The Savior of San Nicola
Year: 2000
Format: TV movie 1x90'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Beta Film, Lux Vide, Paramount Pictures, Rai
The story takes place during the days before the armistice of September  8th 1943, in a country by the sea near Taranto, ruled by the Podesta Pompeo Treglia and with a German garrison settled in the fortress where Sciusciù, the "poor madman" of the country, leaves.
This man, being still a child, is at everybody's mercy, except for the little kids and for Annamaria, a young woman the Podesta has put his eyes on. These are crucial days of waiting: not everyone is aware of what is about to happen.
One night Sciusciù meets three allied parachuters and makes them shelter in Annamaria's farm- house; she falls in love with one of them, Tony. The three guys are then imprisoned: fortunately the German Officer Stolz displays great  humanity.
Sciusciù: Lino Banfi
Annamaria: Karin Proia
Tony: Antonio Sabato jr
Omero: Rocco Papaleo
Stolz: Mario Adorf
Clarice: Antonella Attili
Nicola: Stefano Masciarelli
Venerino: Gianfranco Barra
Antonio: Paolo de Vita
Pompeo: Antonino Iuorio
Heinz: Lazlo Imre Kish
Directed by: Joseph Sargent
Produced by: Alessandro Jacchia
Based on: Lino Banfi, Fabio Leoni
Subject and Screenplay: Stafano Sudrié
With the collaboration: Lino Banfi, Fabio Leoni
Story editor: Saverio D'Ercole
Production manager: Vincenzo Cartuccia
Dir. of Photography: Roberto Forza
Production designer: Franco Ceraolo
Sound engeneer: Roberto Petrozzi
Costumes designer: Liliana Sotira
Casting: Chiara Meloni
Sound: Giuseppe Muratori
Stills Photographer: Italo Tonni