Talent High School 2
Year: 2013
Format: 24x20'
Genre: Live Action
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide
Talent High School 2

After an entire year spent pretending to be Allegra De Magistriis, the day of reckoning has come for Sofia. In fact, De Magistriis in person comes to the night of the musical at the high school!
But instead of exposing Sofia as the false Allegra, De Magistris makes a pact with her. He will let her keep the “identity” and offers protection and a wardrobe more suitable to playing the part. In exchange, she must excel at school and in every dance competition she participates in.
By now Sofia decides the time has come to tell Daddy Sirio the truth...
The new school year presents some great challenges. Allegra and Bart are expected to participate in a dance competition, Bart, Marion and Greg will compete in a fashion show while Greta will be busy with a creative writing course.
Now that Bart has returned after successfully completing his internship at Ferrari, he must now undertake a new project- to develop and build and engine. He has one year to demonstrate his ability in order to earn a trial period working for a racing team, and none other than the Indianapolis Speedway team! Sirio is willing to let him work at his shop and use his tools to complete the project. The shop thus becomes his “laboratory” and once again, Sofia and Bart find themselves sharing their work space. At the shop, the two of them go back to challenging one another and practicing the glissade, pas de chat, break dancing, hip hop…
Conflict is fueled once again- there is quarrelling, jealousy, pranks and a deep, hidden attraction to one another.
It won’t be easy at the beginning. The two of them broke up at the end of the first year of school and now they treat one another like strangers. But they finally give up and call it a truce…then, feelings are revived...
The surprises, however, don’t stop there. The biggest one of all shows up on the first day of school. It’s Patrick, a new student at Talent High School who’s ready to re-arrange all the cards, especially Bart’s.
He will be the one, in fact, who wins over Allegra’s heart and makes Bart jealous...

PATRICK O’CONNELL is a 17 year old handsome young man who is admired and loved by all. He is from Dublin and has come to Talent High School for one year as an exchange student.
He’s cheerful, nice and is able to stun people with his smile and leaves the girls breathless (Allegra and Marion are the first).
He’s a DJ and is world renown, a real legend at the console!
Before becoming a successful DJ, he was a very promising young boxer who won International competitions. Yet his dreams were broken all too soon due to a serious injury that cost him his career. After the accident, he found the strength to start over thanks to this passion at the console.
Even though Sofia is forced to lie about her real identity, she is immediately won over by this sweet boy who never has too many problems and is always available. At least that’s what it seems... 
Patrick is called to substitute Bart and participate with Allegra in the Dance Competition finals, but pulls out at the last minute, showing himself for who he really is- a cynical young man who has let life disappoint him and has lost the ability to believe in dreams!

Summary of Episodes

1. A New Year
Sofia is at the shop getting ready to go back to being a sales engineer, but there is a surprise in store for her. While her companions face their first day of school, De Magistriis himself comes to the shop and makes a deal with Sofia. He wants to her substitute his daughter at Talent High School and give the family name a good reputation. The producer has sent his daughter to an exclusive college in Switzerland. Sofia can follow her dream, as long as she says nothing to anyone. Allegra returns to Talent High School in time to meet the surprise of the year- Patrick, an Irish-Italian who is there as an exchange student.

2. The Sport Indicator
Prof. De Blasi suggests each student find the sport most suitable to their personalities. Patrick, once a star boxer, will be the coach and will deal mostly with Greg, who is busy challenging an old school mate to a weight-lifting competition. Everyone seems enthusiastic, except for Bart.

3. The Master of Love
This year the school is hosting the International Dance Competition that Bart and Allegra, the best dancers in the school, will participate in. The two of them, however, are hardly speaking to one another. Allegra wants to dance with Bart, but he refuses to dance with her. Now they’ll be competing against one another. The professor throws out a new challenge- to fulfill a dream by facing the fear that prevents its fulfillment. Bart’s dream has always been to work with cars so he decides to go back to the shop to ask Sirio for help. He must develop and build and engine to win a three-month internship at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Sirio lets him work at the shop.

4. An Impenetrable Mystery
Prof. De Blasi disappears after an argument with the dean of the school. The students are very worried about him. An investigation is carried out to find out what happened to him. In the meantime, Marion decides to create a series of tutorials in which she portrays herself as a fashion and style icon.

5. Genetics
The students are divided up into couples and become parents for a day. The couples are Greta and Patrick, Marion and Greg and Allegra and Bart. It’s just that being a parent isn’t easy at all, especially when they don’t think on the same wavelength! Greg discovers that his ancestors were all bald, he must overthrow the laws of genetics!

