The Crusaders
Year: 2001
Format: Miniseries 2x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Co-production: Lux Vide, KirchMedia, Rai Fiction
Three young men are on their way to war in the Holy Land: Peter, the son of a Christian mother and a Saracen father, is leaving behind a past he would rather forget in search of love; Andrew, a serf, is seeking honour in battle; Richard, a young nobleman, is abandoning court life to follow his faith.
Facing the horrors of war in search of answers and a new way of life, the three young men experience friendships, love and adventure in the midst an incredible undertaking that can never be called Holy.
Pietro: Alessandro Gassman
Riccardo: Johannes Brandrup
Andrea: Thure Riefenstein
Rachele: Barbara Bobulova
Maria: Karin Proia
Massoud: Antonino Iuorio
Corrado: Uwe Ochsenknecht
principe Rolando: Thomas Heinze
Bartolomeo: Flavio Insinna
Barone Guglielmo: Dieter Kirchlechner
Bastiano: Rodolfo Corsato
Yarl: Slobodan Ninkovic
Arnolfo: Nebojsa Milovanovic
Roberto di Flanders: Slobodan Custic
Antonio: Dubravko Jovanovic
Eloisa: Elizabeta Djorevska
Iftikar: Renzo Stacchi
Ibn Azul: Franco Nero
Alessio: Armin Mueller-Stahl
Directed by: Dominique O. Girard
Produced by: Alessandro Jacchia
Rai producer: Roberta Cadringher
Kirchmedia producer: Sabine Tettenborn
Subject and Screenplay: Andrea Porporati
Story editor: Luca Manzi
Dir. of Photography: Federico Masiero
Production designer: Paolo Biagetti
Set Decorator: Titus Vossenberg
Costumes designer: Francesca Sartori
Casting: Chiara Meloni, Dubravka Lakic, Cornelia Von Braun
Editor: Alessandro Lucidi, Claudio Cutry
Music: Harald Kloser
Coproduced by: Luca Bernabei