The Stolen Dream
Year: 2005
Format: Miniseries 2x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Rai Fiction, Lux Vide
The Stolen Dream
Antony, a young enthusiast  and exuberant man, meets Ester at the theatre “La Pergola” in Florence where he works, he falls in love and marries her.
Because of their different political factions, they have to leave Florence and go to Cuba, where Antony studies galvanism and makes an amazing discovery: voice can run along electrical wires. However, Antony and Ester must leave Cuba and go to the United States: Ester falls ill, their economic situation gets worse, Antony goes on with his experiments but with little success.
In the meantime, a serious accident forces him to bed for a long time. Some dear friends support him: Antony has the chance to get back to his experiments, creating the first telephone system in the world, from his laboratory to his bedroom, where his wife spends most of the day because of a serious rheumatoid arthritis. Antony is no longer able to safeguard his invention and will be repeatedly cheated. He will find himself in court  having to prove he is the inventor of the telephone system, but his rival, Bell, will come off better...
Antonio Meucci: Massimo Ghini
Ester Meucci: Tosca D'Aquino
Lorenzo Salvi: Flavio Insinna
Joe Melli: Miguel Hermoso Arnao
Giuseppe Garibaldi: Roberto Alpi
Alexander Graham Bell: James Weber Brown
William Ryder: Adam James
Bertolino: Andy Luotto
Mamacita: Michele McCain
Don Francisco: Guillermo Ayesa
Durant: Valentin Ganev
Bandelari: PierPaolo Lovino
Capo macchinista: Vittorio Amandola
Amatis Meucci: Alberto Gimignani
Directed by: Fabrizio Costa
Produced by: Luca Bernabei
Subject Screenplay: Francesco Contaldo
Story editors: Saverio D'Ercole, Giovanni Capetta, Luca Manzi
Dir. of Photography: Fabrizio Lucci
Editor: Alessandro Lucidi
Music: Stefano Caprioli
Sound engeneer: Umberto Montesanti
Production designer: Francesco Bronzi
Costumes designer: Paolo Scalabrino
Casting: Fabiola Banzi
Casting UK: Julia Duff Casting
Rai producer: Fania Petrocchi
Executive Producer: Anselmo Parrinello