6. A Scary Halloween
Halloween falls on the same day as the first out of three intermediate competitions for the International Dance Competition. The professor decides to welcome their guests with the production of a short horror film that Greg will direct. But Greta warns them all- you can’t film a short horror film on Halloween without falling under the curse of Halloween! Meanwhile, Allegra and Bart have a difficult challenge before. Not only are they competing against one another in the first competition, but they need to be as good as the team they are up against. Allegra, heavily pressured by De Magistriis, finally tells Bart the truth about the secret pact she has with the producer. The two finally call it a truce… Friends like before! But Allegra’s fears are confirmed. Their competitors are amazing and she and Bart don’t win.

7. An Oppressive Bond
Professor De Blasi witnesses a fight among some students. As punishment, he forces them to live out an entire day tied to one of the others, to learn about the other’s life and share things with them. Allegra is paired with Marion, Greta with Greg and Bart with Patrick.

8. A Strange Case
Professor De Blasi is particularly on edge. They have asked him to create the jingle for the Fashion Show, the fashion competition that Marion and Greg are participating in. They must turn in three original techno-fashions by the end of the year and the winner will win a week of fashion in Paris working with a renown stylist. De Blasi is really nervous and the students offer to help him, but there is something strange about the professor. Likewise with Greg!

9. Easy Graffiti
For the upcoming second intermediate dance competition, the professor asks the students to decorate the classroom with graffiti. Patrick is supposed to be their leader, but doesn’t show up. Bart offers to replace him, but you can’t improvise being an artist. Bart must ask his friends for help. Meanwhile, Marion finds out she has a birth mark behind her right ear, something that makes her quite uneasy.

10.  Nomophobia
The dean promises two tickets for the long-awaited Breaking Town part 5 for whoever captures the thief that’s wandering around Talent High School. Patrick offers to look for the thief so that he can win the tickets and bring Allegra to the show, which makes Bart extremely jealous. Bart challenges Patrick to see who’ll find the thief first. The thief has even robbed from Marion. Her smart phone has been stolen and she feels lost without it. The professor says she is suffering from nomophobia. While Marion tries to “detox” herself, Bart, Allegra and Patrick are on the thief’s tracks and it ends up being a person much closer to them than they thought.

11. A Christmas Choir
De Blasi has been put in charge of organizing the Christmas concert and has invited a very famous group of singers, the Tyrolese group from Spazzespatz. The students, convinced a different group would have sung at the concert, burst out laughing. The group is offended and leaves. Meanwhile, Greta is determined to discover the real spirit of Christmas.

12.  Better All Alone…
It’s the day of the second intermediate competition for the International Dance Competition against the students at Frank School. Allegra and Bart  compete against one another, determined to challenge one another until the very end. They both perform, but once again, they don’t do very well. De Blasi suggests they join forces. They would have a better chance if they competed together.

13.  Prof On Strike
De Blasi has decided to go on strike against the dean, who has forbidden him from holding afternoon magic classes, his latest passion. The students try to find a way to reason with him, but Bart is acting strangely and seems to have fallen in love with Greta, which Allegra isn’t one bit pleased about.

14.  The School Ghost
The dean has decided that the students must wear dismal uniforms. While Marion forces Greg to find a new uniform, Allegra, Bart and Patrick are dealing with Greta, who is convinced there is a ghost at the school and she is has decided to free it from its sadness. Bart is particularly nervous. He isn’t satisfied with the results of his project thus far. Sofia offers to help him if he agrees to work really hard for the Dance Competition.

15.  A “Green” Emergency
The students must create a “green” piece of art work. Yet reconciling Marion’s fashion ideas with Greta’s ecological ideas and Greg’s fears that the world is about to end is not easy. Bart helps Allegra because she offered to help him on his project. In fact, she gives him a suggestion on how to better stabilize the engine. Of course, the two of them would make a fine couple indeed if Patrick would stop coming between them.

16.  Ten Rules
The masquerade ball is coming up at Talent High School. Once again, the organization of the party has been entrusted to the students. Marion is the director and conditions the entire school with her handbook on the ten rules of fashion. Bart, instead, thanks to Sofia’s help, has finally finished his project. He could use the ball to help him thank Sofia, but Patrick has already reserved a dance with Allegra. 

17.  The American Teacher
A new dance teacher has arrived at the school- Miss Onetwothree, a very severe American teacher that Professor De Blasi falls in love with. The students must help him make a declaration of love. Meanwhile, Marion is busy trying to find out what Greg’s secrets are for the Fashion Show.

18.  Reality
Talent High School becomes the stage for the reality show SuperEye, hosted  by the renown Capsula. Marion is outrageously excited, while Greg is panicking. The name of the game here is “The show must go on” no matter what.

