The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne
Year: 2013
Format: 26x26' target 6-10
Genre: Action Comedy - 70% male and 30% female
Language: English
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Musicartoon  
The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne
19th-century French writer Jules Verne is one of the greatest writers of modern times. His adventure stories have inspired generations of readers. But what would you say if you found out  everything he wrote about in his novels he had actually experienced first-hand, as a boy, reaching the four corners of the globe together with the fearless and charming Amelie and the experienced and unpredictable Artemius Lucas?

Stay tuned and you’ll find out...

Summary of Episodes

Ep. 1: South Africa
Young Jules Verne is a law student at Sorbonne University, but he really longs to travel and become a travel writer. He manages to thwart an attempted robbery at the offices of Contes De Voyages travel magazine and is welcomed to join the magazine on an expedition in Africa. The travel group -comprised of Artemius Lucas (director of the magazine), his daughter Amelie, Jules (the same age as Amelie), De L’Ennuì (the bookkeeper), Esther (the nanny) and their dog Hatteras- sets out with the intention of measuring the twenty-forth meridian. Yet it seems someone wants to foil their plans. Two Russians, Streux and Zorn, pretend to be scientists in order to be included on the expedition, but they are really on a mission for the mysterious Captain Nemo, who wants to undermine the group’s plans.

Ep.2: Nautilus
The editorial staff of Contes de Voyages has set sail on Captain Farragut’s ship, the  “Lincoln”, in search of a mysterious monster that destroys ships. After some problems at sea, Amelie and Jules are swallowed up by the waves. Yet the monster is nothing more than an avant-garde submarine under the command of Captain Nemo, a brilliant man with wicked plans whose life has been marked by a deep wound.  "A wound that even Artemius may have something to do with".

Ep.3: Cliffs of Oban
Two elderly men, Syb and Sam Dupont, ask Artemius and his entourage to accompany their daughter Helena on a journey in search of a mysterious green ray of light. In fact, as an engagement gift, the young girl has asked to see the very rare green ray, particularly spotted in Scotland, which was first described in the famous legend of Breena and her lost love. Yet once the group arrives near the cliffs of Oban, they discover that something more lies behind the legend.

Ep. 4: School Survival
Monsieur Kolderup, a wealthy and eccentric old man, has invited the editorial staff of Contes de Voyages to map out his Island, which currently cannot be found on any map. During their trip, however, the group is forced to endure different hardships that the island’s unexplored vegetation has in store for them… only to find out that, maybe this island isn’t so “unexplored” after all.

Ep. 5: Moon
The members of the Baltimore Gun Club are on the verge of carrying out a great mission- to launch the first man on the moon in a shuttle shot out of a huge cannon. Jules and the others go to watch the event and are welcomed by Nicholls, an engineer. Yet Nicholls isn’t really the engineer he claims to be and there seems to be someone else who is interested in the technologically advanced cannon… Nemo.

Ep. 6: Gibraltar
Artemius, an expert scholar in the study of monkeys, is invited by General Anderson to examine a strange phenomenon. A host of monkeys, under the command of a leader who is half-man half-ape, has attacked Fort Gibraltar. Who is this famous Pithecantrop really? Could there be a different intention behind the colonel’s call for help? And maybe even the mysterious animal has something to hide...

Ep.7:  The Land of the Czar
Jules and the others are invited by the Czar of Russia to go to the famous market in Irkustk. They soon find out, however, that the terrible Ogareff is advancing into the kingdom with his bandits, in search of the Czar’s very precious “diamond”. Artemius offers to accompany Michele Strogoff, one of the emperor’s most loyal men, on a dangerous journey to save the “diamond”.
Ep. 8: Golden Meteor
A large meteor is about to hit Japan, but an ingenious laser cannon deviates its path and the editorial staff of Contes de Voyages has been sent to participate in the event. But the meteor is much more important than what everyone thinks and Nemo can’t let this one get away.
Ep.9: Carpathians
Statues that come to life, ghosts and other strange phenomenon disturb a village in the Carpathian Mountains. Jules and the others are called to “investigate” the peculiar activities that link these strange occurrences to Barone De Gortz’s castle.
Ep. 10: Around the World
The members of the London Reform Club have made a bet. The editorial staff of Contes de Voyages will travel around the world in exactly 80 days and not one minute more. The group sets off, but winning this bet is no easy task.
Ep. 11: Charleston
Artemius is in America for a series of conferences and has been kidnapped by a group of  Southern rebels hiding in the Charleston wetlands. It’s up to Jules and Amelie, along with their friend Gildas Tregomain, to go and save him.
Ep. 12: Albatross
A strange flying contraption that shoots bolts of lightning and robs trains of valuables flies off, undisturbed. Scientist Jameson calls on Jules and the others to hunt it down. They discover there is only one man capable of building such an aircraft. Nemo.
Ep. 13: Niger River
Jules and the editorial staff of Contes accompany Clovis Dardentor, an eccentric millionaire, on an expedition in Africa to photograph the very rare white rhinoceros. The expedition, however, turns out to be quite dangerous. Clovis seems to attract trouble and Jules and Amelie find themselves rescuing Clovis time and time again.

