediction for her life too will come true and that her hair will turn green. Meanwhile, Bart has a few problems at the shop with Sofia’s father.

Episode 11: St. Valentine’s Day
St. Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love. De Blasi assigns the students to act out an already famous love scene or one they’ve made up. Bart is coupled off with Allegra, Marion with Greg and Greta will perform a monologue. Bart and Sofia, however, aren’t really in the right mood to perform a love scene together… meanwhile, Greta starts a poetry blog, but someone seems to want to sabotage it.

Episode  12: The Freshman Star
The school principal holds a contest to determine the most popular freshman girl. The competition is obviously between Marion and Allegra. Marion is particularly aggressive and determined to win at all costs, especially to prove that Allegra isn’t a real star at all. Meanwhile, Greta and Greg are busy with one of Professor De Blasi’s initiatives, the “invisible friend”, while Bart finally has some success at Sirio’s shop, securing his confidence in him.

Episode  13: A Sweet Rascal
De Blasi gives the students his great grandmother Pierina’s painting for the restoration of paintings exam. Yet the task also includes babysitting for Beatrice, a sweet, angelic-like six-year old girl who may not be so angelic after all…

Episode  14: Electoral Campaign
Marion presents herself as a candidate for the election of a representative for the academy- against Greta- and tries to convince Allegra to give her a hand. Allegra refuses and Marion decides to blackmail her to do so. Meanwhile, Greg is busy working on Greta’s campaign and tries to find out who is sabotaging the manifestos.

Episode  15: Affliction Five
The “Affliction Five”, the hottest emo band of the year, are in town and the students have to make a video clip on their last single. The winner gets to participate in their concert. The students are ecstatic, especially Allegra, who has caught the attention of Paul, Affliction’s lead singer, in person.

Episode  16 : Time For Clubs
Professor De Blasi has the students begin thinking about clubs, like the ones in America. Marion is determined to have hers voted in, but Allegra’s club wins and she has three trial meetings before it is officially approved. That is, if the meetings go well…

Episode  17: A Covergirl Face
Professor De Blasi wants Allegra on the cover of the yearbook, but Sofia can’t risk being recognized on the cover. She suggests they use a group photo of the girls, but it’s not easy getting everyone to agree… Meanwhile, Greg prepares to be the photographer by seeking out the “beauty lost in small, ordinary things”.

Episode  18: A Night at the Academy
De Blasi suggests a freshmen sleepover party at the school. The initial excitement fades away, however, once they begin hearing some strange and unexplainable noises. That’s when they find out about the legend of Radoll, the ghost of the Academy.

Episode  19: Sometimes They Return
The creative painting exam. This time the judge is not De Blasi, but an external, female professor from Austria. De Blasi is quite upset when he finds out. He obviously has something to hide.

Episode  20: The Absent-minded Student
The freshman class will participate in “class day”, a contest between the classes for positions in the next program. Everyone is excited, but something happens to Marion that could change her life forever. Meanwhile, Greta stays up the whole night watching the Bollywood musical and shows up at school dressed like an Indian, inspired by the “dancer in everyone of us”.

Episode  21: Masquerade Ball
The freshmen have been called to organize a masquerade ball at the school. Marion and Allegra are in charge of decorating, Greg and Greta the buffet and Bart is in charge of music. But Allegra has a different problem. No one wants to take her to the ball after the real Allegra De Magistriis treated one of her escorts so badly. Meanwhile, Bart re-takes the exam for the summer internship in Formula One and Greg and Greta are busy with Greg’s uncle Nino, who is convinced there are aliens in the school.

Episode  22 : Year-end Finals
The end of the school year is near and the students must perform a musical from scratch- the musical that Professor De Blasi has just finished, “Cinderella in Hollywood”. Sofia realizes that the script is identical to the story of her own life and goes all out, with help from Bart, to get the lead role. But, she comes up against Marion. Greta discovers she is suffering from narcolepsy due to agitation.

Episode  23: Great Preparations
The others persuade Allegra to help Marion. Greta and Greg busy themselves with costumes and sets, all while helping Greta with her memory problems. Marion gets results, but some trouble lies in store.

Episode  24: The Musical
The night of the musical has arrived and the students are out of their minds with excitement. But there are more surprises in store…

download      Sound tracks
Sofia/Allegra: Alice Bellagamba
Bart: Gianluca Vicari
Marion: Katsiaryna Shulha
Greta: Emanuela di Crosta
Greg: Romolo Guerreri
Professor De Blasi: Gianmarco Pozzoli
Sirio: Francesco Salvi
Directed by: Daniela Borsese
Editing: Luca Papaleo
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi
Screenplay: Emanuela Canonico
Original Music by: Audiofficina Sample