19.  A Front Page Scoop
On the occasion of the third intermediate competition for the International Dance Competition, an aggressive reporter shows up at the school to interview Allegra and Bart, convinced of having found out the truth. Meanwhile, Marion is certain the only way to win the Fashion Show is by joining forces with Greg and suddenly becomes very sweet to him. At the Dance Competition, Bart and Allegra finally achieve some positive results and expectations are high for the finals. The students are all very excited, but Bart receives a telephone call. He’s won the internship at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and his first day is the day before the dance competition finals.

20. The Secret Ingredient
Cooking is art, and must be treated as art. The students are divided up into teams and have to create a culinary masterpiece. But the dynamics of each team aren’t the easiest. Bart has a secret to tell Allegra, but she’s on Patrick’s team. In a moment of jealousy, he tells Allegra he won’t participate in the finals of the dance competition with her, but won’t tell her why. Patrick comes to Allegra’s rescue- he’ll dance with her in the finals! Allegra is so grateful, she just might not withdraw from the sweet kiss she gives Patrick. 

    21. A Lesson in Etiquette
Miss Strawberry, an English countess visiting the school, must decide whether or not to give a large donation to the school. De Blasi is there to welcome her, but he doesn’t exactly have the best etiquette, which is fundamental for the countess. The students must help him! Meanwhile, Greta and Greg put Marion to the test. They need to find out if she is only being sweet so that Greg will help her with the Fashion Show. She seems to pass all the tests until Greg finds the gift he gave her in the garbage can. Marion lied!

   22. Dark Chocolate
Patrick asks Allegra to set up a meeting for him with Dark Chocolate, a successful band. Bart warns Allegra about Patrick’s real intentions while Greg tries to find inspiration to finish the sketches that he has to send in for the Fashion Show against Marion. Patrick tries to keep Bart and Allegra apart. In fact, he finds out that Bart isn’t participating in the International Dance Competition because he won the internship in Indianapolis. He tells Allegra and she is very disappointed that Bart didn’t tell her himself. Bart confronts Patrick and discovers how cynical he is, more than anyone would imagine.

23. Blackout
A terrible storm destroys communications lines at the school just when everyone was waiting for some important news, like the results for the Fashion Show and the rankings for the dance competition. The students are trapped at school. Greta decides to write a fantasy story based on this current adventure. At the end of the day, the lines are up and running and they finally learn the results. Allegra and Patrick are ranked fourth in the pre-finals of the International Dance Competition, while Greg has won the Fashion Show competition! Marion, instead, cheated and was expelled.  Bart says goodbye to his friends. The students think he is going on a trip with his father, but he’s really on his way to Indianapolis. Thus, in the shop, Sofia and Bart are affectionate and melancholic as they say goodbye, for the last time.

24. International Dance Competition
The finals of the dance competition have arrived.  Allegra is very nervous, even De Magistriis has come to pressure “his daughter”. Finally Patrick arrives, but he fell and his arm is in a cast. Now what is Allegra going to do! But Patrick’s cast suddenly falls off…it was all a hoax so he didn’t have to compete. He won’t participate unless he is certain of winning, and the fact that they are ranked fourth doesn’t give him any great hope. Allegra is devastated. Patrick isn’t the person she thought she had come to know these last few months.
All seems lost when suddenly Bart arrives. He has put his internship on hold and has come to watch Sofia’s victory. Bart is now the only one who can help her. He says Patrick’s choreography is too easy for her and tries to convince her to change it if they want to win. Allegra won’t hear anything of it. Meanwhile, De Blasi tells Bart that since he has withdrawn from the competition, even if they win, he won’t be eligible for the prize, an internship on Broadway, that only Allegra will be able to take part in. Meanwhile, Greg asks two people to go with him to the fashion week in Paris, Greta and… Marion!
Allegra and Bart begin their show, but Bart changes everything at a certain point and tells Allegra that if they want to win, she better do what he says. He makes her perform much more complicated choreography, which brings them to victory.
There is so much rejoicing that the jury decides that even Bart can go to Broadway. Allegra is sure he’ll never accept. Bart’s dream is to work for the Formula One. But for Bart, the Formula One can wait. He has a much bigger dream to share with Sofia.
They seal their victory with a kiss.

Sofia/Allegra: Alice Bellagamba
Bart: Gianluca Vicari
Marion: Katsiaryna Shulha
Greta: Emanuela di Crosta
Greg: Romolo Guerreri
Patrick: Alessandro Fella
Professor De Blasi: Gianmarco Pozzoli

Directed by: Daniela Borsese
Editing: Luca Papaleo
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi
Screenplay: Emanuela Canonico
Original Music by: Audiofficina Sample