 Ep. 14: Amazon River
Artemius’ old friend Garral has invited him to his daughter Nina’s wedding, which will be held on a Jangada along the Amazon River. But someone is plotting against Garral, someone who knows the secret of his past.

Ep.15: The Polar Sphinx
Jules and the others set off on an expedition with Captain Len Guy in search of a new route to Antarctica. Something goes wrong on the way and they find themselves in front of the enormous Ice Sphinx, a magnetic rock that must not fall into the wrong hands…especially not Nemo’s.

Ep. 16: Center of the Earth
Jules, Amelie and Artemius set off on an expedition to the center of the Earth in search of young Johan Saknussem. They discover a new, unexplored world full of hidden dangers.

Ep. 17: Sahara
Jules and the rest of the editorial staff set off for the Sahara desert to write an article on the amazing project, “Seas of the Sahara”, that engineer Steinx is working on. But there’s someone who wants to sabotage the project.

Ep. 18: Mysterious Island
The editorial staff of Contes sets off on an expedition, travelling on the Domus Errans- a flying house built by Cyrus Smith, a volcanologist and friend of Artemius. But a heavy storm forces them to land on an Island inhabited by strange, hideous creatures. And Nemo’s base.

Ep. 19: Gulf of Bengal
A new expedition in India awaits Jules and the gang. Artemius’ friend General Munro hopes to find his long lost wife Laurence and they head off through the jungle on a steam-powered house in the shape of an elephant. But someone is watching them and directing their movements.

Ep. 20: The Black Indies
The editorial staff of Contes heads off to Ayr in Scotland to investigate some strange occurrences going on there. A coal mine seems to be haunted by an elf and a witch that create damage, putting the miners in danger and terrifying them. But maybe a rational explanation lies behind these events…

Ep.21: Great Eyry
Jules and the gang are at a pioneer automobile race in Philadelphia when a mysterious mechanical spider steals the safe that holds the prize money and even kidnaps De L’Ennuì. Jules and the others set off in pursuit of the contraption to save their bookkeeper, only to discover the inventor of such an incredible invention could be none other than Nemo.

Ep. 22: Golden Mount
Jules convinces Artemius and the others to head off to the Klondike with his friend Ben to check out the land Ben’s gold prospecting father left him. Once they arrive, however, they are pulled into an expedition led by Ledun, an old prospector in search of the legendary “Mountain of Gold”.

Ep. 23: Chancellor
Jules and the others are aboard the Chancellor during an expedition to Brazil when the ship gets stuck in the middle of the Ocean because there is no wind. Someone on the very same ship, however, is transporting some very important and dangerous cargo for Captain Nemo. The Captain himself is so close to carrying out his plan that he cannot allow any setbacks.

Ep. 24: Kamylk Pascià’s Treasure
Gildas Tregomain asks Artemius and Jules to help him find a treasure he’s inherited from the lawyer Kamylk Pascià, a man whose life he once saved. Their quest, however, is difficult and full of unexpected events, caused mostly by Gildas’ travel companion, the frisky Master Antifer.

Ep. 25: Steel City (I)
Several strange occurrences take place in various parts of the world. Only one man lies behind such phenomenon: Nemo. And he’s prepared to demonstrate his power to the entire world. Secret agents Nicholls and Jameson ask the editorial staff of Contes for help, since they have already confronted Captain Nemo several times. But someone else has decided to pay Jules a visit too…

Ep. 26: Steel City (II)
Captain Nemo is about to realize his plan. Jules and the others must stop him at all costs.