The Guardian Angel
Year: 2001
Format: 8x100'
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide, Rai
Angel De Vita comes back to Italy from Argentina after forty years. He gets back for a matter of life and death. Because of a regrettable red tape mistake , in fact, Angel is thought to be dead and, therefore, he has to prove he is still alive.
Once in Italy, he meets again the woman he was in love with and has never forgotten, Elisa Anselmi, who owns a sport club together with her son Adriano and her husband who has left her.
She offers him a job in her club, as a factotum guardian. And here begins the Guardian Angel's adventure…
Angelo: Lino Banfi
Elisa: Giovanna Ralli
Adriano: Edoardo Costa
Simona: Francesca Rettondini
Rocco: Giuliano Gemma
Giovannino: Gian
Carlo: Paolo De Vita
Cosimo: Mimmo Mancini
Tina: Rosanna Banfi
Sara: Cristina Capotondi
Ghigo: Federico Galanti
Holly: Sydne Rome
Lucia: Anna Safroncik
Directed by: Gianfranco Lazotti
Produced by: Alessandro Jacchia
Rai producer: Pino Corrias, Carla Capotondi
Based on: Ugo Fabrizi Giordani, Alfredo Arciero
Serie's concept: Dido Castelli, Cecilia Calvi
Subject and Screenplay: Dido Castelli, Cecilia Calvi, Mauro Marsili, Carlo Mazzotta, Massimo Torre, Francesca Pansarella, M.Gabriella Giacometti
Script supervision: Dido Castelli, Cecilia Calvi
Story editor: Gladis Di Pietro
Dir. of Photography: Sandro Grossi
Music: Nicola Piovani
Editor: Raimondo Crociani
Production designer: Fabio Vitale
Costumes designer: Eva Coen
Casting: Chiara Meloni
Line producer: Antonio Stefanucci, Alessandro Longino